Dream Meanings and Interpretations – Mending or Fixing Things

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Ok folks, it’s been a little while since I’ve added a post to our dream series. So today I was thinking, “Man, I need to add a new post to that series.” So here we go…
Have you ever had a dream where you were mending or fixing things? Dreams about mending or fixing things may seem trivial, but there are many interpretations and meanings for these types of dreams.
If you thought that a dream about mending or fixing things was symbolic of your need to fix a problem in your waking life, then you hit the nail on the head. If you’re having dreams like these, as always, pay close attention to the outcome…  Did you successfully fix what ever you were working on in your dream? Or did you make things worse, or possibly break something beyond repair.
Whether or not you had all the supplies you needed to complete the task may also be significant. What ever you do, try to find a common place between your dreams and the waking life. How does what ever you’re trying to mend or fix relate to aspects of your waking life?

Things Associated with Mending Dreams

Dreams about Buttons

Have you ever had a dream where buttons were appearing everywhere? Buttons are symbolic of objects that hold things together. They are also fasteners that allow things to be open or closed. See if these may be related to things in life or possibly you’re struggling with opening or closing yourself to other people.


Needles in your Dreams

Needles are often thought of as objects that have the ability to heal by penetration. Basically this means that certain concepts or knowledge must be made available from the outside in. Of course things like this could potentially be uncomfortable in the beginning. But in the long run, you will feel much better. Of course there is always that variation of whether you are the one receiving or giving the needle. Penetrative insights can come from both the inside or outside of your conscious.


Dreams that Involve Pins

If you’ve had a dream that you were being pricked by a pin, then this could be symbolic of a difficult situation or relationship. Possibly your relationship is out of sorts making you feel anxious, or maybe you feel the need to hold it together, thus the pin reference. This could also represent someone you see as a “prick”, try to establish a relationship between the “prick” and a particular person in your life.


On the other hand, pins in your dreams may suggest a feeling of being trapped, for example `being pinned down`. There are also dreams involving pincushions, these may represent hurtful comments you’ve experienced in your waking life. Possibly you’ve felt attacked or manipulated while awake, or maybe you’ve been this way to someone else. As with all dreams involving emotions, try to relate them to certain people in your life to find a more profound meaning.


Dreams of Scissors

As with pins, scissors may also represent harsh or cutting remarks, or may also be related to decisiveness or the act of taking control of a certain situation or person. But on the other hand, scissors are also symbolic of a separation or independence, for instance, “cutting the umbilical cord”.


You may also need to pay close attention to the type of scissors that are shown in your dream. Surgical scissors may be symbolic of a need to be more precise. While kitchen scissors suggest practicality. If the scissors you’re experiencing in your dream are dull or blunt, this may suggest you’ve created problems by being too blunt during conversation with someone.


You may even find yourself sharpening scissors in your dream. This could mean you have a need to be more tactful. Then of course we have the ole barber using the scissors dream. It could be you have a fear of loosing authority or maybe a certain status. It’s a wide spread belief in the realm of folk lore that clean scissors mean you have nothing to fear from enemies, where broken or rusty scissors are the opposite.


Seeing Tape, Thimbles or Thread in your Dreams

Tapes are often times used to measure certain things while in the waking life. So if you’re seeing them in your dreams, it could be you have a need to measure or calculate the probability of a specific project you’re working on being successful.


Seeing thimbles in your dreams are usually symbolic of your need to think more of the welfare of others rather than yourself. Dream interpretations of ancient times suggest if you lose a thimble it is a sign of misfortune. While receiving or purchasing a thimble is a sign of new friendships.


Then we have the all important thread in the dream trick. Seeing thread in your dreams is a sure sign that you need to strengthen or pull together relationships in your waking life. But beware, seeing broken threads while dreaming may mean you have some unreliable friends that may not be good for you.

Well, that’s all I’ve put together for this post on dreams and their meanings. The series is far from over, so be on the lookout for the next episode, maybe the explanation of a recent dream will be there for you to discover. And let’s not forget folks, always keep those dream journals handy so you have a reference of your dreams. But it’s imperative you jot down anything you can remember upon first waking up.
Have you had any dreams on mending or fixing things lately?

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14 thoughts on “Dream Meanings and Interpretations – Mending or Fixing Things
  1. I think dreams are reflection of reality. In one particular part of my life, I solved so many different things just after waking up. Though I was much younger and wanted to learn much faster than now.

    1. This is true Carl, I believe that people at different stages of development may remember their dreams more easily than others. The imagination of a child is a big thing, I see that it would be no different in the unconscious realm.

      Thanks for sharing your insight!

  2. In my culture there is a belief that if you dream before midnight your dream will come true. But if you dream after midnight and before dawn your dream will happen the opposite way.

    1. Wow, that’s some very cool information Ryan….

      What part of the world are you from? I dig learning about other cultural beliefs.

  3. I’ve recently been reading the work by Gillian Holloway Ph.D, with her dream research into the correlations between waking life experiences and dream symbols. Pretty interesting stuff. We may have a universal language on our hands.

    1. Oh cool, I’m not familiar with Holloway’s work, but I bet it’s excellent. I’ll look into that author and some of their work.

      Dreams and interpretations are a big deal to me and I love exploring all the possibilities. I have many strange dreams myself which has inspired my research. Thanks a bunch for stopping by and especially for leaving the nibble on a new author for me. 🙂

  4. in my region if i dream at night and saw a snake it means this is the symbol for me i should pray to ‘God’

    1. Wow, very interesting, thanks a bunch for the added info, I love to learn from others experiences.

  5. Nice Post… I’ll let you know for something interesting regarding the dreams… 🙂

    1. Thank you Farhan, do let us know if you experience a dream that you would like to share.

  6. If you dream about snakes, it means God is warning you of enemies. How I know let’s informs me ahead of time before I meet them. Color in all. How great is our God!

  7. Hey, a few months ago, I fell out with my best friend, and we never really solved it so we just don’t talk at all, which is pretty weird for me because we were so close. Anyway, I’ve had a few dreams about me and her becoming friends again, was just wondering if anyone had any ideas about what that means?

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