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  1. suresh at |

    itching palms is related to money it’s right,my grandmother tell it about and iitching ear is someone talking about you it’s also right your post is supreb,i am belive in itching palms becoz it’s happen for me many time.thanks

  2. Donna Williams at |

    GREAT article. Perhaps hope makes it all possible. I am wondering, what part of the body should itch to find love?

    1. Susan Matthews at |

      I have a response… It’s now 1030pm in VA this July 26th… I was lying here perusing, when my nose got the worst itch. I kid you not, literally & figuratively, that only moments later I recv’d a text from my son letting me know that he’d be by tomorrow to visit & do his laundry. Because my nose was itching, shortly afterwards, I googled “nose itch meaning” & it led me to your post & this comment/reply… so how’s that for uncanny… & a wee bit freaky :)

  3. cindy at |

    Ive heard if your nose itches some one is coming to see you. Not sure if there is any truth to this.

  4. Jim at |

    …….anyone know what itchy balls mean???:):):)

  5. Michelle at |

    I believe the itchy palm…whenever my right itches I get money, left in lose some (bills, unexpected expenses etc). However lately my right and left have been itching, any superstitions about both palms itching or both feet?

  6. Victoria at |

    My left ear has been having a coming and going itch for the last week :P


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