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Two Taco Bell Drive Thru Blunders Result with ‘Cash in Order’

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The $2,000 Taco Bell Order

In 2010, an employee of a Miami, Florida Taco Bell gave one customer $2,000 in cold, hard cash, unknowingly.

How could this happen?
The breakdown in this blunder was partly due to the fact that this particular Taco Bell stored their bank deposits in a typical Taco Bell bag — just like the ones given to customers with their food inside.
Some people may think this is like winning the lottery, except for the small incidental that the money is not a gift from Taco Bell, and that it must be returned immediately.
The woman that received the money at the Taco Bell drive thru decided not to return the money of her own choosing. The surveillance footage caught her likeness on camera, but the police have not caught the woman at large.
How frequently do Taco Bell Locations give away their bank deposits?
Apparently, quite often. But not all patrons of Taco Bell leave their morals in the parking lot. Continue reading…

The Taco Bell Drive Thru Order Worth $3,600

In 2013, three teenagers left the Taco Bell drive thru  in Kentwood, Michigan after receiving their food order — or so they thought. Their order was completely wrong, but this time, it was a good surprise.
Instead of tacos and burritos, they only had three ziplock bags of money, totaling almost $3,600 USD.
They had expected to leave the drive thru with their food order, instead, they left with Taco Bell’s deposit for the bank.
Did they return the money?
Yes, they did.
After a moment of temptation to “take the money and run” they collectively decided that the right thing to do was to return the money to Taco Bell.
When they returned to Taco Bell to return the money, the employee suddenly had a countenance of “What have I done?” on her face. After the return of the money sank in, she began to cry tears of happiness.
Last, but not least, the three teenagers did receive their food order from Taco Bell, with no other surprises in the bag.

The Ethical Way to Win Cash Prizes from Taco Bell

The only ethical way to win cash or prizes from Taco Bell is to call the number on the back of your receipt and tell the automated system how your recent visit was. If you win cash or prizes in this manner, you will not be asked to return the money.
It is now recommended that you watch YouTube entertainers Rhett and Link sing an acoustic song that doubles as a Taco Bell order. Taco Bell gets their order right, too.

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8 thoughts on “Two Taco Bell Drive Thru Blunders Result with ‘Cash in Order’
  1. I tell you what Zack, I’ve never been a huge fan of Taco Bell, but if I thought the kids meal came with a prize like that, I’d be eating it every day!!!

    But I do have to say “Good Job” to the ones that returned the money. Nothing like a clean conscious to keep the doctor away eh?

    Thanks for another interesting post!

  2. Thank you. If Taco Bell headquarters realized this was happening regularly, then they should make a universal change to the cash deposit bag from a Taco Bell to-go sack to something more professional.

  3. I appreciate the comment Cat Zinc Chromate. Taco Bell should learn from its mistakes.

  4. Excellent post….Thanks for making aware about this things but every business has his own strategy and way of working then how to can identify such type of malpractices?

  5. Walk in Baths, Every business needs to examine their processes when the cash flow of the business is involved. Getting the cash from the actual place of business to the bank is a very critical step, and needs to be ultra-secure so things like this don’t happen over and over again.

  6. Thanks Teens Wanna Know for reading. Teens can do the right thing. Sometimes it takes a little bit of encouragement, but they really want to be responsible adults one day.

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