Cloud Storage, the Next Big Thing in Data Backup and Recovery

Cloud Storage data backup and recovery
Cloud storage, the next big thing in data backup and recovery. It’s probably happened to most of us at one time or another. You’re working away whistling while you work and then it happens! Poof, your computer or operating system has a total failure.
If your hard drive fails on you, then you’re left out in the cold with nothing but your underpants. There’s no worse feeling than having a hard drive or backup drive fail on you. The point when you suddenly realize everything you’ve worked to compile such as your favorite programs, videos, treasured family photos, gigs upon gigs of your favorite music, all of it gone with tha wind!
I take great pride in my collection of goodies and it’s compiled of over 20 years worth of files. To lose it all would be heart breaking. So how do you ensure that your beloved collection will forever be immortalized? Backup, backup, backup.

Traditional Backup Methods

There are a number of traditional hard drive backup methods that you can use to preserve and store your files and data. I personally use a Western Digital Passport backup drive and it works great. I can choose the exact files and or folders that I want to keep backed up, which is a great option. Not only that, but it has sync capabilities so that any file I use or update can be synced with the drive to ensure I always have a backup of the latest version of the files.


I also have a separate internal hard drive that works great for storage and quick retrieval of my documents. This is great because if my main operating system drive fails on me, then I still have access to all my personal files and documents. Not to mention they are still backed up on the external drive.


But so far all we’ve discussed are hardware options for backup and storage. All of these devices have the probability of failure. And the question is not if, but when will they fail. So that bring me to my next point, Cloud Storage.


Modern Methods using Cloud Storage

Now we’re getting to the nitty gritty. Personal Cloud storage is the newest technology for your system backup and storage. Cloud storage is essentially an online storage facility for housing any digital media that you want to preserve.


When you create a cloud storage account with a provider like Super Geek Cloud Backup & Storage, then you’ve just created the safest alternative to safe keeping all your favorite goodies.


How Does Cloud Storage Work

So you’re probably wondering, “how does cloud storage work”. A cloud storage service provider like Super Geek is basically a data warehouse. All you have to do is sign up for their services and create your account. With this account you will be given a special section on their system hard drives where you can store your backups and any data you would like to keep safe. And don’t worry, your data won’t be secluded on one single drive. They will keep multiple copies of your data to ensure it can always be recovered, all the while remaining in sync with your local copies.


There are options that will allow you to backup as many as 5 computers and you can even sync to the cloud storage just like you would an external drive. But the best part of cloud storage is that your information is stored independently from your home or office computer. So if your hard drive or storage drives fail on you, your data will still be nestled nice and warm on the cloud storage servers.


One of the great perks of using a cloud storage method is that you can access all of your data from any computer or device that has an internet connection. Your files will be 100% safe and secure using high end encryption methods. As long as you keep your passwords to yourself, then your data is as good as being in the bank.


Not only are your files 100% safe and secure, but they also have mobile apps that will enable you to play your music and movies direct from the cloud or you can easily share your files with family and friends. So think about this, if you have a large file or video you want to send to a friend, then there’s no need to send that huge email. Just share it with them through your cloud. 🙂

So I know this is a little off key from my normal, or should I say abnormal posts, but I thought this was some good information you should all know about backup and storage options. If you didn’t already that is. So don’t be running scared just waiting for the moment when your hardware is going to fail on you. Get yourself a cloud storage provider and never worry about lost data again!

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49 thoughts on “Cloud Storage, the Next Big Thing in Data Backup and Recovery
  1. Great Article !
    Cloud computing has certainly revolutionized the industry and broadened what isps provide.
    – Jack

    1. Absolutely Jack, it really just stormed it’s way onto the scene. It has really aided the big business industry in file sharing.

  2. @Robert, Why would you say hosting providers seem to be holding-up from offering the service, in my mind – it’s because the demand isn’t big enough for the common consumer marketing thus making offering traditional shared hosting more viable of a service. Would love to hear your thought on this !
    – Jack

    1. Well Jack, I’m not entirely sure about that one. But the first thing that comes to mind would be resources.

      what I mean by that is that a cloud environment is made up of several servers strategically placed all over the world. A simple web host will normally only house it’s servers on their premises.

      Although the companies that are hosting CDN services often use cloud type technology and some of them allow you to actually upload all your website files into what’s called a push zone. Then everything, not just your static files, can be served from different locations around the world. But keep in mind that there is normally a fee for each individual push zone.

      But there are a few web hosts out there that do offer cloud hosting, and I think as time goes by more and more will offer it.

      Just my $.02

  3. I liked your post very much because it gives me most of the information I was searching on the internet from many days of cloud storage service.

  4. Cloud storage is really a big thing to consider in data backup and recovery to make it more effective. Use of deduplication technique can help to make data backup and recovery more easy and effective.

    1. I definitely agree Mike that deduplication is a great technique for keeping not only a more accurate sync of your data but to cut down on wasted storage space as well. It really is a must where cloud backup is concerned. As we know, speed is always a factor when doing things remotely and the less clutter there is to index, the faster your service will run.

      Thanks for bring that up!

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