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  1. Nicole at |

    When my nose itch it is always someone coming to see me. Up until now my nose have never failed me. Now my right foot itch and I’m getting ready to take a journey on a very special trip. As far as my right hand itching it always itch close to payday, when people give me money by surprise. So I always get excited about the right hand itching. the other day it was itching 5 bucks came in the mail for a survey.the ears when someone is talking about you they practically burn. Great blog that happen to be true from my personal experience.

  2. Natasha at |

    I was told as a young girl that if your left hand itch its a letter never failed meband right hand means money the nose itching someone coming to see you the left ear means someone talking bad and right someone talking good and my right ear been itching all day lol.left eye jump someone will make you mad right eye good luck

  3. charmilla at |

    I was told that when your left had itches you’re going to spend money and if the right one itches you should put your hand in your pocket. If your left foot itches you’re going to walk on someone’s grave. I don’t know, i guess some of it is true just like if a bird poops on you, you’ll get money, but i guess how much poop gets on you. This one is definitely true.

  4. suzie at |

    I believe when right hand itches you do receive money left hand paying out now not sure about the itchy nose as my nose seems to itch with out fail every night with out fail relly does itch

  5. Shawn at |

    I’ve heard many of these, but my left foot started itching and my grand mother died in that same day, my left palm was itching and I got some
    unexpected chils support, and someone at work swept my feet! Which incase if you don’t know that one, that means that someone is going to jail! My dream was fish swimming in a pool, and then a huge whale came and swallowed the whole school! The next day my daughter told me she had a miscarriage! All this happen in a 3 day time span!

  6. rachel at |

    I have had a really itchy foot and it a meaning a family member going to pass believing this one as i have lost a family member

  7. kadian Ross at |

    The right hand is great for me cuz it money to receive.the left is that I gave away which I don’t mind so long it worth it.my ear ring somebody talking of me good r bad.my feet more like travelling for me which I do find to b tru.eye jump am going to see someone I Dont see for ages or am going to cry.

  8. debra at |

    God is the only one that knows all the meaning,the bottom of my rt foot itch everyday its either dirty or sweaty all this superstitious stuff need to stop only God has the last say

  9. wilson Dees at |

    I was told that a woman was comin to see me my right nose is itchy


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