Dreams Depicting a Desperation for Success

Desperate Dreams of Success
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Finding success is a goal for all of us no matter what our field. Whether it be our dream to move up to the top of the company we work for or maybe it’s your dream to become a successful musician and make millions with a hit record deal.
And with all waking dreams of success come unconscious dreams as well. Dreams depicting desperation for success may be common place during slumber if you are trying to take short cuts to fame. This could be a scenario of cheating during a test, or possibly cheating your opponent during a foot race. But either way, all these dreams have meaning that can be interpreted and used to discover certain aspects of your waking life.

Dreams of Cheating for Success

Dreams that involve us cheating in order to win may be applied to gray areas in our waking lives. These actions may express a certain lack of self-confidence. Is there some reason you may believe you can’t win without cheating? This could be related to feeling inadequate or a fear of losing.


If you’ve had a dream that involved you cheating in order to conquer, then it’s possible you could wake feeling quite empty inside. Even worse, if you were caught cheating in your dream, then you could awaken feeling very anxious. This is due to your unconscious reminding you of your unworthiness as far as winning the prize.


It may also be a positive experience to have a dream that you are cheating. Some can be translated as you making steps toward becoming a winner, but you may not be ready to recognize this within yourself. The best way to deal with dreams like these is to relate them to events or circumstances in your waking life. Also pay close attention to how you felt upon waking up.


Dodging Objects in Your Dreams

Dodging objects such as balls or rocks while dreaming may represent your ability to go out of your way in order to achieve certain goals. Of course all it takes in waking life to do this is to believe in yourself!


Fame and Glory

A growing need to be recognized and respected by your peers may lead to dreams about being famous. On the other hand, these may represent your own subconscious mind telling you to believe in yourself more and to give yourself credit for the things you have accomplished.


Dreams are a place that you can go without fear of embarrassment and they may be telling you that you do have the ability to become great. This may also be relevant if someone in high authority believes they can stay at the top forever. More of a wake up call for these types to let them know they can’t be there forever.


If you’re dreaming that other people are famous rather than yourself, this could suggest you are going to receive help from a friend in high places.


Finding Recognition in Your Dreams

Everyone needs to be recognized for their efforts at one time or another, it’s important to keep motivated. If you’re feeling unappreciated at work or by family, then you may have a dream about winning a ribbon for 1st place, or maybe making an A on something in class. These dream scenarios are also common if you feel others do not appreciate your abilities.


If you receive recognition in your dreams gracefully, then you may be ready to accept the positive aspects of yourself. But if you’re feeling uncomfortable or someone is stealing your thunder, then working on your self-esteem may be in order.


Dreams of Triumph

Having triumph over a certain task or test while dreaming can bring you a great sense of elation. Dreaming of things like this could be because you have been undervaluing your abilities. Maybe you’re trying to compensate for failures in your waking life by dreaming of triumphant scenarios. These could also be looked at as rehearsals for success in real life.


Acquiring Wealth

Dreaming of winning the lottery or finding large sums of money and jewels are most definitely built for wish-fulfillment. Especially if you’re experiencing financial hardships in waking life.


These kind of dreams are also symbolic of the desire to receive a raise in pay at work. But remember, finding riches in your dream doesn’t necessarily mean they are symbolic of money. Gold or money may also represent people in your life or finding out that you or someone you know has a heart of gold, for example.


Do you believe money can buy happiness? Thinking about things like this can help you uncover the true symbolic meaning for treasures in your dreams. Take a step back and discover what things are most important to you.


Dreams of Striking it Rich

Finding treasure or things of value, possibly something with magical powers in your dream is your unconscious telling you to seek out what is magical in your life. Possibly things you’ve taken for granted.


Discovering Your Dream Audience

When you are searching for recognition in your dream, try to take note of who the audience is. Who is it that’s watching while you succeed or fail? How does them being there make you feel inside, do you feel scared, supported, distracted or proud? Maybe they are cheering for you. But it is also possible they may be trying to hold you back.


Normally close family members or work colleagues are the ones present in our dreams. It’s important to distinguish what their point of view is in your dream and compare that to how supportive they are in waking life. More times than not, when these people appear in our dreams then our dream scenarios are usually about either failing or succeeding. Take note of which friends are there to cheer you on or which family members appear when things are going good.


Finding the right authority figures in our dreams can help us to determine who is helpful and harmful for our everyday lives. It’s important to surround yourself with positive influences if you want to succeed. Success doesn’t have to be just something we dream about, you have the power to make it happen for real. Once you’ve discovered why your so desperate to succeed while dreaming, you can then turn these experiences so they work for you in waking life.

Hopefully this part of our Dream Series will help some of you to better understand why you’re having these types of dreams. Our next part of the series will cover dreams about personal achievements and it should be pretty interesting, so be sure to keep an eye out for it sometime next week.
I believe everyone was made with the desire to do the best at what ever we choose. Have any of you had dreams about being desperate for success and turned them into reality?

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