Skyquakes Another Unexplained Phenomena of the Earth

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Skyquakes have been a fairly well known phenomenon for quite some time. In fact the all famous Lewis and Clark expedition was witness to such an Earthly oddity on July 4, 1808 while exploring the Rocky Mountains.

Skyquakes are quite similar to Earthquakes except they seem to come out of no where and sound much like muffled thunder or have even been described as cannon fire. Most skyquake witnesses report that it’s most definitely not an earthquake, but seems to come out of the sky.

Skyquakes and the Lewis and Clark Experience

The Lewis and Clark expedition made a record of hearing these bizarre skyquakes in their journal, let’s take a look at some of that entry.

Since our arrival at the Falls we have repeatedly heard a strange noise coming from the mountains in a direction a little to the north of west. It is heard at different periods of the day and night, sometimes when the air is perfectly still and without a cloud, and consists of one stroke only, or five or six discharges in quick succession. It is loud, and resembles precisely the sound of a six pound piece of ordnance at the distance of three miles.

Is it possible they were actually hearing blasting or miners searching for gold and silver? During that time such things were quite common as the new world was being envisioned. Or was this some other phenomena that was not fully understood by science.

The Origin of Skyquakes

Many people have attributed these skyquakes to be of an alien origin. Some writers speculate these bizarre sounds are linked to UFOs or parallel universes. The most popular experiences to skyquakes are the Barisal Guns of India and the Moodus Noises of Connecticut. Although these skyquakes have been noted all over the world and by totally unrelated sources.

There has always been much confusion as to the source of these skyquakes or from what source they originate. Seemingly coming from the air. But science seems to suggest these are by products of earthquakes and seismic activity, saying the sounds are emanating from underground. Basically an echo from activity that started underground.

Although scientists speculate these skyquakes are related to earthquakes, they can not explain why the noises are heard in some places and not others. A while back we discussed Strange Phenomenons of Fire and Light where we covered a section on ball lightning, could these two be related in some way?

Skyquakes Researched

The Weston Observatory of Boston College has been monitoring earthquakes since 1981 and has collected a large amount of data on this unusual phenomenon. Hopefully one day soon we will discover the true origin of the skyquakes and what is causing them.

But until that time comes, skyquakes will remain a mystery of the unexplained.

Have you ever witnessed loud booms coming from the sky and believe you’ve witnessed a skyquake? Tell us your story in the comments below.

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20 thoughts on “Skyquakes Another Unexplained Phenomena of the Earth
  1. Earth is a vast planet and many of its activities are still unexplained. One such unexplained phenomenon is skyquakes.

    1. Quite right Quinn, we have actually only discovered a small portion of the phenomena that this Earth holds. I suppose some things we simply weren’t meant to understand.

    2. I live in a rural small town, and the whole town was buzzing last night at 8:20 pm, when a terrific, boom, like a giant hammer hitting the side of my house was heard. It was heard all over town. Just the one bang, then soon after gale force winds started blowing and blew all night.
      It had been unusually cloudy all day with thick heavy clouds. But not hot by any means, in fact we had snow through the night. all in all very odd weather.Which I feel was connected some how to the boom.

      1. It’s very possible Iceni. Do you think the cloud cover was meant to hide something in the sky? If not alien tech, there’s always the possibility of government weather alterations. In fact seeding clouds is something that’s been on the “books” for quite some time. Very interesting to hear about your experience, thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Very interesting post! Many times I show this kind of cloud on the sky. Now i know that its called skyquakes. I think skyqukes related with our change of earth earth like weather, earthquake etc.

    1. Hi Arun and thanks for stopping by.
      Just to avoid any confusion let me clarify something from your comment. The photo attacked to this post is not necessarily related to the subject of skyquakes. It is just a cool photo I thought complimented the post.

      That being said, to the best of my knowledge skyquakes do not produce any certain type of clouds in the sky. But they have been heard all over the world by many reputable witnesses, what causes them is still but a mystery.

  3. A very intriguing article. I’ve never really heard of sky quakes before. Thanks for this article.

    1. You’re welcome Rahat, skyquakes aren’t that well known, but science is aware of them and the studies are still being done to find out exactly what they are and what causes them.

  4. The photo, rather than being “cool” is another disturbing phenomena called “chemtrails.” As to alien activity causing skyquakes, please consider that sometimes the simple explanation is the real one. Alien craft have bwen observed increasing since the 50’s. Google the “Disclosure project”

    1. Hey Megan, thanks for stopping by to leave your thoughts.

      Yah the picture wasn’t intended to represent a skyquake, it was just a, as you put it, “cool” photo of the sky and seemed to go along nicely.

      I am familiar with the Disclosure Project…the thing that concerns me as with any project of this nature is just how much information we will be allowed to hear. There’s always another conspiracy hiding behind every conspiracy don’t ya know 😀

  5. Hi Robert! Sherri from Louisiana here. My question is does a sky quake leave a debris field on a weather radar map? We experienced a very loud boom that shook our home just this past Monday, Oct 13, 2014. As if yet, it has not been identified, but it did leave a track able debris field on weather radar maps that was tracked almost 2 hours. However, there is nothing in the area to show any explosion or any thing out if the ordinary. This me completely fascinated now. Thx for this story on sky quakes.

    1. Hi Sherri, and thanks for commenting on the discussion.

      To the best of my knowledge, sky quakes do not leave any sort of debris field in their wake. I believe they are a sort of daytime thunder if you will. Probably a combination of static charges in the atmosphere.

      As far as your experience, that is quite interesting and if I were you I would definitely be looking into it further, or at least keep up with the current info. Did they say how far up the debris field was in the atmosphere? Very interesting indeed.

  6. Yes, they said the debris cloud was 1,000-1,500 feet in the air. I’ve been following every thing I can find on it and so far there is no explanation for it. The National Wearher Service says it’s a debris cloud, a local meterogist says it was a sudden storm that didn’t dissiputate right away. It’s very odd n I hope were able to find out what really happened. They’ve ruled out many things including the secret airplane that landed in CA at the end of that week. If we ever learn what it was, I will come back n leave a post. I’m also interested to know what your thoughts might be on this! Thx!

    1. Thanks for the follow up Sherri. This is quite interesting and this is the kind of thing I hope my readers to bring to my attention. This kind of stuff is fascinating and deserves research. More times than not it’s the outside views looking in that make the biggest discoveries. So keep at it and if you come across any more information on the subject, by all means please leave us further updates. I will do some digging as well and see what I can come up with.

      Best Regards…

  7. Since moving out to Manila,CA . I have heard the skyquakes, it has woken my family and I up many times, just like tonight at 8:10pm. Can’t get much sleep at night, once you hear the first one, normally there is a second one, some times 20mins later or an hour. Its startling when your deep in sleep and it comes out of no where

    1. Gosh I can only imagine JC. That sounds very disturbing. It seems these skyquakes are a pretty regular occurrence in your area. Is there any information or explanation given to the public via your local resource departments?

  8. This happened to me last night in New Bedford, MA. I live about 1/8 of the mile from the ocean. It happened at about 12:30am and happened 3 times total about 3-5 minutes apart each time. It actually made me jump up in bed. I thought it was a cannon going off and googles it and sky quake came up. I’ve never even heard of this pneumonon and this is the first time I’ve experienced it.

  9. I work 3rd shift for a Co located in Kansas City Kansas. We’ve been hearing these mytery booms foLongviewr a few weeks , all night. These booms are going of literly, every 3-5 mins. They sound like some sort of demolition explosives. The booms seem to come from the North West and some also seem to have a rumbling after shock. I was able to get the noise on recording

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