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Amazing Animals of the World Pt. 4

Amazing Animals of the World Part 4

Alrighty folks, this is big number 4 in the Amazing Animals series from Odd Random Thoughts. There’s some real treats this week and I hope you all enjoy the line up. This week we’ll take a look at a vengeful oyster, a frozen squirrel, a turtle with a nice figure, squirting octopus and some special living keychains. Check these out, you’ll be amazed.

The Amazing Animals


The Vengeful Oysters

Oystercatcher birds are seen in many coastal areas throughout the world. Their specialty diet consists of many different things from small animals to bugs and earthworms. But one species of oystercatcher bird in particular, the rocky shore oystercatcher preys on oysters and muscles. Sometimes their catch winds up catching them though. When the oysters clamp down on the oystercatcher’s bill, they won’t let go until the bird has drowned. Talk about a backfire!


A Frozen Squirrel

The Arctic Ground Squirrel goes into a state of hibernation during the long Arctic winters. It’s body temperature will plummet below the freezing point of water down to 26.4° F. According to science, there isn’t another known mammal that can survive with a body temperature this low. Now that’s a cold squirrel.


A Turtle with a Nice Figure

Debbie Pearson of New Orleans, Louisiana cares for her pet turtle, but this is no ordinary turtle. When this turtle was a hatchling, it somehow crawled into a plastic ring from a milk jug. Well this ring was stuck on his shell and as the turtle grew, the ring caused the turtle to grow into a figure eight shape. So this turtle now has a nice hourglass figure, what a specimine!


The Squirting Octopus

An aquarium in England is home to a water squirting octopus. He has acquired the nickname “squirt” simply because he will purposely aim and squirt a stream of water at visitors. Evidently the octopus learned that by rising part of his body out of the water he would be able to look around and squirt water at folks. He found that he could do this by breathing out while raised above the water. This is normally all done under water as it’s how they breathe, by filtering water through their bodies and retrieving the oxygen from it. But instead of releasing the water through his tube back into the tank, he’s now squirting it at people!


Special Living Keychains

A roadside shop in Beijing, China is selling keychains, but not just any keychains. These keychains are bags with a special liquid inside that apparently will hold oxygen for a long period of time. But that’s not all that’s in the bags. They also have an assortment of live fish, tiny tortoises and young giant salamanders inside, wrapped up nice and neat and ready to attach your keys. The shop owner says the special liquid in the pouches contain all the oxygen and nutrients that the creatures will need to survive. Although there’s no mention of how long they will survive.


Here’s the Special Bonus Animal


The Scooter Riding Dog

A shaggy Briard dog named Norman has been riding a scooter since he was a little puppy. His owners, the Cobb family of Canton, Georgia, say he will balance on the scooter without any help and will ride with his front paws draped over the handlebars. He then pushes himself along with his hind leg. Norman has his own facebook page and some cool videos out on youtube! Check out the one below.


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    1. Wow, now that really amazing. It’s pretty cool seeing how they train those dogs. They are actually very smart and I suppose we’re all creatures of habit. Like the saying goes, “Practice makes Perfect” Thanks for Sharing that!

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