Superstitions of the Lucky Four Leaf Clover

Superstitions of the Lucky Four Leaf Clover

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Of course in my Library of Superstitions, I must have superstitions of the lucky four leaf clover. Many people realize that the four leaf clover is a lucky symbol and to find one is an amazing stroke of good luck.

But do we know why we think that? Personally every time I see a batch of clovers I instantly start looking for one with four leaves. So let’s go over the superstitions associated with them and discover exactly why we’ve been molded to believe they’re lucky.

Luck of a Four Leaf Clover

According to superstitions, finding a four leaf clover means the person who found it will meet his or her future lover that very day. And you can double your chances of this happening by giving it to someone else.

Four Leaf Clover Superstitions

Four leaf clovers are said  to only grow where a mare has foaled. The four leaves are symbols of wealth, good health, fame and a faithful partner.

They are said to offer protection from witchcraft, but even more amazing, superstitions say, if a young man finds a four leaf clover, it will prevent him from being drafted into the armed forces.

Anyone wearing one will be lucked with the ability to see Fairies. Personally I think I would freak out if I was seeing fairies, anyway…

Lucky Clovers with Two and Five Leafs

Superstitions of the Two Leaf Clover

Many superstitions involve young girls wearing a two leaf clover (that’s right, two leaf clover), in their right shoe. This is supposed to guarantee they will marry the first man that they meet. If not the first man, than at least a man bearing the same name.

Superstitions of the Five Leaf Clover

The five leaf clover is not nearly as famous as the four leaf clover, but it does have some superstitious beliefs.

Some believe finding a five leaf clover will bring great riches, while others believe they will bring terrible illness, unless they are given away immediately.

Other Theories

Certain authorities have actually traced the four leaf clover back to biblical times. How they did that I don’t know. But they say when Eve was cast out of Paradise, she stole one on her way out.

Of course we can’t leave out what herbalists think of the four leaf clover. Some believe concocting potions out of them will create an amazing skin treatment.

There’s actually a great wikihow guide on How to Find a Four Leaf Clover that can help you discover this lucky icon. That just goes to show you how popular these things are.

Have you found luck by finding a four leaf clover? Tell us your story in the comments below…

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  1. I was outside and i start walking off my deck in my garden and not before my very eyes i see a four leaf clover, i must say i have a long history of being unlucky(wrong place wrong time sydrome), i have allway wished to find one, now that i have i feel i must protect it other than it protect me.

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