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  1. Jennifer at |

    I was told that an tickling, tingling or itching nose happens when someone has a fond curiosity about you. It’s been right with exception of allergy season.

  2. chassity at |

    I was always told as a child that if my nose itched someone was coming to see me… I use to always think it was my aunt and uncle…

  3. Jeanie at |

    When my nose itches someone is thinking about me, when my left hand itches I’m getting some money, when my right hand itches I’m going to spend it, when both of my ears ring some is talking about me

  4. Zami/zami40 at |

    its really funny and intersesting thing.when i was small my grany tell me about that.i hear and follow my body for few minutes…

  5. Char at |

    An itchy nose means your in for a surpris

  6. hannah at |

    I always heard that if your nose itches, someone’s thinking about you. That’s not so bad! Not sure why though, it doesn’t really make sense like some of the others

  7. Tiffany at |

    Every time my right hand itches I do get money. It always itches the Monday before pay day. It never fails.

  8. Ashley Whitten at |

    Ive always been told if Ur nose itches it means someone is coming to see u….. Not anything bad…


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