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Mister Balloon Butt

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More commonly known as Balloon Man

There’s a truck driver from New Zealand by the name of Steven McCormack, 48 years old, that had a freak accident with an air line on his truck.

Steven was pierced in his left buttock with the nozzle and his body inflated three times it’s normal size!  He was working on his truck at Opotiki during May of 2011 when he slipped wetween the cab and trailer.  When he fell, he broke lose the air hose that supplies air for his braking system.  The nozzle then pierced his left buttock releasing compressed air into his body.  The air rushed in at 100 lb. per square inch, that’s quite a lot of pressure.

He was screaming from fear as his hands, feet and neck all swelled up instantly from the compressed air.  He was quite scared he was sure to explode but all he could do is just lay there as he filled with air.

His fellow workers rushed over to help him, after breaking him free from the air line they rushed him to the hospital.  His lungs were drained and they used a surgical drill to clear the wound in his butt.  He was left with a hole about 1 inch wide and 2 inches deep.  Doctors say they were quite surprised that his skin didn’t rupture during the incident!

Now folks I can’t even imagine how I would handle a situation like that.  But I guarantee you I would be yanking that hose out of my butt as quickly as possible.  I’m left here wondering if he has any sagging skin issues because of this.

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