Exploring Poltergeists and Psychokinesis, What are They?

Poltergeists and Psychokinesis
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Poltergeists and Psychokinesis are probably two of the most well known paranormal phenomena of which thousands of documented cases have been recorded.

Of course who doesn’t know the famous movie “Poltergeist” where the little girl Carol Anne fell victim to horrifying experiences that followed her through several sequels.

But to paranormal researchers and investigators, poltergeists and psychokinesis are frighteningly real.

What are Poltergeists

Poltergeist literally translates from the German words, polter and geist, which mean “Racketing Ghost”. And they are exactly as they sound, extremely rambunctious and very dangerous.

The activities normally associated with poltergeists are things like knockings, rappings, setting fires, throwing stones, heavy trampling, breaking of household objects, banging on doors, and opening windows and doors.

Other extreme instances have also been recorded such as moving furniture, shaking and levitating beds while people are in them as well as turning on faucets in showers and sinks.

But manipulating objects and their environment are not all they’re known for. Some have even been known to sob, moan and even scream!

Where do Poltergeists Come From

Considering all these mischievous acts are surprisingly similar to that of a child, it makes sense that poltergeists are usually linked to the presence of a young person in the household. Normally an adolescent boy or girl.

In one case, called the “Manning Case“, there was a poltergeist linked to an 11 year old boy named Matthew. He was one of three children that were living in the household. 1967 marked the year that these manifestations began which started mildly.

It began with small knockings throughout the house and escalated to objects and furniture being moved about. Strangely these activities would stop when Matthew was away and resume when he returned.

When Matthew went away to boarding school, the poltergeist activity followed him. This continued to happen all the way up until 1971.

It was believed that during this time, Matthew began siphoning the energy causing these manifestations and used it to develop artistic and psychic skills. It was at this point that the poltergeist activity ceased.

It is not normal for poltergeists to hang around this long, in Matthew’s case, this was very unusual activity.

There is another interesting case I discussed in the post Hauntings, a Look at Poltergeists, Ghosts and Unquiet Spirits that you may find worth reading if you haven’t already.

Are Poltergeists Real?

Of course as with any paranormal investigations, some cases will be found as fraud. But where poltergeists are concerned, there has been enough instances that were above suspicion to convince researchers. They believe poltergeists are indeed a true psychic phenomenon which do not abide by any physical law.

Through their research it has been discovered that poltergeists are produced from bursts of psychic activity that emanates from it’s “host”. By host I mean the person that must be present in order for these manifestations to appear. For instance, Matthew was that person, in the previous discussion.

So that leads us to the next point…

What is Psychokinesis?

Parapsychology researchers have hypothesized that a poltergeists ability to manipulate objects and the environment around them is due to Psychokinesis. Psychokinesis is essentially the ability to influence inanimate objects by using the power of the mind.

Seeing how we’re coming to the conclusion of poltergeists being created through a host of sorts, this would explain how this person would use psychokinesis to cause the poltergeist to wreak havoc.

An Example of Psychokinesis

A Russian woman named Nina Kulagina was a very convincing example of Psychokinesis, or PK as it’s known.

She was known for having the ability to move or manipulate small objects by nothing more than her mind power. Her acts of psychokinesis were witnessed by parapsychologists on many occasions but she was never exposed to high levels of testing in a laboratory.

Surprisingly her technique has neither been disproven or challenged by professional magicians trying to say shes a fraud.

Is Psychokinesis and Explanation for Poltergeists

Some may argue this point, but according to experts, researchers and witnesses, the manifestations produced in most poltergeist cases would require much more energy than what has been displayed in most psychokinetic studies.

Psychokinesis has seemed to produce the moving of smaller objects, but nothing in comparison to poltergeists. Moving a quarter or ink pen is nothing compared to lifting an entire bed off the ground while someone is still sleeping in it.

Want more information, check out Poltergeists.

Concluding Thoughts

So you be the judge on this one, but you have to wonder, if people are capable of producing such massive amounts of destructive energy, why would they use it for mischievous acts.

And is this energy something that one could learn to control? Maybe it is a combination of a person’s energy and mind being harnessed by someone from the other side. Could this be how they choose to wreak havoc on the living?

Let’s hear your thoughts on Poltergeists and Psychokinesis in the comments below…

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9 thoughts on “Exploring Poltergeists and Psychokinesis, What are They?
  1. quite an interesting theory, but I prefer to look at first more logical explanation

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Evgeny. If I may, what do you feel is the more logical explanation in this case?

      Do you feel psychokinesis is to blame or something a bit more supernatural?

    1. Yes David it in fact is all in the mind, but maybe not how you would expect. It’s actually in the mind of the one creating the manifestations rather than the person that is witnessing them. :S

  2. There isn’t factual evidence for the existence of these ghosts. But i wonder why everyone face the illusion of the same forms of these supernatural entities?

  3. I am not sure what to think about this, I have been researching with books and internet most sites don’t answer the questions I have. for the last 2 years when I am in my home the kettle boils alone and my surround sound system comes on alone, the electrics have been checked and are fine and the fact you have to press a button in for this to work makes me feel uneasy, also my dog sometimes shakes and won’t enter certain rooms and I feel cold, I am not sure what to make of these things is it me or is it something else? there are 5 levels of poltergeist activity does it stay at the same level or can it increase and why has this suddenly started happening in the last couple of years, I can’t really find any place for answers to draw a conclusion, but I have learned to accept this but worries me cos of the unknown, answers would be good.

    1. Hi Claire and thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

      We have to keep in mind that when talking about poltergeists we’re talking about a manifestation created by someone living in the home. Generally someone undergoing great deals of stress or anger can cause a poltergeist to manifest. It’s a sort of release of negative or powerful energies from within us that can cause such things.

      As far as the different levels are concerned, I suppose things could remain at a certain level depending on the levels of anxiety that are creating them. Have you yourself or anyone else living in the home been through any traumatic experiences or great deals of stress lately? It may be necessary to deal with these issues first in turn your poltergeist may subside.

      Hope this helps in some way and I wish you the best!

  4. Yes a few, I find the whole thing confusing as it depends what you believe in to what is making these things happen, if your a spiritual person it’s someone who you know making you aware they are there which is what I was told by a medium, they do not believe in the paranormal, but the whole thing is strange. I have bought a new kettle and nothing has happened since, you could put it down to electrics but what was pushing the button for it to boil, it’s kinda hard to know what to believe as the medium said cos I am aware the spirit is there things will be quiet for a while which they have been, but is it just someone telling you what they think you want to hear?

    1. It’s very hard to say Claire.

      But I do know that spiritual entities often times will attach themselves to certain items that were previously owned by them. Did the kettle you had before belong to a loved one that has passed?

      But you are right that any natural causes would have to be thoroughly investigated and ruled out before one could continue looking for paranormal explanations.

      I do hope you find peace in your home and your questions are answered. I’m sure it is all quite unsettling.

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