Teleportation and Traveling Between Dimensions

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Teleportation is described as an instantaneous transport of someone or something from point A to point B. Is this truly possible for something to just vanish from one place, only to reappear somewhere else? Sometimes reappearing over some great distances.

There have been many tales and stories that suggest this is possible, but none are all that convincing. Most recent reports were derived from  nineteenth-century Spiritualist circles, stating they had moved mysteriously through space by an unknown source.

Traveling into the Fourth Dimension

One afternoon in 1880 on a farm in Tennessee a man by the name of David Lang, up and vanished. That’s right, he simply vanished while walking across a field and there were many witnesses and family members who saw this happen. Many believed he was swooped off into the fourth dimension.

Another intense story involved an elderly couple from London around 1873. Articles described the situation as them arriving in Bristol one evening and signing into the Victoria Hotel. Then to everyone’s surprise, a few hours later they were being arrested for disorderly conduct. This is what the elderly gentleman Mr. Cumpston told the officer:

“My wife and I have escaped from a den of thieves and rogues. We had to defend ourselves with a pistol.”

Apparently Cumpston had fired a pistol twice, one time hitting the roof and the other was fired off into the street. Of course everyone thought they were crazy so they were arrested.

According to court records, Mr. and Mrs. Cumpston told the court they had heard strange sounds in or nearby their room, earlier that evening. They submitted a complaint to the landlady, and evidently she had heard the noises too, but she just shrugged them off.

Then around 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, the mysterious sounds resumed, but also gave them a strange feeling that the floor was falling out from under them. As the floor opened, Mr. Cumpston thought he was being dragged under, at which point his wife pulled him free. They both jumped out the window trying to get away from what they thought was  an attempted kidnapping.

Even though the landlady testified that she did indeed hear these strange sounds, no evidence could be furnished that concluded it as fact. So the court deemed this a case of “collective hallucination” and the Cumpstons were discharged.

Many believe that they too were a victim of being “pulled” into the fourth dimension.

People Being Teleported

People being teleported is something readily found in folk lore and wild story books. Stories of people being swept off to strange foreign lands as if on a cloud. But is it possible for this kind of thing to happen in real life. Let’s go over a few events recorded through history that involved people being teleported.

The great philosopher Apollonius of Tyana said he had once teleported himself instantaneously to Ephesus in order to treat people afflicted by the plague. It is also said that many saints of biblical times would safely remove themselves from danger, usually by the aid of angels, and would be carried from one place to another in the blink of an eye.

There was a modern Indian religious man by the name of Sathya Sai Baba that once teleported himself right in front of many other people. There are many accounts told by others that relate to him disappearing right in front of your eyes. Supposedly he would simply snap his fingers while asking others to snap as well. But by the time the others could snap their fingers, he would of already vanished, only to reappear somewhere in the distance on top of a hill or something.

Another crazy story involves a young man by the name of Alfredo Pansini. They say when the family moved into their home in Italy all kind of poltergeist activity began to manifest. Soon after 7 year old Alfredo began to fall into trances and angels began speaking through him. He also had many clairvoyant visions and then the teleportation began.

Supposedly these teleportations would occur frequently and went on for three years. Finally these incidents came to a stop as Alfredo reached puberty in 1904. But then his younger brother began having similar experiences and disappeared from the house on numerous occasions. On one specific occasion both boys disappeared and appeared on a fishing boat several miles out at sea.

Objects Being Teleported

People are not the only thing that have mysteriously teleported to another place. History tells of many instances of objects being teleported as well.

In 1957 an artist by the name of Raymond Bayless said he was in a room speaking with a student when he had a scary experience with an object disappearing. He was holding a brush and the room was empty except for the two stools and an easel. He said there wasn’t a rug or carpet of any kind on the floor, but there was a large window which brought in plenty of light.

He reports that the brush slipped out of his hand and both he and the student heard a clicking sound after it hit the ground. But when Bayless bent down to pick up the brush, it was no where to be found. It had simply vanished, they looked everywhere!

Many speculate that incidents like these are all part of the Powers of the Mind like we discussed in an earlier post. Some also believe that spontaneous dematerialization is the cause for animals being found far outside the natural habitat. Who knows for sure, maybe alien encounters can explain some of these things. You could also argue that some of these people were victim to sleepwalking or maybe they have split personalities that cause them to do things they can not remember.

There are other “New Age” theories that may suggest a sort of Astral Plane could be involved with these occurrences, but that is a whole other subject entirely, so we won’t get into that here. But this is definitely something to ponder on. So next time you misplace your keys or forget where your wallet is. You may not be crazy, it could be you actually did leave them on the dresser, maybe they’ve teleported into another dimension.

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32 thoughts on “Teleportation and Traveling Between Dimensions
  1. Interesting post. Earth only has 3 dimensions as we know. The fourth dimension “Time” exist in Space. So travelling in or being sucked up in Fourth Dimension “Time” can be more accurately termed as being dragged into the WORM HOLE. The existence of ‘worm hole’ is mostly proved in space. Bermuda Triangle is also said to be a portal for Worm Hole.

    1. Absolutely, the Bermuda Triangle is subject to many theories and possibilities. But seeing how most vessels are never found or recovered, a worm hole may be the most likely explanation.

      Some may also describe another dimension as being in the exact same place but on a different plane of existence. I believe sometimes those planes may cross momentarily which could explain people seeing vision or apparitions that appear to be from the past or future. Just a thought.

  2. I have read somewhere that going back in time and changing something would create a new parallel universe. meaning, your universe as it is will continue as if nothing had been changed.
    Needless to say, that killed time travel for me! 🙁

    1. That’s the way I understand it as well. That by changing something in history you will change the outcome for the future.

      Most people would not choose to do this simply because there are no guarantees of whether the changes would be good or bad. And no one wants to relive the lessons learned in life. 🙂

  3. Very interesting topic.

    If teleportation did really exist in the current world …. what would happen to immigration controls?!

    1. No that is for sure an interesting thought. I bet very few would actually get caught.

      But then again, if it were commonly possible, I’m sure the law would figure out a way to use it to their advantage, thus rendering it useless as far as pulling a scam. lol

  4. I’d say the Bermuda Triangle is our fourth dimension! Lots of mysterious things have occurred over this one spot, unusual, don’t you think? Other people believe Aliens are located there, explaining the odd occurrences, malfunction of planes/devices, etc…

    I think Deja Vu has a lot to do with the fourth dimension. We see/remember things (we haven’t seen before). Great post, gets the mind going!

    1. You’re not the only one that believes that. It could be that alien life has a sort of invisible force field that could be concealing an entire city of aliens in the Bermuda Triangle. That would also explain why the lost vessels are rarely recovered. Maybe they are taking them captive into that city. There are some rich possibilities…

  5. Great post but am also forced to believe that no natural forces ever thought of can cause someone to disappear from Bermuda to say LA. I can concur with this argument in a spiritual perspective just like in some cases in the bible some people could be carried away in a flash. I have never met an alien personally but I swear the day i will meet it i will be the first one to ask the principle behind teleportation.

    1. It is definitely a hard concept to fathom, but not entirely impossible. I think a lot of it has to do with perspective. During biblical times, people were more apt to see the religious side of phenomena like this. But today it’s easier for someone to just call you crazy. Maybe that’s why things go unnoticed, it’s easier to dismiss then to believe. I’m sure many will agree that science has destroyed societies ability to believe in miracles.

      But I have to agree that it does seem far fetched for someone to vanish in Bermuda and reappear in LA. Maybe some day alien visitors will shed some light on this.

      1. Robert thank you for bringing out this idea. “science has destroyed societies ability to believe in miracles” This is very true but today’s scientific revolution has taken the world by storm and anything is nearly possible with science. In the near future I trust that such things like teleportation will be a daily reality courtesy of scientific technology.

        1. Ahhh touche my friend. It is quite possible that the science itself is a gift given by miracle.

    1. I hear ya, just keep in mind some skeptical minds must see first before they can believe. 🙂

  6. I really enjoyed this article.It really makes you think outside of the box.To think that something so cool would be possible.
    It would really mess thigns up probably within the past.but great aarticle

    1. Thank for the kind words Paul. Yah whether you were in the past trying to change the future or if explaining something like this to someone in the past, either way it would mess things up quite a bit and blow a few minds I would imagine! 😀

  7. I don’t really know what to believe. Perhaps a day we will all know how to do that kind of thing. I hope so, It would be so cool^^

    1. Indeed this would be quite cool to learn. Could you imagine how easy it would be to get to work. Gone would be the days of waking up a couple of hours early! 🙂

  8. Right now is only possible at atomic level, you can find more information about “Quantum Teleportation Experiments” in Google. Regards.

    1. Thanks for the tip jlqm1976, if this is possible at the atomic level, that leads me to believe that it could be done on a larger scale. Of course we’re now talking about teleportation with the aid of science. Doing it with the mind is another matter entirely.

      I’ll have to read up on the quantum teleportation experiments, should prove quite interesting. 🙂

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