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Mysterious Green Slime Oozing Out of Wildlife Park

Mysterious Green Slime
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic LicenseOriginal photo by  jurvetson

There is an unexplained mysterious green slime that is self-sustaining and perpetually oozing out at Ham Wall Reserve Wildlife Park in Somerset, UK. This mysterious green slime was first seen along the banks of various lakes and pools of water in early 2013.
This oozing “thing” is literally coming from the lagoon, and is very similar to stories in scary movies about slime monsters that originate from the lake.

Speculations Swirl About the Mysterious Green Slime

Scientists are baffled at what is causing this slimy substance, but they sure have some theories behind it.
They speculate that the green slime could be from:

  1. Frog innards (internal combustion?)
  2. Nostoc cyanobacteria
  3. Crystal brain fungus
  4. An organism, neither plant or animal, without DNA
  5. An alien substance originate from space
  6. Astral jelly (a mythological substance)*


The Folklore Behind Astral Jelly

The astral jelly explanation has been suggested because the mysterious green slime appeared shortly after a meteor crash landed into Russia and the asteroid DA-14 flew by. Astral jelly originates from 14th Century folklore about a weird jelly that appeared numerous times out of nowhere right after meteorological events.
Scientists are warning locals not to touch the slime, as they do not know the nature of it, or its effects on humans.

Possible Solution Found to Unexplained Slime in Somerset, UK

One Yahoo! News article claims that a veterinarian has solved the case behind the green substance.
Peter Green, the veterinarian, believes that the mysterious ooze comes from the reproduction process after a female green frogs lay their eggs. He believes that it is made up of glycoproteins used in “frogspawn.” If a female frog is attacked, she will drop her spawning eggs with the glycoproteins as she attempts to elude the predator.
What do you think? Is it just reproductive droppings from a female frog?
The actual slime found can be viewed in the video clip below.

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9 thoughts on “Mysterious Green Slime Oozing Out of Wildlife Park
  1. Hi Zack! Happy to see your post here. I never heard about this thing, but feels quite awkward to realize that something is going on that we don’t know about…

    1. Martin, unexplainable things happen all the time, and you may not hear about them unless you stay tuned into Odd Random Thoughts Blog.

      If you see slime out there, don’t touch it without first consulting an expert.

  2. The funny thing is that telling people not to touch it will make people want to touch it! I’m glad I don’t live there, because I would be having nightmares of a blob of slime encasing me while I sleep.

    If it is the frog reproductive theory, then why haven’t we seen it before? Why is it such a mystery? Unless frogs are adapting to a new way of doing things.

    1. Bellaisa,
      I can understand that the green slime can frighten some to the point of nightmares.

      I do not know why you haven’t seen the frog reproductive theory before. It was not heavily publicized, I am guessing.

      Do you have an interest in frogs?

      1. No I don’t.

        I’m just wondering why he ‘believes that the mysterious ooze comes from the reproduction process after a female green frogs lay their eggs’ and doesn’t ‘know’ that it is. My point is, why would it be mysterious if it happens all the time.

        1. From what I have learned, the mysterious green ooze is not something that frogs normally leave behind in the spawning process, but only happens if the female frog is scared and drops this stuff as she attempts to flee a predator.

          I don’t know how often it happens but I would say it is not a normal biological process given that no one has actually seen live frogs do this.

  3. Thank you for this great post i am gonna bookmark this page and come back for more information about this.

  4. I think we can safely say it has nothing to do with fleeing frogs or any other known aquatic creature to the native somerset lake. If so there would be countless evidence of this event taking place before.
    My personal opinion is that the world we live in now is changing.
    It’s changing more rapidly now due to climate change, pollution, chemtrails and so on. Due to these events and general shifts in earth’s natural development mutations maybe occuring. This could be a bi-product.
    I know for sure we have ameba like creatures now in the environment now that attach themselves on people and animals. You can barely see them if at all. They don’t like hot air directed at them or naked flame. They are also adverse to running water.
    Some people call them astral wildlife. They are here. They are real. I have recorded them video.
    Check out my youtube video
    ‘Archon parasite’
    And while your at it check out
    ‘Real alien parasitic creatures’
    If you can’t watch the whole 3mins skip to around 2.30 mark.
    There are all sorts of creatures we share this world with. Watchvideos and please leave comments. It will change your view on the world we live in.
    If not challenge your perseption to what you are seeing.

    Are they from space or have they always been here and are just revealing themselves.

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