Meanings for Dreams, Your Dream Adventure Awaits

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Time for another exciting Dream Adventure! That’s right, having a dream adventure is such an awesome thing! Everyone has thought of flying through the sky or being chased like a crazy person. But normally our daily lives never seems to get that adventurous.

For those of you that live life on the wild and crazy side, having a dream adventure is probably not that big of a deal. But for those of us that lead fairly normal and dare I say boring lives, we need all the adventure we can get…lol

So the next best thing to living an adventure is certainly dreaming one. But it can even be better to have a dream adventure than it is to live one. Mainly because while dreaming you can do things that you couldn’t possibly do in real life.

So this weeks post in the dream series is to go over many different dream adventure scenarios and discover their meanings. Let’s start out with the more common adventures, then we’ll get into some less common ones.

Popular Dream Adventure Scenarios

Being Chased in Your Dream

It is popular belief that having a dream adventure of being chased is our unconscious way of dealing with the anxieties and pressures of real life.

Normally a dream of being chased is a scenario where someone that wants to either hurt you or kill you is chasing you like a mad dog. Sometimes you could be running away, hiding or even attempting to outwit your pursuer.

It’s possible that a dream adventure of being chased is a way of coping with your fears, stress or various situations you’ve met in waking life. That is, instead of confronting your situations, you tend to run away from them.

The best way to deal with this sort of dream is to focus on who it is that’s chasing you or possibly what the person chasing you may represent. This may help you to realize fears that you weren’t aware you had.

Another meaning for a chasing dream is that you are refusing to acknowledge a certain point of view or maybe an idea someone is trying to push on you. It is also possible that your pursuer may represent a part of yourself. Either your own feelings of anger, fear, jealousy and even love may take the form of an aggressive threat. This could be your dreams way of pointing out your own self-destructive behaviors.

But we can’t ignore the fact that an adventure dream of being chased may simply represent your fear of being attacked or harmed by a known or unknown individual.

Escaping Danger in Your Dream

Another dream adventure scenario deals with you escaping possible dangers. These are more commonly associated with dreams where you may wake up right before being caught from a chasing dream or right before you hit the ground in a falling dream.

A good question to ask yourself is what is it you are missing or avoiding in waking life. Your situation will not get any better until you learn to face your fears.

If you dream of breaking free from jail, cages, ropes or shackles, this may be addressing your desire to be free of a certain situation in life. For instance a job that is causing you a great deal of stress could trigger such a dream.

Dreams of leaving jail could represent your feelings about a new opportunity that has presented itself to you. But if you do not get a sense of joy upon your release then it may mean you are having anxiety about challenges that lie ahead.

On the other hand, if you’ve been depressed recently then a break-out dream could mean you need to seek help. They say a break-out dream might represent the yearning for the ultimate release, meaning death.

Dreams of Falling

The dream adventure of falling is by far the most popular adventure scenario. Dreams of falling normally occur within the first stage of sleep. If you’re unfamiliar with the stages of sleep, please feel free to refer to The Stages of Sleep and What Dreams are Made Of.

Normally a dream of falling will cause you to have muscle spasms in your arms and legs. This is why most falling dreams end with a sudden jerk or twitch that will cause us to awaken.

Normally falling in your dream suggests a loss of control and anxiety in everyday life. It may either be related to work, low self-esteem or possibly a relationship. It’s very important to try and remember the circumstances that caused the fall in these types of dreams. This can help you to discover the true meaning behind it.

Some religious aspects of a falling dream suggest you may be walking and acting according to your own way of thinking instead of living life the way God intended.

Adventure Dream of Flying

This is everyone’s favorite dream scenario, flying! These dreams are normally associated with long and fast flights. But usually more of an act of hovering above the ground.

A dream of flying and actually controlling the flight are usually associated with your own sense of power. If your flight involves you flying with ease, and enjoying the scenery and landscape then this may suggest you’ve conquered a situation in life, or in other words, “You’re on top of the World.”

Maybe you’ve risen above something or gained a new outlook on things. In contrast if you’re having trouble controlling your flight, this could mean you’re having difficulties taking control of your life. Suggesting you’re having trouble stay aloft or on course.

If your flight is obstructed by obstacles like birds, trees or telephone poles, then they may represent obstacles in your life that you can’t seem to overcome. This is a good thing to take note of, try to associate these obstacles with something in waking life to determine what or who is standing in your way.

If your flight is fearful or you feel you’re flying too high, this may represent your own fear of challenges or success in life. Ask yourself, is there something you’re trying to rise above? Or maybe you’re trying to develop an idea, or flying in the face of fortune.

Other Flying Dream Scenarios

Some believe that flying dreams represent your strong mind and will. Maybe you feel invincible so that no one can tell you what to do. Regardless the reason, flying dreams will always leave you feeling free.

Flying High

This could represent you being liberated from something that troubles you. It may show that you’re being a little overambitious.

Flying Low

This may suggest your need or desire to develop the mystical side of nature. It may also be a warning that you should keep your feet on the ground.

Hovering Above the Ground

Hovering or floating during a dream adventure is relevant to feelings of optimism and success. Alternatively it may be a warning that you are being too prideful or over ambitious, and it may end with a sudden bump to bring you back down to Earth.

Parachute Suddenly Opens While Falling

If you’ve had a dangerous event in life then a dream like this may occur. It represents your relief that the event is finally over. It could also mean that you need to get out of a certain situation before it does become dangerous.

If You’re Being Shot at

Being shot at while flying or getting hit by something is a warning that you need to be on guard for people that may try to get in your way, or prevent your success.

Seeing the Sun While Flying

If you dream of seeing the sun while in flight, then it could mean all your troubles will melt away shortly.

Muddy or Broken Terrain Below

Seeing terrain like this below you while flying is a good sign you should look out for enemies or misfortune.

The Color of Your Wings

Flying with white wings represents the expansion of your awareness or the unfolding of a higher self. Black wings may indicate a need for change in life.

There is also a more in depth post Dream Meanings and Interpretations for Flying you may want to check out.

More Unusual Dream Adventure Scenarios

Locked in Jail

If you’re locking in jail or prison while dreaming you may be living by a certain set of standards or beliefs that could hinder your personal development or progress. This type of dream may also force you to take a look at what caused these limitations.

Kidnapped or Taken Hostage

If you’ve been kidnapped or taken hostage during a dream adventure, this could mean you have a desire to either dominate or be dominated by another person.

If you are the one kidnapped and do not feel afraid, this may have sexual connotations. On the other hand if you’re being held hostage, then maybe you feel someone has a hold on you. Or possibly you are victim to some sort of influence that is preventing your advancement in life.

If someone in real life is placing demands on you or trying to make you feel guilty, this could be the reason for dreaming you are a hostage.

Keep in mind that the thing holding you hostage in your dreams may in fact be your own fears.

Having Courage in an Adventure Dream

Having courage during an adventure dream means you have turned to face your fears or outwitted the ones trying to harm you.

If you are running from someone in a chasing dream, your dreams may be telling you to discover your inner strength. If you do discover that inner strength and turn to stand up for yourself, then your dream is probably telling you to take a look at yourself.

Having courage to face your fears in dream land can be a huge step forward in waking life. That said, the more courage you can show during dreaming, in turn the more courage you may show in real life.

So that’s pretty much all I have for meanings of having an adventure dream. Next week we’ll cover the meanings for dreaming of different types of activities. Things like climbing, dancing and riding a horse. Remember to always keep your pad next to the night stand and practice to Program your Mind for Dream Recall.

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20 thoughts on “Meanings for Dreams, Your Dream Adventure Awaits
  1. Ohhh!!! that explains why sometimes I dream flying low, I am the person who thinks that you always should keep your feet on the ground. It’s interesting how dreams reveals part of your personality, nice posts about dreams!.

    1. Very true jlqm1976, there’s so much that can be revealed through dreaming. Practicing the ability to remember your dreams and documenting everything can show you a lot about yourself. Glad you liked the post!

  2. I sometimes talk in my sleep but it is often nonsense, once my girlfriend tells me what I was saying it seems to have nothing to do with the dream ! I am a huge talker when I am awake so it makes sense. Thanks for the post !

    1. That’s quite interesting madgabacho, I appreciate you bringing that up.

      Sleep talking has often been associated with sleep walking and sleep eating. It can actually be caused by certain types of medications, emotional stress, fever and in some cases mental health disorders or substance abuse.

      There’s not really any known way to reduce sleep talking, but avoiding stress and possibly exercise before sleep to ensure you sleep soundly is a place to start in an attempt to reduce the frequency of this phenomena. 🙂

  3. Hi sir its awesome post i like your post’s but this one really diffrent and fabulous i enjoyed your article because those point what you mentioned usually happen with us but some time it make us laugh or some time we feel a kind of terror.I like watch dreams because they surprised me and and that moment i don’t know what happened. Thanks for the article

    1. Thanks for commenting Ashutosh, indeed our dreams may not always be what we want. The can often be “sweet dreams” but on the other hand they may be “nightmares”. But as long as we’re still dreaming, then anything is possible.

    1. The meanings of dreams is full of endless possibilities. But there has been a great deal of research put into discovering these different meanings and some people will swear by them. I tend to believe it’s similar to religion. They can pretty much mean what ever you need them to, meaning how ever you can apply them to your personal life is the best meaning of all.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Shani. I love to share information that’s “different”. Life is too full of everyday worries that our minds are consumed with. Sometimes it’s refreshing to reflect on something we rarely think about.

  4. This is great! i sometimes cry in my sleep, its really weird because i really dont know why i ended waking up crying:) Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and very interesting topic!

    1. I’m glad you mentioned this… They say if you’ve awoken crying or feeling especially sad then it’s an emotional breakthrough. It could mean you’ve finally faced up to some long repressed grief through your dreaming. This can really help you in the waking life and is a very important part of the healing process. Although it’s strange to wake up crying, it can hold some deep importance to your life.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed it…and thanks for stopping by.

  5. Do you knoe what this type of adventure dream means? I wont get into to much detail but me and my to best freinds were messing with this old man in his house. My other freind was inside talking to him. She wasnt scared they were just talking. He kept making threats at me that me and my freinds needed to get off his property. We were laughing and they snuck int the back yard. I stayed up front and was crawling through weeds watching him. I didnt think he could see me but then he looked directly at me, gave an “i warned you” look and shot my freind in the head. The one inside. I imidiatly woke up but wasnt scared. I frlt like I wanted to finish the dream ans me and my freinds had to go on this adventure. I dont normally have dreams like this. Sorry for writing so much im just really confused. Write what you interpret.

    1. Hi Taryn, and thank you for sharing your dream.

      My first instinct tells me that your dream has something to do with jealousy and betrayal. What I mean is, possibly there is a “she’s more my friend than she is yours” type of thing going on between you three. Or maybe there is a significant other that seems to come between the friendship triangle in some way.
      Another possible interpretation would be that the friend that is talking to the man is symbolic of a big decision or move that the said friend is thinking of taking on in life. Maybe you feel it isn’t the best decision for them and believe it could end dangerously for them. This dream takes on a big “outside looking in” approach which leads me to believe you are afraid of voicing your opinion in fear of hurting your friends feelings.

      Again this is simply my first instinct upon reading your explanation. Receiving the short version of one’s dream sometimes it is difficult in determining a good interpretation, but I always tell people to take strong note of who or what the threat in your dream symbolizes this can help you understand it more.

      Hope this helps in some way and thanks again for sharing.

  6. I had a dream of being with random people whoI have never and my life but we were friends in my dream. the whole time we spent was being in water on a motor boat and we found an island and in that island one of the guys friends father was there and he took one of our friends raped and killed her. I seemed to be someone who could see everything and be everyone in the group at different times

  7. … This kinda helps but I know I’m dreaming so I know I can breath under water I know I can make people do things I can fast forward or rewind my dreams and other times I know I’m dreaming and it’s all going to fast for me to take control. Like there was one dream ware I used puddles of water to teleport form one de mention to the next. Another ware my boyfriend pushed me off a cliff into water ware ppl I knew were but when I hit the water I woke up screaming and I had a falling dream 4 times that night every time I woke up and it all happened in what felt like hours but was only like an hour

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