The 1964 UFO Sighting at Socorro

UFO Crash Landing Socorro New Mexico

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There have been many UFO Sightings over the ages, but some bring more skepticism than others. But one particular incident outside of Socorro, New Mexico had astonishing evidence that has labeled this UFO Encounter as one of the most convincing UFO sightings in history.

The Encounter as Told by Lonnie Zamora

Lonnie Zamora, a patrolman from New Mexico, was on pursuit of a speeding vehicle just outside of Socorro during the evening hours of April 24th 1964. As the speeding chase took place, Lonnie Zamora’s attention was turned to an extremely loud roar and the sight of a huge burst of orange and blue flames coming from the desert.

Near this location was a shack that was used to store dynamite, so Zamora feared that this shack had blown up. His natural instinct was to go investigate the war-like site, so that’s what he did. He began traveling across the desert towards the location of this dynamite shack until the terrain made it impossible for him to continue in his patrol vehicle.

Zamora decided to continue on foot, but as he stepped out of his patrol car he was shocked at what he saw. He spotted an egg-shaped vehicle that had some sort of strange insignia painted in red on it. His first thought was there were some children standing next to an overturned car. They appeared to him as two white colored figures of about four feet in height.

Not feeling completely safe as to how he should proceed, Zamora called for help using his radio. He reported that he would continue on foot to investigate further what appeared to be a pretty bad car wreck.

Zamora Finds Four Burn Marks

As Zamora approached the wreckage there was a loud blast that coursed through the air and he saw flames shooting out from underneath the craft. Fearing for his safety, Zamora ducked behind a ridge and watched in amazement as the craft sped upward into the sky.

A quote from Lonnie Zamora:

“It appeared to go in a straight line and at the same height, possibly 10 to 15 feet from the ground, and it cleared the dynamite shack by about three feet…the object was traveling very fast. It seemed to rise up, and take off immediately across country.”

Just as the vehicle was out of eyes view, police Sergeant Sam Chavez joined the scene. Together they investigated the landing site and found four burn marks along with four indentations within the hard desert floor. After being inspected by an engineer, it was found that it would of taken pressure from the weight equivalent to at least a ton on each mark to make these indentations.

Also found around the landing site were bushes that had been singed along with a mesquite bush that was still smouldering from the fire. They also found small circular indentations in the soil thought to of been left by the crafts occupants.

Lonnie Zamora was a well respected and trust worthy witness to what could be none other than a UFO sighting. And believe me, the scene has since been investigated thoroughly and no other logical explanation has been produced. The U.S. Air Force’s Project Blue Book that has been established for the sole purpose of UFO investigative reports was also forced to label this encounter as “unidentified.”

The Skeptics of the Socorro UFO Sighting

Of course with any encounter such as this there will be more skeptics than believers. But the reliability of the witness, Lonnie Zamora, and the huge amount of physical evidence that was left at the scene, has named this encounter as one of the most convincing UFO sightings ever recorded. Still to this day no one has been able to dispute the evidence or explain away the craft-like object that Zamora saw. This UFO sighting will probably always remain, “unidentified.”

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2 thoughts on “The 1964 UFO Sighting at Socorro
  1. I don’t understand what makes this sighting so special and one of the most convincing sighting in history! ?
    it’s a just a normal sighting, that never made it to to the public.
    During the ages there have been allot of public sightings, UFO’s that appeared to whole cities and the mass population!
    It’s more credible when the entire city report the same thing than when a single man report something he saw.
    UFO’s reported fighting each-other in public in the European skies above cities in the 14 hundreds when clearly the airplanes has not been invented yet.
    Either Governments are not taking this matter seriously or they’re definitely hiding something huge from the public, but in any case, this is the most interesting odd random topic to read and learn about it.
    Thanks for sharing this case.

    1. I most definitely agree Mitch! This is by far the most convincing of reports throughout history. But it has been labeled as “one” of the most convincing. I suppose some say this because of the law enforcement eye witness account. Although there have been many other encounters which included law enforcement. I do find it fascinating that the Air Force actually included it in their “Project Blue Book” and labeled this as “unidentified” instead of brushing it off or covering it up as some kind of training exercise.
      But you are quite right in mentioning other sightings that have astonished huge crowds of people including entire cities! The whole subject of alien visitors and encounters is, in my opinion, one not to be taken lightly and there’s a lot more research still ahead.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to give your views on the subject, I will most certainly be looking into some of the more compelling instances that you’ve mentioned.

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