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  1. Rio at |

    its just amazing if we can do the teleportation..it would help a lot when going to work..can enjoy the morning coffee more. lol

    1. Xan at |

      All wishes to fullfill in life have the same beginning… as childs we were already conscious but we have been told soo many times that we dont know anything are incapable and dependent so we forgot that where in this enlightendness all our wishes were fullfiled we had none… if you can do telekinese then you also can hold yourself up, thats how flying works, trough beeing the whole picture and not separe yourself only to your body then ofcourse you have no power…
      then if you can teleport you can also do bilocation, but why in different places?! to bring an woman to multiple body orgasms without touching her may be magical, but to merge wiht her bilacationly is orgasmic. that works trough dimensions… just find yourself first trough loving yourself, every moment consious of what you are doing, in the benefit of the whole world, then you will be able to do anything, dont forget god can do anything its all the same, but because of that you will no longer would be interested in that… trough thinking of benefits will never bring you there… anyway nobody has to proove that to you, you have to be adventurous and find that by yourself out! where is the curiosity from your childhood to find out the unknown? lost trough school? just get it back. you have to proove it to yourself! primitive races do that with technology, teleportation trough dimensions with teleporters, enlightened beeins trough themselves, for what we have the imagination to create we can also do directly by ourselves, we dont need to create ourselves first staves do to it, we are not helpless! thats what we learned since childhood and because of that its not truth! of course we do not know how to be unnatural, this mechanical unaturality has to be repeated over and over again because our nature is so strong. we live in a world where everything seems limited and conditioned even love seems limited, but that is not truth, love is not limited it is infinite and by that invincible! god is irresistible and these nothingness by that everything comes in existence as one possibility can never be filled! remember the nothingness a few sometimes feel, impossible to fill, its infinite!

  2. Yogesh Pant at |

    that is why it is just next to impossible to teleport a living being as it consists of integrating and disintegrating the whole body as a whole. Things become really hard to implement when we try to make them a reality.

  3. yogesh pant at |

    the idea of teleportation is never a new one. It is quite old. Many of the games like portal have also been evolved with the same concept kept in mind. However, for a real life practical situation, as according to the string theory, the teleported item must be divided into its component strings at the sender and than again added at the receiving stage. This is something very very difficult to do.

  4. Anonymous but real at |

    I know of a true story where a little girl who was 9 years old and her mother, were driving home in a city, and they had 2 small dogs in their car along with a computer that the child was on. Both the mother and child were completely alert, neither one of them tired or on medication of any kind ever, the mother never drinks any alcohol or has been a drug user of any kind, in her lifetime. Yet one night, as they got off the freeway and turned down the normal street that is a major street in the map, they were completely alert to everything going on including their own conversation, and they were talking about the power plant they just drove past and were looking all around, even though they had driven home this way daily for months. They stopped at a light and it was a slow time of night, only a few cars on this road at this time. The mother says she had an awareness of the thoughts of romance toward a man that she knew of through friends while this event occurred which she finds puzzling to this day. So as the mother and child were at the light signal chatting and completely noticing their surrounds, in the blink of an eye–and they light turned green they noticed. The mother started to drive through the light, and they were in a foreign place suddenly on a street they had never heard of, as they looked at the signs around and a big school was ahead. The mother suddenly went into a panic and turned the car around to go back and see where she had gone wrong i her driving maybe. It turned out they kept driving into a foreign city they found themselves miles from the intersection they just were sitting at seconds ago. The mother and child found their way home and it was hard to do because they were so far away. They had to get onto a freeway that was not even the regular freeway they took to go home, then find their way back to their freeway and it took them about an hour to get back to the intersection they just were at . The mother and child were so surprised and baffled because they went through it together with the dogs there. They felt inside that something must have teleported them there to save their life’s, for some reason, danger must have laid ahead. For when they got home they looked online on a map and there was no way or any roads where they could have ever gotten to the street they suddenly found themselves on. To this day this mother will tell close relatives this story and no one can even fathom such an instance especially the mother and child.

  5. Blueray-collective at |

    i once heard something really interesting from a ET believe me or not (NO GOING INTO DISCUSSIONS). That the location of an object/person is part of its property’s so if you would hold something in your left hand its really a different object then when you hold it in right hand . So what they do is the change only that property. So it can stop existing at point A and appear at point B. and the key in all this as you all might know is FREQUENTIES to change structure. I also know that they can do it mentally or artificial (by brainwave FRQ or similar artificial wave lenghts) when we can come to the conclusion that we can change the structure and propertys via Frequenties we can alter everything. Good day. and sorry for checking the box that im not alien because i am sorry.


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