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Moving, What a Pain in the Arse

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Well folks, wanted to drop a line to let everyone know that I’m in the middle of moving. Moving from one house to another can be such a pain in the arse, but it’s something most of us will experience a few times during our lives.

Luckily I’m not having to move too far, I’ll still be in the same town, but sometimes that makes it worse. If I were moving to another state or something like that, then it may seem more worth it to pack everything we own up and move it. But none the less, it’s got to be done.

Landlords Diablo

Unfortunately we’re currently renting the house we’re in. The owners live half way across the country and are apparently in poor health.

So because of these factors, they are wanting to get out from under the rental business and sell their house. So we’ve got about 30 days to vacate the property and get into a new one. That was very nice of them to give us 30 days!!!! ARggh!

At first we were a bit frightened because we weren’t sure where to move to. You see, the oil field business is picking up drastically and there are tons of oil field workers moving into our city. So just about every home and apartment in town is either already rented, or they’re renting within minutes of coming on the market.

We spent several days searching online and through local papers. By the time we could pick up the phone, most places had already rented. Here’s a scary fact, there are people in town that are actually renting out their master bedroom for like $800 a month.

First of all, I would never do this, simply because, can you imagine how strange it would be to wake up to, or go to bed every night knowing a stranger was living down the hall. I just couldn’t do that personally.

But everyone is taking advantage of the fact that people are pouring into town trying to pay money to stay somewhere. There was even one guy that rented out his garage. It was advertised as a place to sleep with a bathroom and a hot plate, he rented it for somewhere around $450 a month.

Now I know many states and cities have normal rent prices in the $1500 a month or more range. But to give you an idea of how ridiculous it is in this town right now. Normally a pretty decent price range for renting a 3 bedroom house was around $700 – $800 a month. Since the oil boom, those prices have risen to at least $1200 a month and up.

Yipee, We’re Moving In

So after many days of stressful looking, we found our property! Some very nice people had advertised a nice 3 bedroom 2 bath house for rent at $1350 a month. Well, it was just slightly out of our price range, but we inquired anyway.

According to them, they’ve done a lot of remodeling and even took out a wall or two to make it a more open floor plan. It has a 2 car garage, nice backyard and they take pets! So Jack is in the clear. For those of you that aren’t familiar with our household pet Jack you can see a pic of him in my thread 8 Tips for Pet Owners to Follow.

So we went to meet the owners of the house and fill out an application. They were extremely nice and were quite excited to have us as clients. They have agencies set up with many business for repairs should something need to be fixed. And they said they will act immediately if something need repair or replacement.

We finished filling out the application and went ahead and put a deposit down for the property, this way no one else can come in and steel it from us. 🙂 So we’re all set, hopefully we’ll be moving in by the 15th of April. They are going to let us pay a half months rent for April instead of having to pay the full month, since we’ll be moving in at the half month mark.  So that’s another thing that was very nice of them to do.

Anyway, we’re quite excited to be moving into this new place, it a bit larger and quite a bit nicer than the one we’re in now, so we can’t wait. Plus it’s going to be closer to my work and all the shopping establishments in town!!! Grocery store right down the street!

So remember, just cause it seems the world is plotting against you at times, things always happen for a reason. I think it was time for a change anyway. I’ve got a lot of packing and cleaning to take care of, so I’ll post again first chance I get. I’ll be back on my normal posting schedule within a couple of weeks, but I’ll still be updating the blog a few times a week until then.

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50 thoughts on “Moving, What a Pain in the Arse
  1. I think if there is one thing that ranks up there with being annoying, it would have to be remodeling. We are doing home remodeling in Chicago IL right now and I’m about ready to give up! Maybe some people think it is fun but I absolutely dread it.

    1. Absolutely Shelly, remodels are a huge undertaking and can become a massive mental strain for the home owners. Many people buy fixer uppers and move in thinking they can get a little remodeling done and everything will be perfect. But the truth is, 90% of the time once you begin to tear into an older home in need of repair you will discover many other issues that have to be addressed. Which of course means more time and most importantly money!

  2. Packing and moving is best when done by experts,on the other hand it can be a cumbersome job if done carelessly.

    1. I agree….It would of taken us forever to make the move if it weren’t for the professionals we hired to move all the big stuff. They were able to get it all moved in one trip, then unloaded it for us. Was definitely worth the few hundred dollars to have them do it!

  3. Very informative post . I am enjoying when read the blog. Thanks for sharing your valuable ideas….

  4. Moving is definitely very stressful but I always try to be positive and I rather think that it is exciting and adventurous in a way! It is great when there are things happening! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience! I am also on the move so everything that is on the topic is very useful for me! 🙂

    1. Well Tammy, it is true that moving is quite an adventure. It’s always exciting to see what new things will come from relocating. Especially if the move is of any distance. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your move! 🙂

  5. hi buddy..!!!
    Quiet interesting post. Thanks for sharing your story. This can really inspire everyone to plan their moving and shifting in future.
    Even I always should prefer to hire professional services for and organized shifting without any headache.

  6. Moving even across town can be a huge pain but a different part of town can really be beneficial. Thanks for sharing your story and the advice!

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