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Hauntings, a Look at Poltergeists, Ghosts and Unquiet Spirits

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Every where you look these days there is something about ghosts. Television is loaded with all kinds of different ghost hunting shows. Hauntings have always been fascinating and something that is interesting. Although with every unexplained mystery there will be skeptics. Now I’m not saying that I’m a skeptic and I’m not exactly saying that I’m a believer either. But I do find it almost small minded to think that once we die we just disappear forever. The human body is made comprised of a great deal of energy and according to science, energy never dies. It has to go somewhere, possibly heaven? Is that energy field that encompasses our bodies what some would call a `soul`?

Whether this truly is our soul or not, I believe that when a person dies from an agonizing or unexpected death, they may not leave this world. I would imagine that circumstances such as these would leave this person with unanswered questions and they may stick around for a while until they can find closure. I suppose it’s possible that some may be stuck here because their death was so sudden that they may not of yet realized they have passed on.

If you are a watcher of any of the televised ghost hunting shows you’re probably aware that there are different types of hauntings. A haunting known as `Place Memory` is said to be the replaying of a former event, where time slips may bring the observer unexpectedly into the past. Another type of haunting is called a `Poltergeist`, these are a more interactive haunting. Where the poltergeist may touch someone, throw something, or even make noises and cause chaos. And let’s not forget the `Unquiet Spirits`. These spirits may take on the appearance of shadows or apparitions. They may also create a `spooky` atmosphere and make strange unexplained sounds. I believe sometimes these are known also as `Shadow People`, and are the most terrifying to experience.

Haunted Houses

A haunted house is one of the more common areas that we find hauntings. I believe it’s because a spirit will attach itself to a place they feel most comfortable or familiar with. These houses may experience strange movements, sounds or even changes of temperature when a spirit is said to be present. There are tons of places throughout the world with reported hauntings and it would be impossible to go over all of them in this post. But just to familiarize ourselves with some of the occurrences that take place in a haunted house, we’ll go over a few.

Hauntings of a Misfit

Let’s first talk about  a poltergeist that is said to haunt a lawyer’s office in Rosenheim, Germany. This story takes place around the 1960s. They were having experiences of the telephone ringing off the wall, but when someone answered, there would be no one there. They actually called in telephone engineers to try and fix what they believed was just a malfunction. But they were unable to determine why this was happening. They also discovered hundreds of phone calls that were registered to the operator, but no such calls had been made.


They had many unexplained incidents such as lights swinging, fluorescent tube lights coming undone or even exploding. They also had pictures flying off the walls and furniture that had been moved with no explanation. They had electricians, police officers and physicists all investigate the activity, but none could come up with an explanation, until a Professor Hans Bender came on the scene.


The professor was from the Freiburg Institute for the study of parapsychology and was called in to investigate. From his experiences, he said “poltergeist” activity is normally caused by young people, but not spirits. Come to find out, there was an 18 year old employee by the name of Anne-Marie Schneider that worked there and hated her job. Once she left the establishment, all the activity disappeared.


Now this is an instance that turned out to be nothing more than a practical joke. Not all haunting cases are caused by the dead it seems. But it’s cases such as these that continue to create skeptics, and people are always trying to rule out the possibility of a spirit being the cause. But could it be possible that there was a spirit causing the problems? Maybe the poltergeist was attached to Anne-Marie and when she left, the spirit followed her. We will never know the true answer to that, but the unexplained is what keeps us coming back for more.


Faces in the Floor

The Pereira family house in Belmez, Spain had a very strange experience where faces kept appearing in their floor. A Professor Bender was called in to investigate the faces and could find nothing to prove this to be a hoax. This mystery still remains unsolved to this day.


The faces they were seeing had been photographed and televised. This caused a line of sightseers to line up at their door in hopes of seeing these faces. There were many experiments performed on the floor, but nothing was ever discovered to disprove the strange encounter.


They actually had dug up the floor and underneath found human remains that were buried beneath. Two headless skeletons were unearthed and they were then given a Christian burial. But did this help? No! The faces reappeared after the floor was rebuilt. So this definitely rules out the possibility of a stain or anything of that nature.


Recording equipment was set up in hopes of retrieving an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). What the captured were agonizing cries that were saying “Justice!” , “This Hurts!” and “I want to go out!” It wasn’t until 2004 that the house was finally sold, but the investigations still continue. They have tried scrubbing and even cementing over these faces, but they always reappear. Sometimes they come back looking as though the faces have aged and changed their expression.


A Haunting in Iowa

In Villisca, Iowa you will find the Moore House. It is said that this home was the location of several grizzly murders that took place in 1912. There were eight people viscously attacked with an axe, suffering fatal blows to the head. The bodies of Josiah B. Moore and his wife Sara and all of their children, Herman, Katherine, Paul and Boyd were found. Along with a couple of friends of the family, were all found deceased.


Since that brutal slaying took place the home is said to be haunted with a lot of strange activity. Things like the hearing of children’s voices and stuff moving all by itself. They say that when the trains pass on the nearby track, the paranormal activity seems to pick up. The belief is that who ever killed these people actually used the noise of the passing trains to drowned out the sounds while walking through the home and attacking each victim. To this day, these murders remain unsolved.

I think it would be quite interesting to visit some of these places and just discover for yourself whether you believe or not. I’m the kind of person that has to experience something for myself before I truly believe. But I try to stay open minded, like I said I’ve never experienced anything that told me I shouldn’t believe either.

All this stuff is so fascinating and I encourage anyone who has experienced something from the paranormal realm to share their experience with me. If you would like to share your experience, please leave your comments below. Also it would be interesting to hear how many believe and how many do not.

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8 thoughts on “Hauntings, a Look at Poltergeists, Ghosts and Unquiet Spirits
  1. great article, some of the psychics i work with have dealt with malicious spirits who have actually caused physical damage to people experimenting with channelling and ouija boards – food for thought…

    1. Ahh, yes, the disgruntled spirit. I’ve seen instances of this on television. The one thing I do know for sure is that an ouija board is simply looking for trouble. Messing with that kind of stuff is not a safe idea.

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  3. I can sometimes hear things moving in my house. I try to explain it away as an old house that is just settling. What I can not explain away the shadows that appear to be walking up and down the hallway. They always seem to be pacing and periodically stopped outside my doorway. I still have no idea what the hell it was. if you can explain it to me, I would be extremely grateful.

    1. That kind of sent chills up my spine reading that Charli.

      I believe what you may be experiencing is what the paranormal realm classify as “Shadow People”. And I really hate to tell you this, but they are usually up to no good and their intent is usually to harm. I’ve heard that they apparently were never living beings. But may be beings considered to be extra-dimensional, meaning they are from another dimension or universe. Not completely in our plane of existence and not completely outside of it. Does that make any sense?

      If you believe in all this, one thing you can do, and I know it may sound funny, but try to think good and happy thoughts. They are usually considered evil by nature and will try to work on your emotions by bringing you down. Staying positive and happy is a repellent to them.

      But on the flip side, some people also consider “Shadow People” as a form of guardian angel, sent to watch over you and protect you. That being said, I believe they could possibly manifest into what ever you believe in most. I hope this has helped with your question and I would like to hear further from you if you have any updates for us.

      1. Oddly enough, it does make sense. The weird thing is, I never felt any malevolence from it. And even when it would stop outside my door as a kid, I never felt like I was in immediate danger. It’s sort of confusing, especially when my mom and dad don’t see it. Sometimes, they’ll walk in the hall right when it pauses and walk right through it like it isn’t even there.

        1. Interesting… So it’s been with you since childhood? If you have never received any ill feeling toward this shadow person, them I’m leaning more toward the guardian angelic form. Especially if it’s been with you for so long, kind of makes more sense.

          Do you have any relatives that you were close to as a child that passed while you were young? Maybe you can ask your parents if you are unable to remember. Normally if a spirit is looking for some sort of help or closure will return as a purposeful ghost, but will usually give you signs that they are in need of your help in finding closure.

          Maybe this is a good thing, you may want to read my Field Guide to Ghosts and Apparitions, you may find some helpful information there.

          1. I never really was close to anyone who had passed, because the first of my relatives to pass in my life time was my grandfather and he dieddecember of 2011.

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