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Amazing Animals of the World Pt. 9

Amazing Animals of the World Part 9
Week 9 ladies and gentlemen and I’m excited to bring you some more great bizarre and unusual creatures of nature.
So get your popcorn out and kick back while we take you on another tour of Amazing Animals of the World. Would love to hear some feedback in the comments below.
This first video will feature some strange and unusual looking animals from all over the world. There are so many interesting creatures that you would never see by being a city slicker like myself. Check it out…

9 of the Weirdest Looking Animals

This next one is of a parakeet named Whipper. He’s quite unique and has kind of a permed thing going on. But I’ve never seen a parakeet that looked like this.

Whipper the Parakeet

In this video we’ll take a look at some very strange and unusual looking animals. I suppose unique is a better way of putting it!

Crazy Looking Animals

These next creature are a member of the sea squirt family and are simply amazing. They are so graceful, it’s hard to believe some of these things are living creatures.

Giant Pyrosome and Salps

This last one is an awesome compilation of wild animal behavior and attacks. Some of these are really cool, I like the Karate Chimp… 🙂

The Craziest Ever Animal Clips ***May Not Be For Sensitive Viewers***

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed another great episode of Amazing Animals of the World. Tune in next week for another exciting group of videos. Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us what you think of this weeks line-up.

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4 thoughts on “Amazing Animals of the World Pt. 9
    1. I appreciate the comment Rahul. Sorry, I know that last one is pretty intense, but we have to remember that nature has to feed itself somehow.

  1. Hello robert. You give us the amazing video. I am one of animals lover. Thanks for your sharing

    1. Hey you’re welcome Julidarma. I dig animals too, watching them is so fascinating. I would love to do some scuba diving and see first hand the wonders that are down there. Glad you enjoyed the videos!

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