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The Killer Owl Attacks in Springfield Missouri

Owl Attacks in Springfield Missouri

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Over the years many types of animal attacks have been noted. But this one is quite special, there are killer owls attacking folks in southeast Springfield, Missouri.

Several reports have been made of people being attacked by either a strange flock of aggressive owls, or it could possibly be the same P.O.’d owl doing all the attacking.

Some Victim Reports of Springfield Owl Attacks

“I just turned just in time to see the claws right here, coming at my face. That’s when I ducked, and he hit the dead and started grabbing, and I started swatting, not looking too masculine at that point.”, says Rance Cooper. According to this witness/victim his son Ty was also attacked by the attack owl.

Audre Langebartel of Springfield, MO also received a close encounter of the owl kind… Here’s a quote from her incident, “….then I look up at the light and I see a huge bird coming at me… As soon as I ducked down I felt the owl on me and he just stuck on me and moved around on my back.”

From what I know of owls, they are not only quite nocturnal but also like most animals don’t normally interact with humans like this. My first thought would be maybe they escaped from some sort of animal rescue facility or a zoo. But Kim Banner from the Springfield Nature Center had a different theory.

She said, “They’re going to be protecting territories and protecting nests and they just tend to get more aggressive this time of year, however the Great Horned Owl has been known to attack people for no apparent reason.”

So evidently this type of behavior is not as uncommon as I initially thought. Here in Texas we don’t see owls that often so maybe it’s normal, but I would certainly hope it wouldn’t be. I have heard of eagles and hawks swooping down and grabbing the occasional small child or pet, but owls???

What Will Happen to the Attack Owls Now?

Now that they’re abusive behavior has been set public, what will happen to them, and how will the people be protected?

Apparently these owls are federally protected and the Missouri Department of Conservation is receiving aid in determining where the owls are nesting and developing a plan to trap and relocate these magnificent birds.

Do you live in or near Springfield, Missouri and heard about these owl attacks? Or if you’ve been victim of an owl attack yourself, please tell us your story in the comments.

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  1. I just happen to live in Springfield, MO and you won’t believe this is common discussion around the breakroom at work! I have a co-worker who has seen these crazy owls and it scared her to death! I’m worried for the safety of my 8 lb. dachshund, who would make a nice snack for a hungry owl!

    1. Wow that’s really neat, I wondered if there was any major truth to this story! Thanks a bunch for confirming this Soey and keep that dachshund tied down!!! 😀

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