Is it Bad Luck to Open an Umbrella Inside?

Opening Umbrella Inside
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Out of all the superstitions I have here at Odd Random Thoughts, I just realized I have not covered the one about opening an umbrella inside. This is an extremely popular superstition and I have heard this one over and over all my life. So the real question is, “is it bad luck to open an umbrella inside?” Let’s discuss…

The opening of an umbrella indoors is very taboo. Doing so will bring bad luck, not only to the person opening it, but everyone else in the household as well. It is believed that opening an umbrella inside is ok just as long as it is not raised above the head.

Origin of the Superstition – Opening an Umbrella Indoors

Though the exact origin of this superstition is not exactly known, there are some logical sources that may be to blame. In the Far East, royalty were among the elite few that were even allowed to use umbrellas. This alone would give the use of an umbrella a sense of taboo to anyone who was without a high political status. They would use umbrella-like sunshades to shield them from the sun. It was a status symbol of sorts. In England the use of umbrellas were not widely adopted until the late eighteenth century.

The connection between the original sunshades of the East and the Sun has evolved into what it is today. The suggestion that opening an umbrella anywhere the sun’s rays did not fall became an unlucky thing. Doing so may offend the sun which in turn would bring you terrible bad luck. This explains even further how this umbrella superstition has evolved over the years.

I personally believe that umbrellas being the large obtrusive objects they are have contributed to their sense of being a bad omen. Opening an umbrella indoors, especially in a tight space is just asking for trouble. They are large and it’s quite hard to see past them once they are open, so the possibility of them hitting something in the house is very high. I’m sure many expensive decorative items in someone’s house have been broken due to opening an umbrella indoors. This alone is enough to keep this superstition alive over the years.

Interestingly, I discovered during my research there is also a NATIONAL OPEN AN UMBRELLA INDOORS DAY – March 13

Personally I’m not sure if I’d advise abiding by this holiday, sounds like asking for trouble to me lol. But it seems it is more of an experiment, of which I will not be volunteering!

Other Superstitious Beliefs about Umbrellas

Opening an umbrella outdoors when there is pleasant weather can be considered good or bad luck, depending on how you look at it. Because doing so is said to bring about rain.

Other superstitions state you should never lay an umbrella on a bed or table, and if you drop an umbrella, it should always be picked up by someone other than yourself.

If an unmarried woman drops her umbrella, she should be especially cautious. If she picks up the umbrella herself, then she may never find a husband.

The giving of an umbrella is considered to be bad luck, so if you’re considering buying that special someone an umbrella, then maybe you should leave that purchase up to them instead!

Sailors also find umbrellas to be bad luck. Most will forbid them from being brought onboard their ship, especially if the umbrella is black.

How to Avoid Bad Luck if you Open an Umbrella Inside

Well, as you can see the superstition of opening an umbrella inside is pretty straight forward. There are not a whole lot of circumstances surrounding it, but that only makes the rules easier to follow.

  • Do not open an umbrella unless the sun’s rays can fall on it.
  • Do not open an umbrella outside if the weather is pleasant.
  • Do not lay an umbrella on a table or bed.
  • If you drop an umbrella let someone else pick it up.
  • An unmarried woman should never pick up her own umbrella if dropped.
  • If you are a sailor, don’t allow umbrellas onboard your ship.

I am sure if you dig deep enough there will be other umbrella superstitions worth looking out for, to go with these mentioned. But as long as you follow these major ones, you will definitely decrease the possibility of bad luck coming your way.

If you love superstitions like I do, then you need to check out all the ones I’ve talked about previously. I have a Series of Superstitions with some pretty interesting stuff. It’s always good to be prepared for any bad luck trying to get into your life!

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