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Dreams about Personal Achievements are something you don’t dream about all too often. But even though personal achievements and recognition play a big part in our desires to become great, they can have many different meanings when talking about dreams.

Certain images you may see while dreaming may reflect your real life ambitions as well as ways you intend to reach those goals. A personal achievement dream may be loaded with images that are byproducts of your feelings. In other words, your dreams might be telling you to raise your ambitions or possibly a warning that your goals are unrealistic.

Personal Achievement Dreams through Advertising

Advertisements are meant as a selling aid, so if you’re seeing advertisements in your dreams, these could be reminders of certain goals or ambitions you’ve set for yourself. Pay close attention to what the advertisement was presenting. If the advertisement was clear and concise, then it may be a sign you are staying in good focus with your goals. On the other hand, an advertisement that was unclear or cloudy could be your unconscious mind’s way of saying you’re drifting further from your goals.

Dreams about Fishing

I love fishing and don’t get to go nearly enough in my waking life. But have you ever had a dream about fishing? You may be able to relate these types of dreams to things you may be fishing for in real life. Your dream may be telling you to be careful and use caution, you should have great patience if you will be able to accomplish your goals.

The Auction Dream

Now this sounds like a cool dream, I love auctions, eBay and Gallery 63 show on TV. Having a dream about an auction is cause to pay strict attention to what it is you or others are bidding on. Could it be related to a promotion at work, or maybe it was some sort of life change you’re thinking about. Another thing to take note of was your bidding strategy. Were you bidding too low or maybe too high? If you paid more than what the object was worth, then it may be time to re-evaluate your goals in life.

Dreaming of Crossing a Bridge

Moving forward in waking life may be represented in a dream as crossing a bridge. It may also represent your ability to cope with your own life journey. This is especially true when difficult challenges such as divorce, redundancy or moving home are concerned.

Being Catered to in Your Dreams

Dreaming of people waiting on you hand and foot can represent a desire for more attention, or possibly a warning against enemies. These enemies may be disguised as friends in waking life. This may also be coinciding with people trying to imitate you.

Dream of a Flying Bird

Flying birds in your dreams may represent aspirations, desires and a strong feeling your spirits are soaring. These as well as dreams about the air can be related to self aspiration and ideas. Flying birds are basically representative of enlightenment.

Receiving Gifts in Your Dreams

Different gifts may represent different elements in your life. So if you are receiving a gift in your dream, pay attention to what the gift is. For example, if you receive an expensive gift of drawing or painting materials, then this could be your unconscious mind encouraging you to pursue your dreams of becoming an artist.

 Awarded a High Honor

If you’ve been given a very high honorable prize in your dream, such as the medal of honor, or the Nobel peace prize, this may be a desire for recognition. If you have done great things and aren’t getting the attention you deserve, then these types of dreams may occur. These types of dreams a very similar to dreams of receiving gifts. So pay attention to what the prize represents. You may be telling yourself to pursue a specific talent or ability.

Graduating in Your Dream

Waling across the stage to receiving a diploma or award could be wish-fulfillment. This may be a replacement for the things you haven’t received in real life. Such as recognition, applause and status, which could be things you long for. Keep in mind, that just because you are dreaming of such things, doesn’t mean the dream will come true in waking life. But it can give you self confidence and self belief to help you accomplish your goals if you interpret the dream properly.

Winning the Game

Dreams of scoring the winning touch down or hitting the winning ball are also related to wish-fulfillment. But in the case you actually have no sports like abilities, then your dream may be trying to fulfill the need to be recognized for something you have done in waking life, but didn’t get recognized for.

The Stars and Planets

Trying to capture a single bright star in your dream may be referring to someone you desire to capture in life. If you’re seeing a sky full of many stars and planets, each may represent many different goals in waking life. At which point you must choose one to focus on and put the others on the back burner.

Seeing a Badge in Your Dream

Badges while dreaming may be symbolic of a particular team or group of people you believe you should be a part of. It may also mean you’ve been singled out for a particular recognition. Spiritualists believe that such dreams represent a need to be accepted, and not only as yourself, but as a collective effort for a greater good.

The Coat of Arms

This one isn’t hard to guess. A coat of arms seen in your dreams are representative of your family roots and identity.

The Great Crowns

Acknowledging your own success or ability to advance in life can be recognized as a crown in your dreams. If you’ve recently been accepted into a certain group or given a special promotion at work, you may also have a dream like this.

Presented with a Bouquet of Flowers

To be presented with a bouquet of flowers in your dream is usually a sign of recognition or admiration. Do you have a secret admirer that your conscious mind didn’t realize was there? Or does it have something to do with someone that hold you in high regard? Pay attention to who or what gave you the flowers, exactly what kind of flowers they were and also what color they are. These clues may help you to solve the puzzle of what this dream is trying to tell you and who it is about.

Winning the Lottery

Winning the lottery in your dreams may mean you have a new found sense of optimism. They say that seeing numbers on a lottery ticket may mean it’s time to take a chance and buy one. So if you can, try to remember which numbers you saw, these could be vital in whether or not you win. But if you are dreaming of loosing the lottery, then this could mean you have surrounded yourself with fake friends that do not care about you, or maybe that your hopes and dreams are unrealistic.

So these are all some pretty interesting dream interpretations this time and some of which you’ve probably experienced before. Always remember to pay close attention to all the details and try to write them down as soon as you wake up. So make sure you have your dream journal close by and feel free to comment and tell my any interesting things you may of dreamed lately.

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