Dream Meanings and Interpretations for Various Activities

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Here we are again folks. This week we’ll discuss the dream meanings and Interpretations for all sort of various activities. During our dreams it’s possible we may find our selves taking part in numerous activities. Things like climbing, dancing, pushing things or even riding a horse.
There are certain dream meanings for pretty much any imaginable activity. Last week in Meanings for Dreams, Your Dream Adventure Awaits we discussed things like being chased, escaping danger and flying. Flying is my favorite, there’s nothing more liberating than flying through the air like you own the sky.
But not all of our dreams are big adventures, some of them entail taking part in menial tasks. So without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff.

Dream Meanings and Interpretations for Various Activities

Climbing in Your Dreams

Dreams of climbing stairs, hills or even mountains are normally associated with your personal ambitions and desire to face challenges. The main thing to take not of here is, was the climb easy or was it hard?


Although this sort of dream scenario may not directly tell us what we’re struggling with, it’s up to you to relate it to your waking life. It will usually make sense to those that have dreams like this.


Dreams About Crawling

These are similar to climbing dreams in that you must find the meaning for them as they pertain to your waking life. But generally a crawling dream has something to do with humility or feeling bad about something you’ve done. This is not a pleasant dream to have.


Dreams of Dancing

Dancing dreams are a much more pleasant scenario as they may suggest your enjoyment in life. Also someone having a go-with-the-flow attitude may result in a dancing dream.


A dream of this nature can include things dealing with your wishes being fulfilled. But let’s not forget, in order for the dreams to be fulfilled, you must work hard to make it happen. Simply dreaming of dancing does not ensure your desires will be accomplished.


It’s best to look at a dancing dream as one that is full of encouragement, or is pushing you to form more self discipline. This could also be dealing with your desires to take up painting or drawing, or similarly any other artistic hobby.


Digging in Your Dreams

A dream that you’re digging or excavating is basically your inner self conducting a counseling session on you. These dreams represent the need to resolve some deep rooted emotional problems. Sometimes these may be resolved by yourself, but if it’s too much to bear, a counselor in waking life may be necessary.


But remember, if you can’t relate this to any personal struggles you may be having, I’m not saying you need to rush out and acquire a therapist. This is just a small interpretation of digging dreams. There may be other dream meanings for this, as with all other activities.


1-2-3 Snore, 1-2-3 Snore

I couldn’t help myself on that one. But if you guessed exercising in your dreams should fall under this heading, then you’re right.


If you’re having dreams about exercising, then maybe your body is crying out for more of it in waking life.


If you’re using weights in this sort of dream, it may represent the need to shed a few pounds. Or the unconscious mind may be telling you it needs to exercise your common sense.


Jogging in your dreams is a way of recognizing that you are bored but in control. Meaning all your responsibilities are managed properly, but you’ve become bored with the monotony of the everyday cycle. Maybe it’s time for a vacation or a little adventure in your life. This is especially true if you’re stuck on a treadmill in your dream.


While jumping or leaping may suggest your ambition to move on from something in your life. Such as forgetting an old fling or a desire to progress further with your career.


To Kick or Not to Kick

Getting kicked or kicking someone else in your dreams probably means you’re struggling with something in waking life that you don’t agree with, or disapprove of. While hopping may mean you’ve been childish or immature about something. On the other hand, hopping dreams also are related to you not being able to complete anything you start. Do you jump from one task to another without completion? This could be telling you to slow down a bit.


Stretching in a dream is a sign that you need to work on being more flexible. And I don’t mean with just your body, but with everything in life. Kind of a way to tell yourself to be more open minded. Of course it’s not hard to determine what skipping in a dream means. Skipping is often related to a need to become more jolly and care free. But on the other hand, it could mean you’ve left something important unattended to. Or you’ve skipped over an important task in life.


Pushing Things while Dreaming

Pushing dreams are quite inspirational. They usually refer to someone’s need and desire to succeed in life. But be warned, it is also a known indicator that you or someone you know is a pushover and doesn’t know how to handle themselves with others.


Being pushed in your dreams can also mean you’re being pushed too hard in life or there have been to many demands put on you. It may be time to do some organizing and delegating to help manage your time better.


Riding a Horse in Your Dreams

Horse riding dreams are often associated with your love life. If the ride is a pleasant one, then it’s probably due to having a rewarding love life, or the desire to have one. But if you’re afraid of falling, this could mean you are afraid to commit to your partner, or may be having “cold feet”. It’s important to pay attention to the animal you’re riding on as well, if it’s not a horse then determine what it is. As different animals may represent different things in your life.


Most dreams of riding motor cycles or bicycles have similar meanings to riding a horse or other animals.


Dreams of Standing or Sitting

Standing in your dream is a sign you’ve been very assertive and you’re feeling proud of your achievements. While sitting dreams represent indecision and a problem of not knowing what to do with yourself. This is also a sign of laziness.


Skating Dreams

Skating dreams are similar to dreams about skipping. They are also signs of you being happy with your life and having a good time. But pay attention, if you are skating like an Olympic athlete, then you may have something big coming around the corner in life.


Skating out of control signifies you’ve had a little bit too good of a time and are becoming reckless in your enjoyment.


Washing or Cleaning Dreams

These types of dreams are quite common and a dream of washing is usually associated with something of concern to the dreamer.


The harder you scrub yourself in the dream, the greater importance there is for getting free of a burden or guilt of some sort. This also applies if you’re washing stains out of clothing.


Taking a shower or bath in your dream is an indicator that there are problems overshadowing you. So pay attention and try to determine what elements are present in this dream. It can help you determine what problems are most bothering you in waking life.


Dreams of washing your hair are connected with your emotions. If washing genitals is the main focus, then you may be ashamed of some sort of sexual adventure you’re recently had. It’s also possible you may subconsciously afraid of sexually transmitted diseases.


If you have an inner desire to become more organized and get things in order, then you may have a dream about cleaning your house. This represents the things you need to clean up or get out of your way before you can proceed. It can also represent the things you need to get out of your head or changes of though that need to take place. These thoughts may be clouding your judgment and it’s necessary to get rid of them before you can become successful in your organization efforts.


If you’ve ever had a dream of being trapped in a washing machine, then you are probably feeling stuck by your daily routine. This signifies the need to make changes promptly. If you are simply watching the washing machine in your dream, then this can represent the boredom you feel because of your everyday repetitive routine. Could be time for some life changes to keep things interesting.

Well, that was another long one, but there’s so many great scenarios to be discussed. There is an infinite amount of dream possibilities the human mind can conjure up. So hopefully this has covered a few of the more common ones and it may help those of you that are interested in find a meaning in your dreams.
This series will go on for quite a while, of course only one post a week on dreams so I don’t bore everyone that isn’t interested. But for those of you that have interest in learning about dream meanings, then be on the look out for the next episode next week.
Have you had any dreams like these? Do you feel you’ve found meaning for it here? If not, what do you think your dreams are trying to tell you?

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