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Did Usain Bolt Disprove That Chicken Nuggets Are Bad For Your Health?

Usain Bolt
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Usain Bolt Loves McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

The world’s fastest man – Usain Bolt – has confessed to eating a thousand McDonald’s chicken nuggets, or McNuggets, while he was at the 2008 Olympics (in Beijing, China).

Eating 100 McNuggets a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

By his own admission, Usain Bolt shared publicly that on his first day in Beijing, he at a 20-piece box of McDonald’s McNuggets, for lunch, and then one for dinner.

On day two, he ate two boxes of McNuggets for breakfast (that’s 40 nuggets), one for lunch, and another couple for dinner, plus French fries and an apple pie. Usain Bolt estimated that he ate at least 100 chicken nuggets a day for 10 days at the Olympics.  A Yahoo! Sports article estimates that Usain Bolt consumed at least 4,750 calories, containing 300 grams of fat during this ten day period.

Was this proper training food before running in the Olympics?

Let’s just say that this extreme “Usain Bolt Chicken Nuggets” diet was exactly the healthiest, but Usain Bolt’s rigorous training up to this point wasn’t about to fail him because of his bad eating.

Despite his poor choice of training food, he still won the gold medal in the men’s 100 meter, the men’s 200 meter, and the men’s  4 X 100 meter relay events.

Does Eating McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Make a Person Run Faster?

No. Not at all. The “Usain Bolt Chicken Nuggets” diet is not recommended for anyone to try.

Proper Training and a Nutrition-Rich Diet Makes a Person a Faster Runner

In Usain Bolt’s case, he had done the hard training to build up to the Olympics, and probably had a strict diet back at home. He is very fortunate to still win gold medals in the three events with such a large consumption of fried foods.

Evidence that Chicken Nuggets are Bad for Your Health

A 2012 CBS news article reported that a British teenager – Stacey Irvine – ate almost all chicken nuggets for 15 years, without any fruits or vegetables. Stacey would share a 20-piece chicken nuggets and French fries with her boyfriend every day. Stacey would occasionally eat a slice of toast for breakfast, or have a snack of potato chips, but would always consume McNuggets as her main meal.

An estimate by the Daily Mail puts one 20-piece McNuggets meal (including French fries) at 926 calories, and 58g of fat.

Stacey Irvine was diagnosed with anemia and has swollen veins in her tongue. Her high sodium and high fat diet put her at risk for heart disease, stroke, and even cancer.

Doctors Tell Stacey to Give Up the Chicken Nuggets or Die

Doctors treating Stacey bluntly told her that if she continued her diet of McNuggets from McDonald’s, she would die. Stacey’s mom shared that Stacey has been eating McNuggets since she was 2 years old, and “she can’t eat anything else.”

Start Early Teaching Children About Nutritious Foods

Experts recommend training children at an early age to eat healthy fruits and vegetables on a daily basis so they get essential vitamins like Vitamin A, C, E, K, and folate.

Do not simply feed your child only chicken nuggets because that is what they like. Read parenting books on how to properly manage a child’s diet, incorporating healthy foods into meals and snacks.


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19 thoughts on “Did Usain Bolt Disprove That Chicken Nuggets Are Bad For Your Health?
  1. There’s no surprise here,
    we all know Fast food especially McDonald’s is bad for your health!
    it’s not just the Nuggets but everything Fast food,
    you really should watch the movie “Super Size Me”, or at least read it’s Storyline, some really scary facts.
    I agree with should teach children about healthy food and not just let them get carried away by the cool packages and toys offered to them by the fast food chains!
    Many thanks and best wishes!

    1. Thank you Mitch for agreeing. Usain Bolt is fast, but is it worth risking one’s health by eating too many chicken nuggets?

  2. I absolutely agree with you that fast food is bad for health but i cant deny the fact that this post has made me very hungry

    1. Jack,
      McDonald’s drive thru is open late, so you are sure to be able to get a 20 pack of McNuggets. Don’t forget the sauce!

    1. rajat,
      I am very fortunate that you stopped by to read. Please invite all of your friends to stop by and visit and read odd random thoughts.

  3. You know Zack, this post really struck me funny when I read it. But the fact remains, doing the athletic job that he did after eating that many Chicken McNuggets is pretty impressive.

    But I suppose severe health effects from that type of eating habit wouldn’t show immediate signs of wear on your body. At the very least it would seem the grease would cause him to be more sluggish. Very impressive Usain, very impressive indeed!

  4. Great and funny article, i wonder how you create those subjects, i always read them with a lot of fun.

    McDonalds isn’t bad for you, but only if you eat it to much. Everything with “to much” is bad for you. To much salt, to much vegetables. etc..

    1. Yeah. My friend ate a case of clementines and broke out big time. The doctor was like. You basically poisoned yourself with citrus!

      1. jen,
        That is crazy. Although I have eaten a lot of pineapple and have literally burned the inside of my mouth with all of the acid. That is no fun at all. Do you offer her clementines when she comes over?

    2. Martin,
      I am glad you found humor in this article. If you enjoy reading the posts, you are at the right place. Do you know of anything that you can eat a lot of and not get sick?

  5. Usain Bolt is a genetically gifted specimen and therefore should not be used to draw broad conclusions to apply to the masses.

    Just a thought.


    1. Marcus,
      Usain Bolt is very talented. This article did not draw a broad conclusion. It shared what Doctors have said about a chicken nugget diet. Usain Bolt did not display negative effects, and hopefully he did not continue this diet in his off season.

  6. I think that his genetics and hard work are the reason that he is the fastest runner ever. I don’t believe that chicken nuggets had any impact on him whatsoever

    1. Sup,
      I agree with you that the short-term diet of nuggets had little impact on Usain Bolt. However, I think his strict training regimen has more to do with his success than his genetics.

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