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Tropical Spider Enters Man’s Scar and Leaves Red Trail on Stomach

Tropical Spider Australian Man
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An Australian man came home with a new scar on his stomach and a story to tell after vacationing in Bali, Indonesia.

Tropical Spider Makes a Red Trail on Australian Man’s Stomach

Dylan Maxwell, 21, was hoping to get away with a tropical vacation to Bali, when he experienced an unusual insect bite on his stomach, originating from an appendix scar that he already had. He discovered this when he woke up with a four and a half inch red trail that started on a previous scar two inches above his navel. Dylan says that it looked like someone had scratched him with the tip of a knife. He had no clue that a spider was burrowing underneath his skin.
Then Dylan Maxwell noticed that the scar began to grow. That night, it got longer by two to three inches.
He then visited a medical center in Bali, and they prescribed an antihistamine cream for Dylan Maxwell to rub on his red trail, which they believed to be an insect bite. He began to apply this cream to the red trail on his stomach.
The next morning, Dylan recalls painful blisters at the site of the red trail. He says it was a “painful, searing burn.” At this point, Dylan went to a Dermatologist, who believed that this red trail was something much more unusual than a simple insect bite. So Dylan went back to the hospital.
While in the hospital they began running more tests on the visible trail of an insect bite. What they discovered, was a tropical spider that had burrowed into his body, by way of his appendix scar. It then traveled underneath his skin, and eventually made it into his stomach.
Dylan Maxwell told a television station that he hasn’t felt so violated in his life, and that he was just glad it’s all over. He pulled up his shirt to show the scar from his belly button to his chest, where the tropical spider burrowed underneath his skin. He said that they pulled the spider out of his navel and put it into a specimen jar, ending his parasite problem.
After the ordeal, Dylan Maxwell was given the nickname “Spider-man” by his friends. Isn’t so Sure About this Story posted an article on this story, and analyzed whether or not Dylan’s story is real. challenged the credibility of the new agency in Australia that reported this story – NT News. Snopes compares NT News of Australia to the National Enquirer or the Weekly World News in the U.S. Snopes also did further research on spiders burrowing or living underneath human skin, and could find no documented cases, and therefore ruled this story as “possibly false.” Snopes goes on to say that there is probably a story that was exaggerated into a much larger tale about the spider living in Dylan Maxwell’s stomach.

The best way to find out if this story is true or not, is to talk to Dylan Maxwell himself.

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