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Now this is really bizarre.  During World War I there was a soldier serving in the British Army by the name of Alfred Arthur, 19 years old.  He mailed a letter to his Sister Ellen to let her know how he was and that he was still alive.  Now keep in mind, this was a war he was in, so communication with your loved ones would be extremely important in my opinion.

Well, thanks to the lovely mail system, that letter didn’t arrive until the year 2010, that’s 94 years later!  Needless to say it arrived after both he and his sister were both deceased.  But evidently with the help of genealogists, the mail has been forwarded to members of the family.

Well, thank goodness for that, at least everyone knows now that Alfred is ok!  Uggg, this is just amazing, I don’t understand how this could happen, but I guess you have to hand it to the mail system for the fact that the mail was delivered!

Yep folks, this is indeed a true event.

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