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  1. Teresa at |

    I really liked the article and find a lot of that to be true. I have had a lot of itching parts lately and some not so good, and it seems to all add up. I also blame my itchy ears for the wax buildup in my ears that I have to flush out now and then. LOL

  2. sindi at |

    Basically my top left ear has been itchy for a good hour? Do you know what that means?

  3. erin at |

    My dad always said that if your nose itches you’re going to have company. He grew up in the southern united states and that is what his grandmother told him.

  4. akbarali at |

    My right and left foot s rr itching moreover right is a lot from 8days so what should i expect

  5. Tiara at |

    I find your research true true from my research I live in the south and my great aunt says right Plame itching you’re getting money left palm itch you owe someone money OR FOR children you’re gonna get in trouble as far as the nose it’s right side a female wants to visit left a man wants to visit and in between a couple


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