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At 116 Years Old, Gertrude Weaver Says There’s a Lot of Competition

Gertrude Weaver
Gertrude Weaver Celebrating her 116th Birthday

Congratulations Gertrude Weaver on your 116th birthday!

Gertrude Weaver, from southern Arkansas celebrated her 116th birthday on Friday June 27th. Her festivities consisted of a cake, party and earning the right to be called the oldest living American at this time.

Although her birthday bash was spent at her home in Silver Oaks Health and Rehabilitation it was still quite exciting. As the Gerontology Research Group confirmed Gertrude Weaver as the oldest living U.S. citizen according to the U.S. Census records. The runner up would be Jeralean Talley at 115 years old.

That’s just amazing to see someone still partying down that was born in the 1800’s!!! Not only has she gained the title as the Oldest Living American, but this birthday makes her the second oldest living person in the entire world. Plus she would be the 11th oldest person of all time!

A quote from Gertrude Weaver:

“Normally, 116 would be old enough to be the world’s oldest person. There’s kind of heavy competition at the moment.”

That’s just amazing longevity. Gertrude Weaver was born in southwest Arkansas just near the Texas border and took on the role as a wife in 1915. She is the mother of 4, all of which have since died except for her son who is an amazing 93 years old at this time.

So what has been the secret to her longevity? According to Gertrude Weaver, it’s attributed to:

“Trusting in the Lord, hard work and loving everybody.”

A true inspiration she is!

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    1. It’s hard to say Evgeny. Sometimes by this age Alzheimer’s can potentially set in. But that is not the case with everyone. From what I understand, she is still quite aware of her surroundings.

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