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34 Unbelievable Weird Facts to be known

Unbelievable Strange Unusual Facts
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  1.  All paper money in the United States contain traces of cocaine.
  2.  The cicada fly from Africa spends 17 years sleeping and wakes up for only two weeks, mates and eventually dies.
  3.  A drop of sea water has approximately 1 billion atoms of gold.
  4.  The lighter used to light cigarettes was invented before the matchbox.
  5.  The human stomach gets new linings after every three days.
  6.  One out of every 20 people have an extra rib.
  7.  A monkey was once prosecuted and convicted in South Bend Indiana for smoking a cigarette.
  8.  There are more than six million different parts in the Boeing 747-400.
  9.  Pumpkin seeds are believed to be a remedy to people suffering from anxiety.
  10.  Japanese scientists have proved that moderate drinking can significantly increase a person’s IQ.
  11.  The largest employer of people in the world is the Indian railway station that has more than one million, six hundred thousand employees.
  12.  The color of the chicken’s earlobe determines the color of the egg, i.e. a chicken with red earlobe will lay brown eggs whereas a chicken with white earlobes will lay white eggs.
  13.  Annually, there are more than 20 billion coconuts produced.
  14.  More than 1.7 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily worldwide.
  15.  In 1836, a Mexican general by the name of Santa Anna held a state funeral for his amputated leg.
  16.  It is illegal (against the law) in Alabama to wear a fake moustache that would cause laughter in the church.
  17.  When one dies, the first sense that is lost is the sight and the last sense that is lost is hearing.
  18.  In Italy, it is illegal to construct a coffin from any other material apart from wood and nutshell.
  19.  It can be proved that drivers kill more deer than hunters.
  20.  Everyone shares a birthday with at least nine million people worldwide.
  21.  It costs around three cents to make a one dollar bill.
  22.  China has more English speakers than the United States of America.
  23.  In 1631, two bible printing and publishing press accidentally left the word not out of the 7th commandments which then read as, ‘Thou shall commit adultery.’ That bible was later referred to as ‘the wicked book.’
  24.  The largest disco ball in the world weighs 138 kilograms and has a diameter of about 2.47 meters. The disco ball also has 6,900 square mirrors on it.
  25.  The fastest moving snake on land is the black mamba that can sprint at 7 miles per hour.
  26.  President John Adams was the first president to display fireworks in white house.
  27.  Annually, 45 million Turkeys are eaten in America during thanks giving day.
  28.  Denmark consumes more candy than anywhere else in the world with approximately 29.5 pounds of candy per person consumed annually.
  29.  The U.S secret service was first was first established in 1865 with the sole purpose of combating the spread of counterfeit currencies circulating in the United States.
  30.  The dot that appears above the letter ‘i’ is known as a title.
  31.  McDonald’s chain of restaurant serves more than 43 million customers worldwide on a daily basis.
  32.  More than 70% of poor people in the world are female.
  33.  During World War II, soldiers used condoms to shield their rifle barrels from being damaged by salty water as they swam across to the sea shore.
  34.  The human body needs about 88 pounds of oxygen daily.

 These are some of the weirdest facts.

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