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Is Your Life Consumed by Social Networking?

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So I think it’s safe to say that nearly anyone that has internet access has had some sort of experience with social networks.  Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn or any number of other options available for keeping in touch.  But, do you feel like your life is being consumed by social networking?

Benefits of Social Networking

As you can see, I’m an active member of Facebook, Twitter and Google +.  This helps me to reach out to other areas of the interwebz so that I may connect with others and share my blog.  Not only that, but I am able to give updates of new articles and posts as they come available.  I find that it’s a great way to reach potential visitors thus creating a larger circle of participants.  I love to not only share my views concerning a wide variety of topics, but I also like feedback and to hear the opinions of others as well.  Social Networking helps me in accomplishing this.


Social Networking has very quickly become a great outlet to connect for many site owners.  There is a huge majority of sites, blogs, stores etc. on the web that utilize it for connecting with others.  But, Social Networking is not only that sort of tool.  It is also a means for personal use, to keep in touch with friends, family, clients and a place to meet new folks to engage with.  That’s all well and fine, but for some, it’s become a whirlwind of interaction that simply consumes their every action and thought.


Is there a Problem?

Some classify this as a Social Networking Addiction, or maybe you’ve heard the term Internet Addiction Disorder.  Now listen folks, these are very real disorders and they actually have treatment and supports groups available. For those that feel they have an uncontrollable desire to either be communicating via a social network, or that constantly have to be in front of the computer, this may apply to you.


Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not here to judge anyone or point any fingers.  I’m just discussing the facts here, it’s up to you to decide if you fit into this category or not.  But this post isn’t about finding treatment or trying to turn anyone away from their internet connections.  I just find it quite interesting as it’s fast becoming more and more common the amount of people that are actually on these social networks.  Just think back a few years ago.  These social sites haven’t really been around that long and they have connected millions, if not billions of people world wide.  It swept over the globe almost over night.


 Some Statistics on Social Network Usage

There are some folks out there that document their every move, for instance, on Facebook.  I personally don’t care when someone goes to take a crap, or where they’re eating at that particular time.  But there are some that insist on telling the world what they are doing at every waking moment.  Personally I don’t think it’s safe to document your every move.  What if someone were planning to rob you or something.  They’d know exactly either where you were, or where you weren’t.  Just seem a little careless to me. Sometimes people post even during their sleep.  There are apps and stuff out there that will auto post stuff for you even if you’re not around.


There was a recent study done combining 24 of the most popular social networks to find the age distribution that were using them.  According to this study, 26% of users were between the ages 25-34, 25% between 35-44.  That’s over half  the users showing to be between the ages of 25-44.  That is actually surprising to me, I would of thought that a greater percentage would of been teenagers.  But in actuality on 5% of the users were under the age of 17.  The study went further to show what social network users 35+ were using.  Being 55% on Twitter, 63% on Pinterest, 65% on Facebook and a whopping 79% were on LinkedIn.


Sharing Some Thoughts on the Subject

I think social networking is excellent for connecting with long distance relatives or friends.  You can share things that are going on in your life and share photos and videos.  These sites make it a breeze to keep in touch.  But have you ever been sitting in a restaurant and notice just how many people are sitting there staring at their phones?  It’s almost like people have forgotten how to talk to each other.  They would rather sit in a booth, with someone sitting across the table from them, and make posts to their social networks rather than carry on a conversation with that person.


Please don’t take this the wrong way, I don’t want to sound hypocritical considering this is posted on the internet…lol  But I’m talking about severe dedication to these social networks and being totally consumed.  Not just the average person checking up on it a few times a day.


Maybe I’m a little old fashioned and I need to catch up with the times, but it just seems a little out of control to me.  Is this just simply the direction the world is meant to be going?  Is it like those Sci-Fi movies where everything is digital and holograms everywhere?  Or do any of you think it’s getting a bit out of control?  Do you have a loved one that is paying more attention to their phone or computer than you?  I would love to hear your opinions and views on these questions, feel free to comment and tell my what you think.  And of course, feel free to share this post with your favorite social network. 🙂

I found this reference, they say a picture is worth 1,000 words. These photos on Albert Einstein’s Biggest Fears describe this post perfectly, you must check them out!

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35 thoughts on “Is Your Life Consumed by Social Networking?
  1. A nice saying “excess of everything is bad”, social networking sites can adversely affect our real lives if overused. These sites can be great source of knowledge and interaction if use properly.


    1. I agree totally Subha. Social networking is a great resource if used properly. It’s when you start telling the world your every move that it becomes dangerous. For instance, if you go on vacation and tell social networking that you and your family are gone. Then this may potentially become an open invitation for intruders to invade your home. Just have to use common sense.

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