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Mother of Four Wins $1,500 for Pigging Out


Any of you that are familiar with competitive eating are probably aware of Molly Schuyler’s massive appetite.

In this year’s July 4th Z-Burger’s Independence Burger Eating Contest in Washington D.C., Molly Schuyler bags a win. The video above shows her in action, just look at that technique!

As this mother of four takes on the competition she destroys 26 burgers in just 10 minutes! It was her first time to win this particular contest, but she is definitely no newbie to the eating circuit.

She is a World Record holding muncher well known for her insatiable appetite and has taken on many eating challenges such as Monster burritos, 72 oz. Steaks, 363 Chicken Wings and 9 lbs. of Cottage Cheese, just to name a few.

If your home town has an eating challenge at your favorite restaurant, then be on the lookout for Molly Schuyler to take over the local record.


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