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Are You Addicted to CARMEX, ChapStick and Lip Balms

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If you’ve ever used CARMEX, ChapStick or other lip balms such as Blistex or Vaseline, then you’ve probably heard this Urban Myth before. “Don’t use that all the time or your lips will become addicted to it.

Although this may sound absurd, there may be a bit of truth to it. CARMEX has always been the center of this “warning of addiciton” but when one’s to blame, eventually they all are.

Who Invented CARMEX

Carmex is a mentholated jelly that you can find in most any supermarket or convenience store, it comes in a little white jar with that distinctive yellow lid. The jar itself hasn’t really changed a bit since it was first invented in 1937 by Alfred Woelbing of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

Alfred Woelbing was a retired department store buyer who had a vision. When he first started creating his Carmex he mixed up a batch on a hot plate in his basement. Now that sounds really sterile doesn’t it? Hopefully he cleaned off last nights steak before mixing up our lip balm…lol

What’s even more amazing is that even after they started to sell quite a bit of this stuff, he and his family were still mixing Carmex in their kitchen. After mixing up a batch and packaging it, they would load it up in the car and take it around selling it. That’s right, they were selling Carmex right out of their car, no need for marketing there.

Even to this very day, Carmex doesn’t spend any money on advertising except for the $10 a year spent on Alfred’s CARMEX vanity plate. Alfred Woelbing, the inventor of Carmex died in 2001, but his legacy lives on. This wonder products medicinal odor and lip soothing properties travel and advertise for themselves via word of mouth from it’s loyal customers.

Are CARMEX, ChapStick and Lip Balms Addictive

But the real story here is, are these medicated lip balms really addictive? The saying goes, “If you keep using that, you’ll become addicted“. Is there any truth to that? Well there may be, but probably not as you expected.

Many people believe that the loyal customer base to these lip balms is due to their addictive properties. Carmex for instance was believed to be spiked with acid and ground up fiberglass in order to create a dependency for its product.

Although these claims aren’t all that hard to believe, there has actually never been any evidence to support these accusations. There is a form of acid in Carmex, but it is salicylic acid, and this stuff is used in tons of different beauty products that have saturated the market place.

Lip Balm Anonymous

Just like any other hyped exposure, these things are usually taken to their limits. The myth of being addicted to Carmex and other lip balms is not exception.

In 1995, Kevin Crossman created a website which was a 12 step program for lip balm addicts. His site is called Lip Balm Anonymous and it’s still going strong today, check it out if you get a chance. This site gets millions of visitors whether they are seriously needing help or just to see something different. But Kevin started this site apparently for helping himself with his own ChapStick “problem”.

ChapStick Lip Balms
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What the Experts Say about Lip Balms

According to research, Carmex and lip balms do contain ingredients that may irritate the lips in folks that have sensitive skin, if overused of course. Things such as fragrances, camphor or menthol all have the potential to do this. But the truth of the matter is that the lip balm products themselves are not actually addictive.

There are special cases where a psychological addiction may occur if the person is already stricken with an addictive personality. The types of people that are generally fidgety or carry nervous habits like biting on fingernails or pencils. But if you’re not the compulsive type of person, then have nothing to fear.

Just remember, only use these products when you truly need them and you shouldn’t see any problems.

Do you or someone you know have an addiction to Carmex or Lip Balms? Share your story in the comments below.

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