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5 Top WP Themes to Rule in Mobile Internet Era


Evolution of touch based mobile devices has revolutionized the business dynamics of the world. Nowadays, youngsters use multiple mobile devices all along the day. They prefer to surf internet via their web browsers during their working hours, go online via their tablets or Smart Phones in evenings, and use refined ultra book & notebook series laptops during night. So, businesses have the compulsion of being present at all websites virtually.


The mobile internet revolution has developed newer challenges for business organizations. Therefore, every business organization is investing a big amount on creation of innovative mobile applications of their websites to get a respective entry into this unknown mobile internet territory. In this way, if you are using WordPress then you will be able to get an easy access in all these newly formed business markets. You just need to install a mobile theme in your website for making your site available in a perfect size and resolution at all mobile devices.


In simple words, you can also call these themes as plugins then you can understand that the inclusion of these themes will not be a tough job. You can ask your developer to install one theme from below mentioned themes in your website while taking PSD to WordPress template conversion.


wptouch wordpress



It is an interesting theme for all WP website owners. You just need to install this theme in your website to keep your site ready for the mobile internet era. It can convert a WordPress based websites into mobile version with optimal size and resolution for mobile devices like iPhone, Blackberry, Android SmartPhones, Palm OS, Samsung Tablet, and iPad. It is available as a freebie over web. However, the paid version of this plugin includes 200+ special mobile internet features that give boost to a simple WP website. It will increase the momentum and open a vast online audience for your business website.


mofuse mobile theme logo



If you are looking for a free WP mobile theme then Mofuse will be highly suitable for you. You can easily install this plugin in your website or blog and make your site available at all touch based mobile devices. You can get this plugin from web as a freebie and install in your website.

wordpress wptap



In case, you want to try a mobile theme before making the final purchase then WPTap will be appropriate for this purpose. It is available for free, as well as a paid version. Post installation in your website, it will detect the viewing environment and make your site available in appropriate size and resolution. It is perfectly suitable if you aim for users of touch based mobile devices like iPhone, iPod, and android based SmartPhones.


mobilepress mobile theme



It is a popular WP plugin, which develops a mobile friendly version of your WP site or blog. You will not have the need to use other plugins to convert your site into mobile version on being accessed by a touch based SmartPhone.


mobify mobile theme



It is an innovative web service, which is a HTML5 solution. It simply optimizes the size and resolution of the website as per the viewing environment. Therefore, you will not have the need to invest more on addition plugins.


It will be an easy task for you to make a quick selection of WP theme from above mentioned themes. You just need to choose the theme as per your specific use and requirement of mobile users as website visitors. After making your selection, your developer will install the selected theme including PSD to WordPress template conversion. It will keep your site ready for mobile customers from the day one of operation.


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