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Did Caffeine or God Give Me an Odd Random Thought?

 Was my Odd, Random Thought Linked to Caffeine?

V8 Juice Random Thought
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Recently, I had an odd, random thought during the day. I have yet to understand if there was a scientific or spiritual meaning to explain my odd, random thought.
Here’s what happened. Somehow, I was thinking about interesting names during a brief moment that day. I didn’t dwell on this for long, but my mind came to the conclusion that a good and interesting last name would be McAnnally. Don’t ask me why I was thinking this, because I honestly can’t tell you why. Well, maybe I can…

An Unusual Morning Consumption of Caffeine

Now it might have something to do with the fact that a friend gave me a V8 V-Fusion to drink that morning. I normally do not drink caffeine in the morning. Ever. On this day, a friend gave me an extra V8 V-Fusion that she had brought with her. She generously offered, and I didn’t turn it down just because of the effects of caffeine. Since I normally do not have Caffeine in the Body, I really did not  know how my body would respond.
One of the first things I noticed about this Energy drink is that it touts the Caffeine Level on the can with a bar chart. It points out that “A leading diet cola” has 46 mg of caffeine, a V8 V-Fusion + Energy drink has 80 mg of caffeine, and “A brewed 8 oz. cup of coffee” has 90 mg. Noted. 
With that in mind, I drank to good health, in a manner of speaking. I am aware of both the Health Benefits of Caffeine as well as the Negative Side Effects Caffeine.

Something Strange Happened Later That Day…

As I was driving home on the Parkway later that day, road construction slowed the traffic to a very slow pace. At one point, we were moving at a crawl. This gave an unusual opportunity to enjoy the scenery, and when I say scenery, that means the stores and signs along the Parkway. I’ve driven this route thousands of times, but this time, I noticed a sign that I had never seen before. It was in a spot that I wouldn’t have noticed during the normal commute to work.

The sign read: “Dr. Barry McAnnally, D.M.D.”

Apparently, a dentist used to have an office nearby. Okay. But the last name caught my attention. I had thought of that last name earlier that day. I don’t know why. As much as I want to chalk it up to it being an odd, random thought, I can’t say that it was purely coincidence.

Scientific Explanation or Spiritual Explanation

Was it really the caffeine that gave me this odd thought, which turned out to give me a deja vu experience later that day?
I wonder about that. There is no way for me to know for sure.
On the other hand, I wondered if this was a spiritual message.

  • Was this a message from God?
  • Was this a message from Satan or his demons?


Conclusion: “I Don’t Know”

I am unsure if this was a spiritual message.
I didn’t follow up on the name or attempt to look it up, but it seems awfully like a Ghostwriter episode, back when this show was on television. A strange word would appear, and the kids would go look it up in the library. After investigating, they would find an old newspaper clipping of an unsolved case revolving around a person.
I don’t feel led to seek more meaning or read some hidden spiritual message into this event that happened to me the other day.
But, perhaps I will just let it forever remain in my mind as an odd, random thought.

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6 thoughts on “Did Caffeine or God Give Me an Odd Random Thought?
  1. Hi Zack,

    Personally I don’t believe in coincidence so I’d rule that one out immediately. I also don’t believe in Satan so another one bites the dust.

    Maybe God was trying to let you know that those who over-indulge with caffeine often grind their teeth so need a dentist! Since you came up with the dentists surname earlier in the day yourself I’d say that subconsciously you agree with Gods caffeine prognosis!

  2. Thanks Mel for stopping by and dropping your two cents in the Odd Random Thoughts can.

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