Itching Palms and Other Body Parts, What Does it Mean?

Scratching Palm with MoneyMe and a girl I work with were talking about this today. She was standing there scratching her hands and I said, “Oh, you must be coming into some money.” Funny thing is, today is payday, so there was a little truth to that. Anyway, she said, “hey, that would be a cool topic for your blog”, so I went with it.  I’ve done some research on a few of these myths and wanted to share what I’ve come up with. There are many other body parts that have associated itching myths. Some are pretty cool, some not so cool, either way the research was a lot of fun! Let’s go over just a few of the more popular ones…

The Myth of Itching Palms

There are many superstitions and myths about scratching different areas of your body. I believe the one about your palms itching says, “if your right hand itches then you’ll be receiving some money.” Part of that myth also states that you shouldn’t scratch your palm if it’s itching or you may keep the money from coming. But on the other side of that, if your left palm is itching, that means you’ll be paying someone else some money. So you may want to scratch the heck out of that one!


Now I’ve had several occasions where my hands or palms were itching and I’ve never had any money come of it. But of course it never says how long you have to wait for your prize, maybe I just haven’t gotten it yet. But if you look at it that way, then that kind of defeats the purpose of the superstition, don’t ya think?


The Myth of Itching Feet

There is a similar superstition that has to do with your feet. They say if your feet are itching that means you can’t sit still. Others say it’s a sign that you’ll be traveling soon, or taking a great journey. It seems to have a similar meaning as the hands in relation to the left foot versus the right foot. According to legend if your right foot is itching then your journey will lead you to a place in which you’ll be welcomed. In contrast the left foot would lead you on a journey that wouldn’t have a very good ending.


It’s also said that itching feet may have something to do with sorrow. Some believe that it’s a sign you’re going to get new shoes, and breaking in those shoes may cause you some sorrow. There seems to be more confusion about the itching feet than anything, as I’ve found several different meanings. One even says that it could either be a sign someone in your family is going to die or that someone may be talking about you while your walking. Those are some pretty unrelated thoughts on the subject. I’m thinking it may have something to do with where people are in the world. As different cultures always find different meanings in stuff like this.


The Myth of Itching Ears

Here’s one most of us have probably heard of, the itching ears. One pretty cool saying I found for this was “left for love, right for spite.” Supposedly if your ears are itching, no matter which one, it means someone is talking about you. I’ve also heard it put as, if your ears are burning, then someone’s talking about you.


But I’ve researched this further to find that if your left ear is itching it means either someone you love is talking about you, or who ever is talking about you is saying something nice. Then the right ear itching is just the opposite. This means someone your feuding with is talking about you, or they’re saying something bad about you. If your right ear is itching, you should lick your finger and wipe it on your ear lobe. Then who ever is talking bad about you will bite their own tongue! Now that’s pretty cool, this one gives you a way to back fire it on who ever is talking trash.


The Myth of an Itching Nose

Now this one really has no good side to it as far as I can tell. They say if your nose is itching then that means you’re going to kiss a fool. I’ve also heard that this could be a sign you are going to get into a fight with someone. Other legends say, if your nose is itching you may be annoyed or cursed soon.


Small Child Scratching Her Nose

Photo by [David Castillo Dominici]

One extremely odd thing I’ve read about is, an itchy nose means you will come in contact with someone that has a hole in their britches. Now what in the world is this all about? These days the way all the kids are running around with those beat up blue jeans with holes all in them, you’ll be lucky if your nose ever stops itching.


I don’t really know why the nose would get such a bad rap. But that poor ole thing can’t catch a break. Every superstition I’ve found has something to do with an itchy nose being a bad thing. So I’m thinking it’s best to ignore your nose all together. Maybe keep it blown out real good and keep some lotion on it. What ever it takes to keep that dude from itching! Apparently nothing good can come of it. Personally I think if your nose is itching, then the best reaction should be to grab a tissue!

So as you can see by reading this post, you may want to pay a little closer attention to your goodies if they’re itching. You may miss out on a good thing if you’re not careful. There’s actually a ton of different superstitions for this type of thing. Pretty much a scratch for every itch. There’s a pretty cool list of The Meaning of Itches and their Omens that I found, it’s quite interesting if you wanna check it out.
I live in the United States, but I believe to some people these superstitions may be reversed. For instance the itching palm, where the right is paying money and the left is receiving. So for any of you from other countries, if you could clarify this for me that would be great. Also, if any of you have heard any other meanings for some of these or have some other superstitions that you find interesting, then share them with us by leaving a comment below. I can’t wait to check out what y’all come up with.



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Robert Tuttle

Founder of Odd Random Thoughts and plenty of things on the mind. I love bizarre and interesting information and will always form a unique opinion on it. If you have an interest in strange and unusual subjects and would like to share what you've learned, please feel free to Apply to Become a Contributor.  I would love to hear from you!


  1. thanks for the lovely article robert. In india we firmly belive what you have mentioned about itching hands and infact look forward to receiving money when the right one itches. Sometimes our expectations turn into reality and that strengthens our belief in this myth.

  2. wouldn’t believe, i just read your comment and got an itch in my right hand and am trying to resist the temptation to scratch it. wishing you the same.

  3. Dam I always thought that I would come into money

  4. it means that your itchy! hahah

  5. Itching palm means there is some cash due! … Try playing some Classic rummy to make cash!

  6. Dry skin causes itchy palms too. Also maybe those with the itchy scratchies should read the “How to Cure Warts” post, could be the cause of the itchy palms if the money never appears.

  7. Nice Article! Ya it is true that in India we people believe in it and also may be because we are very superstitious but you know I personally believe that this is a true thing because whenever I felt itching in my right hand I got some profit it may be in form of money or some new stuff and whenever there is itching in my left hand there is some expenses which I have to bear……………………….. and thus money loss…. So, I believe in this fact fully.

  8. Ok. I am going to check out of this itchy discussion and ook for another interesting blog piece!
    Happy itching! :-) and before I forget …… Happy and prosperous 2013 to all the folks here!

  9. What about getting shocked? I get shocked by everything I touch. It’s nuts. I got shocked my a piece of pizza the other day!

  10. Thanks! I’m going to check it out now. Maybe I need new boots.

  11. This article made me think of when peopel would say hand was itching money is coming lol but of course it never happened.Its funny sometimes the things people come up with.Great article love this site

  12. all about animals

    dam i always thought that i would come into money

  13. Wow this is fantastic! I have always wanted to read something like this. This is just my thing. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Nice topic! I believe that when your right palm get itchy you will receive money and when the other palm you will be releasing money, its quite weird but i really believe in this haha :) Your blogs are really amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  15. I heard about itchy palms, funny just before I get may paycheck, my palm itches, when bills are due, the wrong one itches.. it may just be all in my head. Itching is one of those thing that can be contagious or suggestive. I just go with it.

  16. nice your site thanks for sharing love you all teme good work keep it up
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  17. I must point out Money is best crucial with individual existence.

  18. this is an awesome post. I have always like reading something like this. One of my favorite topic. Thank you for sharing

  19. nice share

  20. Thanks for the share apart from myths for some itching scientific reason also lies …apart from this my left hand itch too much and my wife right hand lol
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  21. Interesting! I have an itchy right hand and as soon as I went to scratch it my friend said I had money coming! She told me to put my hand in my pocket until it stopped itching, but couldn’t explain why. Did you find anything on why I should put it in my pocket in your research?

    BTW thanks for the info!

    • Hey thanks for commenting Mercedes, I love to hear life experiences.

      As far as putting your hand in your pocket goes, there is something to that part of the superstition. But it involves both hands. The superstition states, that if “both” of your palms are itching, then you should put them in your pockets and then scratch them, this is supposed to reward you with pockets full of money.

      I would imagine this to be some sort of a remedy for having both palms itch at the same time. Simply because by definition, they are opposites of one another. So in order to find neutral territory, inserting them into your pockets before scratching will cancel out the bad and fill your pockets with dough.

      Hope this helps to explain it a little better for you. Thanks again for stopping by!

  22. What an interesting post, I love reading weird posts like this and interesting facts but I have never heard of any myths associated with body parts itching. Really interesting, thanks for sharing!

    • Oh yes, there are many more myths associated with itching body parts as well. These are just some of the more common associations. Thanks a bunch for commenting.

      • I know there is a saying about your nose itching that someone is coming to see you I don’t remember what the left side or the right side meant one side meant a boy and the other side girl, both sides meant you are going to have company

        • Well I like your interpretation much better Laura…Everything I’ve ever read about an itching nose was nothing but bad news…lol
          Thanks for sharing.
          Robert Tuttle recently posted…Ancient Dog MummiesMy Profile

        • Your right Laura my mom said that also and she said right side was a man and left side was a woman both sides at same time or the middle if you like was you will have company or meet someone new.. :)

  23. I loved for this site.

  24. I never heard about other parts itching. Only palm. Same here in our country. Local folks believe that itching palms means there is a money coming your way. It should be left palm. Sometimes this is true for me. But not always. Perhaps it was just coincidence. Itching feet? I think you need personal hygiene. ^_^
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    • Yes it’s true that some parts of the world the myths are reversed, meaning the left hand is money coming, and right is money going away.

      I guess it’s similar to how a toilet flows the other direction on opposite ends of the world. :D
      Robert Tuttle recently posted…25 Uses for Things You Might Throw AwayMy Profile

      • I heard that if your nose itched it meant you was in for a surprise. Not sure if it was the inside or the out side of the nose. My great nan told me two different meanings for the nose. one was for the outside and one for the inside. Unfortunately i can’t ask her now as she is no longer with us. Do you know the answer please.

        • I’m sorry Natasha, I’m not familiar with the differences between the inside or outside itching. Although I’m sure there is a superstition which involves such aspects of itching, but I’m not familiar with it. Sorry I couldn’t help with your question.

  25. It means you need to start using lotion on a daily basis.
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  26. Superb post

  27. Mark Betteridge

    So when the left ear itches, it means someone’s saying good things, right? Because I’m confused; due to some people, websites, etc. saying that it’s bad if your left ear itches. I honestly don’t know what to believe! Help!

    • Yes that’s correct Mark, at least that’s one of the meanings my research has produced.

      But we must keep in mind, that a lot of these superstitions will change depending on cultural and geological location differences. Some countries believe that the right ear itching can be a good sign. This is probably where any confusion you have is coming from.

      The explanations I’ve described here are popular beliefs in the United States and probably some neighboring areas as well. Only the people know how far certain beliefs reach, so others may disagree with my findings. :)

      • I just want to know the most commonly one believed one in the USA. That way I can know which ear is the good itch and the bad itch. Could you please re-remind me of which is the good ear and bad ear in the USA? Thanks!

        • Well Mark, remember these are only superstitions and are not to be taken to heart.

          But that being said, there are tons of different variations of these myths and superstitions and during my research the more common saying was, “Left for Love, Right for Spite”. But there is an article I found that goes into even more detail which suggest that depending on what hour of the day the itching occurs can change the meaning of the superstitions.
          Check out When Your Eyes Twitch Or Your Ears Itch it may help explain some of this in a little more detail.

          I would go over these differences myself, but there are too many to post in a comment. Hope this helps.
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  28. your article is very nice bro, thanks you so much

  29. Content Writer Kochi

    good post you have shared here

  30. Robert,
    Have you heard of what some teenage girls do if they have sweaty palms? I know of at least one case where she went online and found a remedy. The google result said to take a 9V battery and shock herself. So she did (on her thigh) for a period of time to get rid of sweaty palms.
    This didn’t “cure” her sweaty palms and she noticed that the area of her leg started to get numb.

    Your post on Itchy palms reminded me of this incident.
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    • Oh Wow Zeke, that really sounds intense. It kind of reminds me of that commercial where the girl is saying, “They can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true” Just like her French boyfriend she found online, not everything you read on the internet works out so great…lol
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  31. Right after reading this my leg got itchy lol. Thanks for sharing.

  32. nice your site thanks for sharing love you all team good work keep it up

  33. It is really interesting and the nicest one. Now all of my part of the body is itching. Thanks buddy for sharing this.


    Its a great pleasure reading your post..really appreciated with this blog and the thought have you shared here..Its full of information I am looking for and I love to post a comment that “The content of your post is awesome” Great work!! a very nice article! Thank you so much.

  35. The right hand is getting money and the left is expenses is coming your way. I believe this one and the one about ear ringing; means someone is talking about you and if it ring loud to the point of annoyance, then they are talking bad about you.
    The itching hands is absolutely true for me; it happens every time. One day, my right hand was itching like crazy; a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, I find out that we got a very nice sum from a claim filed by the government because of a certain bank’s bad business deals. Of yeah, I believe!!

  36. Touching or rubbing wood is a very old method for transferring or releasing unwanted energy buildup (thus expressions like “touch wood”), so if your left palm itches, try rubbing it on the corner of a table – If you don’t get a splinter, perhaps you’ll save some money!

  37. Hi interesting about the itching body parts I’m from uk and here an itchy nose is good it means your in for a surprise

  38. I remember hearing about this as a kid, and funily enough, I have psoriasis on my right hand and right foot, so they’re always itching. Lol, maybe I’ll win the lottery or something.

  39. My right foot is extremely itchy and in 2 weeks I’m going on a trip 24hrs away from home :D

  40. Banglore blogs

    This is very important article. i like such type of information. so thank you very much for this article.

  41. Hahhahaha.. i really heard when i was child but i dnt think so that there is some reality..
    Bhatti recently posted…Behadd (Telefim ) June 08, 2013My Profile

    • Certainly Bhatti, a lot of these superstitions are “In the Eye of the Beholder”, meaning you can take them for what they’re worth or use them how they fit into your own life.

      But many people have found quite a few similarities between real life events and these superstitions.

  42. This is a really interesting article! I enjoyed reading it (: and just adding my comment , I think this may also be a placebo. If you believe that your right hand will itch when you’re soon going to recieve money, then your body may cause it too because you knew you were going to and it did because of your belief ! I’m going to keep all that in mind and remember next time something like that itches. Thanks for the interesting read though! I really enjoyed it (:

    • Very interesting concept Jillian, I concur with the placebo effect taking place with this one. The mind is a powerful thing and I find it quite possible that the subconscious mind being aware of certain things can make these superstitions seem all the more real once things come to pass. Great insight and thanks for dropping by.

  43. In good old South Africa,the opposite is the myth

    left hand-money

    left foot travelling

  44. I was told something different by my elderly relatives. Left palm itching means money. Right palm itching means you’re going to shake hands with someone you haven’t seen in a while. Left foot itching – traveling. Right foot itching – money. Itchy nose means you’re going to get into a fight. Right ear ringing – someone is talking well of you. Left ear ringing – someone is talking bad about you. If you drop silverware expect company. If you drop a knife expect a visit from a man. I generally don’t believe in superstition or myths but so many times all of these have come true.

    • Very nice information on your families beliefs on these superstitions Ana. Thank you so much for sharing them. It truly is amazing how often these superstitions do seem to come true. But we still have to wonder, do the times they do come true just stand out more than the times they don’t?

      I especially like the one about the silverware, I’ve not heard that one before, thanks for sharing!
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  45. HI, i was wondering if you knew anything about superstitions for itchy pinkies,last night out of nowhere my left pinkie started to itch and i thought it was because of someone was making a promise about me or something, because you know when you make a promise with someone you usually make them “pinkie promise”.

    • Hi Andrea and thanks for the comment.

      To the best of my knowledge I’m not aware of a specific superstition that deals with an itchy pinkie finger. Although I have heard that an itchy ring finger may mean you or someone close to you will soon be married.

      With that being said, it’s very possible that your assumption could hold some truth to it. It makes a lot of sense that an itchy pinkie finger could signify a promise in some way, such as the “pinkie swear” or “pinkie promise”. That’s good use of an open mind there Andrea, good job!

      But you must be aware, that normally superstitions dealing with the hands more commonly associate the left hand with negative factors while the right hand is positive. Just something to think about.

      Hope this helps in some way :)

  46. The itchy palm thing is soooo true except for me it’s the opposite. When my left hand itches, I am going to receive money. It usually appears within the week. When my right hand itches, I always know that one of my checks or a debit has come through the back. The deeper the itch, the greater the amount and I automatically scratch. A few years ago my hand was itching deeply and incessantly for weeks, I wasn’t expecting any money. It so happened that I had a significant amount of back child support coming to me. My grandmother used to say to spit on your hand and rub it on your backside. Funny, funny!

    • Thanks Andrea for a great comment concerning this superstition. Your explanation of the itching hand superstition just further proves the notion that different areas and families may use different explanations for the left and right side.
      I appreciate you sharing your grandmother’s words of wisdom on this as well. You should always listen to your elders! :)
      Robert Tuttle recently posted…Ancient Dog MummiesMy Profile

  47. I constantly itch somewhere on my body my boyfriend says I have fleas lol my foot was itching which is how I came across ur blog not sure i believe all the superstitions but an interesting read all the same. My eye is itching now lol also the backs of my knees is a common place I itch wonder what that means? Xx

    • That’s pretty funny Ria, thanks for sharing your story.
      As for the meanings for the itching knees I have a theory.
      According to my research an itching left knee suggests that someone may be gossiping about you. Which causes me to lean toward if the backside of that same knee is itching, then maybe you’ve been gossiping about someone else and they just found out.
      The right knee suggest that you will be receiving good news. So possibly if the backside of that same knee is itching it may mean you will be the deliverer of good news to someone else.
      Just my thoughts on those, sounds as good as any…lol
      Thanks for stopping by!
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      • I do like a good gossip as for good news I just changed jobs maybe its a good sign my sides itch too but I put that down to where my bra strap sits lol x

        • Well let me tell ya Ria, anyone that claims they don’t enjoy good gossip is just full of it! lol :) Either way, I voting that your itch is going to be a good sign rather than just an itchy spot where your strap is!
          Robert Tuttle recently posted…New Antibiotic Found in Cockroaches BrainsMy Profile

          • Mr. Tuttle — THANK YOU for your link to the antibiotic article about cockroaches. My 15 year old daughter and I just read it, and we were absolutely astonished. She says she can’t wait to see what else it turns up! My daughter-in-law almost died a few years ago of e-coli. Who knew that in a few years it could have been cockroaches to save her!

            • Thanks you for the feedback on the article Jen. I’m so pleased you found it and could relate it to your life. I’m very touched to hear about your daughter-in-law’s condition, my prayers are with you and your family.
              It really is amazing how some of the strangest creatures on Earth hold these wonderful secrets. Just shows you how everything on our planet has a purpose, no matter how ugly they may be. :)
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  48. Hiya!

    Nice post, really interesting. My right hand and my nose are itching at moment so I used google search and found you. I am from South America and yes, we also says the same about the right and left hand. But I was surprised about the nose as my dad said days ago that a itching nose means money coming in! Well I am rather stay with his meaning and now passing it to you. From next week I do have possibilities to get into some money, lets see, if dreams come through I will let you know, meanwhile, guys, please, cross fingers for me as I know most of us has a itching nose ;)!!!! Robert keep up with your blog!!

    • Thank you Marilda for filling us in on your families belief on these superstitions. It so interesting how different regional and cultural areas have different meanings for these things. I would definitely stay with your current point of view as you will get better results this way. Remember we have to believe for these things to work, so good job in paying attention to what your body is telling you.
      Wishing you luck with your incoming money!
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  49. Where in from an itchy nose means a surprise is coming. Great article.

  50. I had similar issues wit my feet

  51. I was told that if your nose itches it means you know something, they never said whether it was good or bad though. As far as ears itching it didn’t matter which one or if both itched, someone was talking about you. Itchy feet means you want to go somewhere. Itchy butt means you need to wash it, haha, that’s what my father would tell anyone caught scratching their butt.

  52. Hi I am Gypsy if you watched the hunch back of notradame you know what a gypsy is but we are now more modern and very under the radar with our own language which no non gypsy person can speak we are very superstitious people I was born and raise in California even my grandparents where born in the US but we kept to our root we believe a right itchy palm will bring money what some gypsies do is kiss our palms and rub its against our hair repeatedly until the itch stops, and if the left palm itches we use our butt cheeks to scratch our hands not bare ass of course just like against our back pockets, we also don’t believe in being touched by brooms I believe it means some sort of bad luck and if we do get touched by a broom we spit on it, that’s some of my cultural information I hope it was intriguing :-)

  53. When my right hand itches within three days I have money coming my way.
    The left hand means some money will be leaving me……
    Tonight just my ring finger was itching ..not my palm.
    Not sure what that means.
    The feet itching is true too. It has been my experience anyhow :D


  54. Hey i turned 18 yesterday! “Yay gratz cheers for me! :D” And tomorrow i’m about to have a massive party… Dinner at 6, bar after dinner, then clubbing and a casino after that! My right foot was itching and i just googled it. Oh how i am in for a great adventure tomorrow! – Jake (Australia)

  55. the hand itching its the left hand that means money coming to you the right going out .It comes from the army you salute with your right hand when you receive your pay and take it with your left hand

  56. Thanks Robert :) Very interesting and fun to read

  57. Whenever my wife gets an itch in her ear we shortly thereafter get a phone call from a certain friend. Why would she get an itch – even hives – if this person is a genuine friend? Happened again some minutes ago and thereafter came a phone call from this very person. I did a google search on itchy ears and here am I!!!!!

    • Well it would all depend on which ear was itching. An itching ear doesn’t always mean something bad is being said about you. But maybe the conversation that person is having about your wife is what led to them calling her. I’m glad you found your way to the blog.

  58. It’s just human made but not to be serious .

  59. We Persians believe if right palm itches you will receive money but you must rub the head of someone who was forst born in their family and then you will will receive your money shortly after. If you left hand itches money will be leaving your hands.

  60. Hi Robert!

    I just came to your site through a Google search concerning “itchy sole of the right foot”. I made the search because my foot started itching like crazy while I was working on a business contract for a meeting.

    “According to legend the itchy sole of the right foot means my journey will lead me to a place where I will be welcomed”

    This is affirmation enough for me that I’m going on the right path for me!

    Your blog is great and that’s my confirmation and anecdote :-)

    Peace & Blissings!

    • That’s excellent, I’m glad one of these superstitions has worked out in your favor. It’s good to hear of people’s successes and I wish you the best going forward!

      Thanks for stopping by…

  61. Itchy Ring Finger – My Mummy tells me that for the week before my father proposed her ring finger was super itchy. They eventually divorced & re-married each other, again Mum says her ring finger was itching leading up to the proposal!! Later still, they divorced again! And, just before my step-father proposed – Yep – She had the ‘Itchy wedding ring finger syndrome’ again!

    So an itchy wedding ring finger = A marriage proposal…?!?!

  62. Good Post.

    As far as i can tell, you are correct about the palm – itch part.

  63. Ive had my ears burnin in itchy for n hour on the right one i lick my finger put on my earlobe like said ear hasnt itched since uncanny

  64. this is awesome! i searched myths about itching hands and came upon this article. last night when i was out, i noticed my right hand itching terribly! i refused to scratch it like i normally would. i heard that if the right hand itches, it means you will be giving out money. well tonight i just happened to open up my dryer at my house and i found 70 dollars! i know it’s crazy but i asked my boyfriend and my roommates and none of it belongs to them? crazy right. so i am thinking that maybe i had the myth wrong and that it IS a good thing when the right hand itches!! thanks for your blog about this!!! :)

  65. I Googled “ithcy nose meaning” and BAM! Your blog was the first one listed. I grew up hearing that having an itchy nose meant that someone was missing you. My nose was itching like crazy this evening and I wanted to re-confirm it. I hadn’t seen anyone else mention this one. So, here ya go!

    • Hi Veronica, I’m glad you had no trouble finding the blog during your search. Always be sure to take note of which side is itching as they have two different meanings.

      Also thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment, it is much appreciated, hope to see you around again! There’s a bunch of interesting subjects to be found on the blog.
      Robert Tuttle recently posted…Carnivorous Squirrel Discovered in ArgentinaMy Profile

  66. I totally believe in the Ear itching myth. For me, Left is good and right is for spite. I think I experience it so much its became second nature. I’m Native American so I believe other myths not the bad ones or I try not to. Thanks for the info.

  67. I never ever gone blog like you because these myths are become part of our life and everybody believes on it easily. But when I stared reading your post and I can’t stop my self to readout. I want to say thanks to you for sharing here such beautiful facts abouts the myths and I think it will help to everyone. Thanks for sharing with us…….

  68. Left hand itching – means your coming into some money
    Right hand itching – means your going to meet someone new
    Ears itching – means someone is talking about you
    Nose itching – means someone is thinking about you

  69. In our country there is a myth that if our body parts are itching, then it is supposed that we haven’t kept our body clean. Eat proper food so your blood circulation levels will be stable and you wont feel itching.

  70. Great article, my mom always told me these things. Now i know it’s a myth. Thanks!

  71. I always heard if your nose itches, it means someone is thinking of you. Whether that is good or bad, I’m not sure, but that’s what I grew up hearing…

    • Very interesting Angela. Thanks for sharing you knowledge about itching noses with us. I do know that normally itching ears means someone is talking about you, which could also signify someone is thinking about you if they’re saying something about you…LOL I almost lost myself there. But either way, I’ve not really heard anything good come from an itching nose, so maybe it works the same as with other parts of the body. ie. If the right side of your nose is itching, then maybe someone is thinking good thoughts about you, and if the left side is itching, then they are thinking bad thoughts about you. :)
      Robert Tuttle recently posted…Superstitions and Superstitious Beliefs About DrowningMy Profile

  72. I love your article Robert. When I was little I was always told that when someone is talking about you, your ears would ring. Correct on the left palm itching that you will receive money! From my experience, when it does itch…I will always go out to buy a lottery ticket and win almost every time. :D However, you basically gave me the answer I needed during to the fact my nose has been itching all morning. Lol Thanks for all of your knowledge and learned some new things today.

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