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Hikers Take Picture of Supposed Grey Alien in Bulgaria

Grey Alien
Image Credit: Alien-UFO-Research

This past weekend I received a few different Facebook messages about a supposed alien picture taken in Bulgaria. I love this kind of stuff, which is why people were forwarding them to me, but I did think it was going to be another straight up cartoon alien from one of those iPhone apps that lets you insert the little buggers next to you. As I get those all the time.

Well this time it was a little different. This image was supposedly taken this past weekend some where between Nov 7th and 9th in Yundola, Bulgaria. Which I have found out after a bit of searching to be a great place to go hiking if anyone is interested and near by. Here’s a map of the location:


Close up Versions of the Alleged Alien

Grey Alien Close Up
Image Credit: Alien-UFO-Research
Image Credit: Alien-UFO-Research
Image Credit: Alien-UFO-Research

An unknown man took the picture when he noticed something up ahead. After snapping the shot, the humanoid was no longer there. At this time there is no way to determine the authenticity of the camera man or the photo, but it’s been spreading across the internet like wild-fire. Most suggest the obvious; that the picture is a hoax, but some people including myself have left open the possibility that it could be authentic. What it is though remains a mystery. What do you think?

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13 thoughts on “Hikers Take Picture of Supposed Grey Alien in Bulgaria
  1. Wow, incredible photo. I really think there is more in this universe then we think there is. Someone told me that there is a chance of 2% that we find life somewhere else in the next 10 years. I hope we will do!

  2. It sure looks like something is there, we cannot argue the existence of other creatures just because we didnt ran into one of because of the magical powers of photoshop. 🙂 I’d sure be scared if i was the one who took the picture!

  3. Neat post Jen, I totally believe we aren’t the only ones in this gigantic universe. There’s also been a lot of evidence to support that there may be alien life already on our planet, so this is very possible that the picture they took was in fact a grey. Pretty cool photos indeed! Thanks for sharing.

    1. No problem. Pretty much every scientist believes that there are aliens out there. And I personally believe that they are here.

  4. Unfortunately, this is quickly debunked in Gimp photo editor. 🙁

    Video here:

    The alien was copied from an old photo of an alien standing on a grassy hill, supposedly captured in Argentina or Peru.

      1. Jen,

        I don’t mean to be argumentative, but the likeness goes well beyond racial/species similarity. Everything about the two is identical – most importantly, the posture and shadowing (an artifact of lighting conditions, not species).

        The idea of capturing an alien on film would present an extreme rarity on its own, but to capture two aliens, years apart, of the exact same type, in the exact same pose, with identical physique and shadows (in two very different environments) would be astronomically more improbable.

  5. That debunk was excellent, it puts my desire to believe on hold. Thankfully, because I only want real proof of things

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