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Dwarfs, Gnomes and Pygmies, Do They Really Exist

Gnomes in the Forest Pygmies
“Meno Mühlig Jagdprozession der Zwerge” by Meno Mühlig – Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

An amazing discover in the late 1800’s has brought rise to this question. Do dwarves, gnomes and pygmies really exist?

It may seem far fetched to think of tiny little people living on this Earth just as we do today. Of course there has always been talk of giants roaming the Earth before man, but that we have always understood as the dinosaurs.

Tiny little people is a whole different concept entirely. I’m not saying that we are currently sharing our resources with these tiny living beings, but they may have once had a place on our planet.

The Evidence of Tiny People

In the late 1800’s, beneath the moorland peat of east Lancashire’s Pennine hills, a large collection of tiny tools made of flint rock were discovered.

It was the size of these tools that were particularly interesting, as they were much to small for any human to use. It appeared these tiny tools could of belonged to a colony of dwarfs, gnomes or possibly pygmies.

There were literally hundreds of these tools found and not one of them were more than a half inch in length. And a good majority of them were smaller than a quarter of an inch long! Something that was especially baffling about these tiny tools was the craftsmanship in which they were made.

The flaking found on the edges of these tools were so fine that most had to be viewed with a magnifying glass. Yet they were brought to a very sharp edge with precision. It would be virtually impossible for a human to of crafted these tools, especially considering their size and the time period in which they were made.

Could They of Been Tiny Bird Points or Arrowheads?

It was quite obvious after these tools were examined that they could not of been bird points (tiny arrowheads used for bird hunting). Mainly because out of all the little tools that were found there was nothing found that remotely resembled an arrowhead.

Some were recognized as scrapers and boring tools and it’s possible they could of been fitted with wooden handles, but there was no evidence that this had been done. Even if they had been fitted with handles, they would not of served well in scraping animal flesh given how small they were. Crescent shaped knives were also among the tools that were found.

Archeologists concluded that these may of been replicas of ritual instruments, but why so tiny? These were way to small to be made by human hands.

There Were Others Found

There have been other examples discovered that appear to be made by miniature hands. Some were found beneath the forest floor in Devon, England and in Suffolk.

There have also been pygmy flints located in Egypt, France, Africa, Australia, India and Sicily. If these were only found in one location it could be easily dismissed as a fluke. But being found in far stretches of the world many miles apart, it’s kind of hard to write this one off.

No one knows exactly who these pygmy flint artists were. But who ever they were, they were very skilled at their craft and they were located in many parts of the world.

It stands to reason that a living being with the intelligence to create such tools from flint rock would definitely not be classified with normal animal species. So who were they? Doubtful that burials for beings that small would ever be discovered.

Any ideas on who could be responsible for these tiny tools? Leave us your theories in the comments below…

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      They are definitely too small to be a child’s toy, so it’s a very interesting mystery to say the least.

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