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Which is Deadlier, Toilet Seats or Computer Keyboards?

Of course this is an odd question, but when you think about it, it’s actually a pretty good one. Everyday living brings us into contact with many different germs and diseases and most of the time we don’t even realize it.

But believe it or not comparing toilet seats to computer keyboards is a pretty good comparison. So which one is more disgusting where germs and diseases are concerned?

Toilet Seats and Computer Keyboards, Public Versus Private

One way to prevent coming into contact with germs and diseases of a public nature is of course to avoid using them all together. But that’s not exactly a realistic goal now is it? There are many occasions where avoiding public facilities is simply not possible.

Toilet Seats

For instance when you’re traveling on the road you certainly can’t take your toilet with you, unless it’s a porta-potty. But most of the common man doesn’t have a personal porta-pottly sitting on a trailer just waiting to hitch up to for those family vacations. That being said, using a public restroom is a must if you plan on going to the bathroom.

There really isn’t very many of us that can hold it for 8 to 10 hours without bursting in our britches…lol

Computer Keyboards

Computer Keyboards is another one of those things that we can’t always avoid using in a public environment. There are lots of folks that don’t have a laptop or tablet to take with them on vacations, so using a public internet access facility like an internet cafe or library is pretty essential in order to keep up with the bills and finances while traveling.

There are many motels that do have internet rooms that you can use to access your personal business and they probably have fewer germs than a public library or cafe, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other peoples germs lying in wait for your precious hands. Then those hands go to your face or to your food and BAMB, before you know it, you’re sick as a dog.

Your work environment is also a place that you will need to use  computer keyboards that may not be sanitized. At my work we have our own desk stations and for the most part we are the only ones using those computers, so I feel pretty comfortable using my computer at work without fear of catching something. But there are times that other people may need to use my computer, not only that, if I am sick and then someone else has to use it for what ever reason, then I’m exposing that person to my germs. So that doesn’t make things any better.

Germs and the Statistics

There are a  lot of folks that are down right scared to use a public toilet out of fear that they will walk away with an untreatable disease. But let’s take a look at some interesting numbers that compare public toilet seats to public computer keyboards.

There was a study done by the University of Arizona that actually revealed office workers to be the ones exposed to more germs. That’s right, office workers are being exposed to more diseases due to the use of phones and keyboards than are people using public toilet seats.

According to the science studies done, a workplace computer station is home to nearly 400 times as many germs as a public restroom. I know that’s hard to believe, but the science doesn’t lie. It’s said that nearly 10 million germs may be present on your work desk, more than 25,000 per square inch on the telephones and over 3.000 per square inch being found on your computer keyboard.

In comparison, toilet seats contain approximately 49 germs per square inch! They say the contributing factor to this low number of germs being present is probably due to the fact that most people rarely touch toilet seats with their bare hands. Since our hands our the main body part to transfer germs, then this definitely makes sense.

Now here’s an interesting tid bit for you, studies show that in a row of toilets found in a public restroom, the one in the middle will contain the most germs. It also showed that the toilet nearest the restroom door will have the least, probably due to folks not wanting to do their business so close to where people are coming in and out. So if you go into a public restroom, remember, always use the toilet closest to the door.

Other Health Hazards

So far we’ve been talking about common germs and bacteria present on both toilet seats and computer keyboards, and the information has been pretty surprising wouldn’t you say? But….

Toilet seats can be hazardous in other ways, not just from germs and bacteria.

In 1995 there was a man who had sat on a metal toilet seat and was electrocuted. Yep, talk about a rude awakening. There had been a faulty cable causing the toilet seat to become live with electricity and it electrocuted the man. If anyone is interested, this took place in Ryde, on the Isle of Wight.

Another shocking incident occurred in South Carolina that involved a convicted murderer named Michael Anderson Godwin. He had spent many years sitting on Death Row pending his execution by the electric chair. Eventually his sentence was reduced to life imprisonment, but here’s the ironic part. While working on the television in his cell, he was fatally electrocuted from biting into one of the wires while sitting on the metal toilet seat in his cell.

I know as for myself I will definitely look at public toilet seats and computer keyboards in a much different manner. But there’s still something of an uneasy feeling where sitting my bare bottom down on a toilet seat where hundreds of strangers have done the same. Even after knowing the facts, I still think I would take a dirty keyboard over a dirty toilet seat any day!

Tell me what you think in the comments, I’m anxious to hear your views on the subject.

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    1. thanks for the kind words Nick. This study definitely came with it’s surprises, just goes to show you that even though you may think your hands are clean, they may be filthy due to what you touch.

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