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The Beauty of the Underground World

Carlsbad Caverns (156 of 196) by marriedwithluggage, on Flickr
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Our planet is full of unexplained mysteries, bizarre landscape and natural creations. But one natural occurring wonder that has always fascinated me is the underground. I remember when I was a kid, my parents, sister and I all went to the Carlsbad caverns in New Mexico. It was the most fascinating thing I’d ever seen. Such beautiful underground landscapes made up of stalactites, stalagmites and ingenious natural creations created over millions of years.
This underground world is often referred to as the underworld by mythologies. This means “the shadowy spirit land of the dead”. But essentially it is just a vast system of caves, potholes, tunnels and subterranean lakes. Some of these areas have been mapped out, but the majority of it has yet to be discovered. Even though some of these underground networks go miles below the surface of the Earth, they are still very far from reaching the Earth’s core.

The Earth’s Interior

We’ve discussed a little bit about the Things Happening Under Our Noses in a post last month. But today we’ll focus on things happening inside the Earth. No one has ever been able to really discover much of what the Earth has to offer in it’s interior, it is simply too hot for us to reach it. But today computers have aided in simulating what it may be like.
A brilliant scientist by the name of Edmund Halley had successfully calculated the cycle of the brightest known comet. We all know which one that is, the Halley’s Comet of course. He also did studies on the Earth’s magnetic fields and he then realized that it’s direction would vary slightly.
Because of his discoveries, he formed a theory that the Earth was made up of four spheres that were present in layers throughout the core. Each one of these spheres were said to have their own magnetic field that would vary slightly from the other. He also concluded that in between these spheres were separate atmospheres made up of different gases. To me this is beginning to sound a bit like many planets being inside each other. These gases are believed to be the source of the auroras that are sometimes seen during the night.

Entrances to the Underworld

There is a belief that there may be two very large main entrances that lead into the Earth’s interior, one being at each magnetic pole. Of course that would be the North Pole and the South Pole. It’s said that aircraft are unable to detect these entrances because they would actually travel around the rims. I guess this has something to do with the fact the Earth is moving constantly and is rotating on a tilted axis. It is also possible the magnetic fields may disrupt their onboard compasses so they are unable to navigate directly over the center.
There a many other entrances that are said to exist, such as one behind the Himalaya mountains in Asia. There are also some thought to be in Yorkshire, England, the Matto Grosso region of Brazil, Australia, Egypt and also in Africa. These entrances are all supposed to be linked by a series of underground tunnels which are just as big of a secret as the entrances themselves.

What is Really Inside

Many theories suggest there are communities of spiritually enlightened people that are living inside the Earth. They are said to possess great wisdom and secrets of our planet and existence. Supposedly they are keeping this knowledge from us until the day we are capable of fully understanding the futility of war and violence. Possibly these communities consist of people that may of escaped the destruction of Atlantis and retreated to the inner working of our Planet as a place of refuge.
There is also the possibility of there being and underground universe from which alien spacecraft may emerge to patrol our planet. We discussed this possibility in my post Alien Life and UFOs, are They Out There. But the most logical explanation seems to be that there are one, maybe two suns within our planet. And a complex ecosystem may exist with lush vegetation with animals completely alien to the ones on the surface.
I suppose this will go into the files as unexplained along with many of the other mysteries of our planet. There it will remain until we have the technology to explore these regions that are currently unreachable. But one fact remains, our planet is home to many underground beauties that will simply amaze and bewilder the human mind. Hopefully one day we will discover it’s truth and will benefit from it’s offerings.
I’d love to hear of any other underground wonders any of you may of explored in the comments below.

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