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Why am I Seeing Spots Before my Eyes

Have you ever squinted your eyes really hard or sneezed real big  and then you started seeing spots or things that seemed to be floating before your eyes immediately after? I’m sure if you have then you’ve asked yourself, why am I seeing spots before my eyes?

Seeing Spots

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Some people refer to this as being little squigglies or floaters bouncing about in front of their eyes. But don’t start swatting and flailing like a maniac just yet, there is a rational explanation for what’s happening.

Where do the Spots or Floaties Come From?

Of course there are many different names for these little flashing fire flies that flutter about your eyes, and blinking rarely has any positive effect on this phenomena. So the real question is, what in the world are those tiny things, and where do they come from?


We’ll have to go all the way back to before you were born to uncover this mystery, but don’t worry, we’ll do it quickly.


These “floaters” as they’re sometimes called are actually tiny particles of what’s called the hyaloid artery. But what is that you may ask? The hyaloid artery is actually the artery that carried blood to your eyes while you were still in the womb. That’s right, while you were nothing more than a bun in the oven.


This hyaloid artery is a major factor in the growth of your eyes, but once your eyes are fully developed, the hyaloid artery will break loose and whither into nothing more than microscopic particles. But the problem is, these particles are sealed inside the eye, so you’re stuck with them, they have no where to go.


So basically you’ll be seeing these floaters for the rest of your life, but don’t worry, it’s nothing harmful and is almost like having a natural kaleidoscope to bring you hours of fun. lol, not really, most of you probably wouldn’t look at it that way, but anyway, it’s just a natural part of the growth process, a catalyst of the development phase if you will.


Are Floating Hyaloid Artery Fragments the Only Cause for Spots?

These floating fragments of the hyaloid artery are not the only cause for seeing spots or flashes of light in your eyes. On occasion the spots may appear more like flashes of light flickering in your eyes. Normally this type of spot only lasts for a few seconds but it’s not caused from the hyaloid artery fragments.


Usually these are caused by sharp or sudden movements, or maybe from hitting your head, it’s a by product of increased blood pressure within the vessels of your eyes. This increased blood pressure will actually cause the nerves in the eye to be fooled into thinking you’re seeing light particles.


You can actually simulate this by closing your eyes and pressing on the outside of your eyelid, creating a firm bit of pressure. Then you will begin to see bright splotches of light flashing about on the inside of your eyelids. If you really want a good experience, try this experiment in a dark room.


Can Spots be a Sign of Concern?

Normally spots and floaties are nothing at all to be concerned with, but there are a couple of exceptions. If you’ve received a major blow to the head by someone or something and it was followed by an abundance of dark spots then this could be something of major concern.
It’s possible that dark spots may be a sign that you’ve had blood vessels in your eye burst, or even worse, you could be suffering from a detached retina. What’s happening is, these dark spots are usually caused by droplets of blood floating around in your eye. So I would recommend seeing a physician immediately if you are having problems like this after receiving a good bump in the head.

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15 thoughts on “Why am I Seeing Spots Before my Eyes
  1. I typically see spots or floaties within 30 minutes of getting a migraine. It is an early warning that I better get to the Migraine medicine fast.

    1. Interesting Zack, that definitely makes sense. All the pressure a migraine can create in your sinuses would for sure shake things up a bit.

  2. I have the same problem at times, I thought I was like the only one. This totally clear everything. I also read somewhere that in some cases it can only be treated with lasers and surgery.

    1. Thanks for sharing QLD RSA, I’ve not heard of laser surgery being an option for this kind of thing, but I suppose they could laser out the hyaloid artery fragments. It would be a very tedious surgery I would imagine.

  3. Hi Robert,

    I always see these floaters in bright sun. Right from my childhood. I just ignore it and they are not visible now unless i specifically look for them.

    1. Yah Hugh that’s pretty much the only time I notice them myself. The bright sun seems to illuminate those little fragments just right.

  4. really, these floaters are always present there.
    But we simply ignore them.
    And when we are keen enough to look for them, they suddenly are visible.

    1. Yah I think most of us have come so accustomed to seeing them that a lot of times we don’t really notice they’re there. I think it’s crazy that we actually have these things floating inside our eyes for a lifetime. Good to see ya Yogesh, hope things are going well.

  5. Its simple it due to weakness which can be due to many reasons and your brain trying to warn you

    1. It’s true our bodies give us many signs each and every day, but being able to recognize those signs is another story.

    1. Interesting Manish, I’ve heard of folks doing that before. It’s supposed to be great for the skin of your eyes from what I hear.

  6. nice article… Its simple it due to weakness which can be due to many reasons and your brain trying to warn you

  7. This totally clear everything. I used to have the problem some times. On a bright sun day i found the floater alot.

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