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Blobfish: Oddest Fish in the World is also the Ugliest

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The President of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society has announced the ugliest fish in the world: It is the Blobfish.

On Thursday September 12, 2013, Simon Watt announced on behalf of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society that the Blobfish is the winner of the “Ugliest Fish in the World.”

What is Ugly Animal Preservation Society?

The Ugly Animal Preservation Society is an organization created by lifetime President Simon Watt to bring attention to animals on the Earth that are not so cute, yet still need saving. Simon Watt says on the website ( that the Panda gets too much attention by other conservation societies, while other “odder & uglier” animals still need saving.

Is the Blobfish Really that Ugly?

After seeing a picture of the Blobfish, most people cannot deny that it truly is the ugliest animal in the world.

Let’s put it this way, the Blobfish is so ugly,  that when it comes out of its mother, she won’t even own up to it.

It can be described as “gelatinous, with jelly-like flesh, and puffy loose skin.” Just thinking about it can give you the heeby jeebies. Especially if one of your college buddies were to lay this pound of loose flesh on your chest as a prank for when you wake up. Creepy!

What’s Happening to the Blobfish?

This extremely hideous fish is dwindling because of overfishing that is taking place on the coast of Southern Australia and Tasmania. These fish normally live at depths of 2,000-4,000 ft., and are getting caught in fishing nets. Unfortunately for them, they cannot ooze themselves free from between the ropes. In the case of the Blobfish, its peculiarity does not work in its favor when it comes to survival.

Next to Top 10 Ugly Fish in the World, the Blobfish wins the prize, hands down. But the Madagascan primate, the Aye Aye and the Monkfish, are also bizarre looking animals. In some cases,  their oddity helps them to survive, like the Leafy Sea Dragon. It easily blends in with the surrounding sea landscape.

If you want to see what the Blobfish looks like, watch the Youtube video below:


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      Evolution is not the best way to explain why nature can be so odd yet so intricate. One day textbooks may replace evolution with something else.

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