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Unbelievable Facts on Fitness and on Being Obese

Obesity in society
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Fitness and obesity are like two same poles of a magnet. The can never get along. If you are fit, you probably cannot stay obese. If you are obese, you can only choose to be fit.

Here are a few facts about fitness and being obese:


Fitness is currently considered a fashion statement. Flexing your biceps or flaunting those calves is like showing off your Ferrari. But, did you know being fit and being anorexic are two different worlds. Models are known to be anorexic. Anorexia is an eating disorder. In ancient times, Anorexia Mirabilis was actually a ritual and a form of sacrifice. Mostly common in women and girls, they used to starve themselves, almost to the point of death, In the name of God. God wants you to be fit. Not commit suicide.


Another ridiculous fact is that there are people who train so hard that they end up with a bottle of saline solution hanging beside the hospital bed. Fitness is about being healthy and your body being strong. Not outlandishly skinny.


Fitness is actually a business today. Gyms, yoga centres and instructors, home equipment etc. are now huge ways to generate a profit. You can spend a couple of hundred dollars to have a gym membership, when the reality lies in your body. Keep your body busy, eat a balanced diet, and do not be a couch potato. This is the best way to be healthy and fit. Your mind can be the most powerful element in the world, but you cannot possibly make your mind reduce your weight.



“Did you just see that guy walk buy? Oh my God! He is so fat”. The cliché way to make fun of a fat person. In the words of the comedian Gabriel Iglesias “there are 5 levels of fatness. Big, healthy, husky, fluffy and DAMN!” No matter what the size is, obesity is a serious problem around the world. Highest cause for heart problems today is obesity. So, the next time you think about bullying a fat person, think twice. He/she could be Eating cookies with St. Paul at the pearly gates the next day.


Most obese people around the world have a million risks in terms of medical problems. It said that financial stress like paying their monthly bills, business loss, handling ppi claims and so on is the major cause resulting obese. Do you really want to add to their financial pressure when they already have an existing psychological pressure? Think about it.


Some obese men and women are genetically messed up. Their body cannot handle certain aspects of food or sometimes even exercise will not help them lose weight. Now is that funny? Bottom-line is simple; obese people are humans too, and all you obese people, learn to own the curse. Someone pokes fun at you, you laugh with them.

Fitness and obesity are two ludicrous aspects of life which are misunderstood like the attention span of baby. Think twice before you decide to stay fit.

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  1. This is very important article for us because now a days every wants to look good and slim with fit body so for this you must take the diet products.I will also use these products.I am agree with you.Thanks for sharing your article!!!

  2. Good information. As I walk around the mall id say 3/4 of the people i see are obese or out of shape. And that means health problems.

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