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Talk about a Full House!

Photo not of Ziona Chana’s Actual House

The World’s Largest Family

Within the Indian state of Mizoram there’s a man by the name of Ziona Chana.  He’s 67 years old and head of the World’s Largest Family!

There’s currently 181 members of Chana’s family and it’s still growing!  The family consists of 39 Wives, 94 Children, 33 Grandchildren and 14 Daughters-in-law.  All of them live in a 4 story 100 room mansion.

Chana is said to of married 10 women in a single year.  They are part of a religious sect that allows the marriage to multiple wives, but seems he’s taken this lifestyle way to far in my opinion.

It’s said that he has up to 8 wives with him at all times to wait on him hand and foot, and all the wives are lead by the oldest wife, Zathiangi.  She has things organized with military precision and makes sure Chana has every need attended to.  All these wives have to rotate on a system to decide who will be sharing Chana’s bed for the night.

Their typical dinners consist of 30 chickens, peeling 132 lb of potatoes and boiling 220 lb or rice!  Can you imagine the dining room?  Their house has it’s own school and even a vegetable garden large enough to feed everyone in the family.

I can’t comprehend the thought process that would go along with having 2 wives, much less 39!  So I guess if you’re looking for a place to start a football team, then head on over to the Indian state of Mizoram, I’m sure they’d be ready to oblige.

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4 thoughts on “Talk about a Full House!
  1. This is incredible! How does he find the time. Seems like he really lucked out when he chose his first wife.
    What will he do if he needs a Family law attorney?

  2. I agree Gary, I can’t imagine how he finds time to deal with all that. He would definitely need a good attorney if the divorces started happening! lol

  3. Wow that is unbelievable, just thinking about that dinner on the table is making me a hungry man!

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