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Huge Crater Discovered in Siberia, Alien Theories Run Wild


A huge new crater was discovered in Siberia Russia and of course alien theories run wild.

This massive Yamal Crater has been a great area of interest as many people are talking of alien involvement or the possibility of a meteorite being responsible.

Expert teams of Russian scientists and the Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences headed to the crater to further investigate this strange, seemingly unnatural occurrence.

This large crater measured over 200 feet across and it’s said to be in an area known to be very rich in natural gas.

“This place happens to be extremely rich in gas. In fact, it contains the largest natural gas reservoir in all of Russia. In places with such large concentrations of gas, it’s not unusual for underground explosions to rocket off. They occur only when under-soil ice melts and releases a substantial amount of gas.”

According to the findings of Russian scientists, they believe this crater was formed due to the changing temperatures in the region. They discovered that 80% of the crater was made up of ice and no traces of an explosion were found. This would rule out any theories about meteorites being the cause of this bizarre crater.

You can Read More on the Investigation at The Cosmos News site.

Sinkhole, or something a bit more other worldly to blame? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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