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Do We Really Have to Wear Socks?

So I was sitting here thinking as usual, and socks came to mind. It’s so weird if you really think about it that we wear these things through most of the day. They come in all shapes and sizes, different materials, colors, anything you can imagine. There’s even designer sock that may cost you a pretty penny.
The comparison I’ve pondered up is between us and other mammals on the planet. We are the only mammals on the whole planet that wear socks! You don’t see a bear running around in a nice low cut pair of socks. So why is it that we have to have them? The normal things come to mind when that question is asked. They help protect our feet, keep them warm, prevent our feet from getting blisters while wearing shoes… The list goes on and on.
But I believe that because of socks is the reason we have to wear them. Does that make Photo of Dirty and Clean Sockssense? What I mean is, since we started wearing socks, our feet have become accustomed to having this nice fluffy, warm, protective covering on them. So this has caused our feet to become sensitive to the elements. Soooo, socks are the whole reason we have to wear them. Shame on those socks!
If we weren’t used to wearing socks, just think about where we would be. We would be able to run freely through the woods or sticker patch without it phasing us at all. Our feet would be so tough nothing would bother them. In fact we might have so much callous built up that we could possible wear metal people shoes, similar to horse shoes. You could just nail those puppies right on. But then that would defeat the purpose of not wearing socks and we’d be talking about why we wear metal shoes right now. humm.
So how do you decide on what kind of socks you want to wear? Everyone has their preference and it may range from long tube socks, to short ankle socks with the little puffy balls in the back. There is an endless amount of color combinations and patterns to chose from, it’s almost worse than picking out the days outfit trying to decide what socks to wear. But the thing is, once you’ve established your favorite, you’re pretty much stuck with it for life.
Personally I like crew socks, the white ones. The ones I prefer have a heel in them, unlike a tube sock. But they slip on real easy and aren’t to high up the leg, but aren’t down around my ankles either. Those little short ones always wind up slipping down into my shoes, can’t stand em!
I just now started thinking, that maybe the whole reason I wear socks is so I can feel that great relief after taking them off. There’s no better feeling than pulling off that pair of socks after a long day’s work. I can almost hear it right now, that velcro sound when they come unstuck from your feet! Then the fresh air hits your feet and you can almost hear them taking in a deep breath.
There’s kind of some irony to all this though. Athletes foot and other types of foot fungus I believe are started due to your feet sweating and not being able to breathe properly. Now that sounds like the work of a sock to me. So you have to sort of weigh out the goods and bads and make a decision. Are socks right for you? If I could go barefoot all the time I would, but I don’t think the folks at my work would dig that too much. Who knows, I might be able to start a trend.
Oh well, If you can think of some other unusual reasons why you should or shouldn’t wear socks, I’m excited to hear them.. leave me a comment!

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28 thoughts on “Do We Really Have to Wear Socks?
    1. 😀 Thanks for reading, and I’m glad it made you smile. I was in a very odd mood that day! lol

  1. Very cool addition to the discussion. I like to hear other people’s view on wearing socks. To me they are quite bothersome, but a necessity none the less.

    Thanks for dropping in on us.

    1. Excellent point of view there Stickers! That’s pretty much what they are I suppose. Thanks a bunch for stopping by and leaving us your views! 😀

      1. Thanks for having me. I had a great time reading through your site today. I would love to contribute a story or article, but I’ll have to come up with one!

        1. The door is always open. If you come up with some strange and unique ideas that you’d like to share with everyone I’d be honored to publish it.

          When you’re ready just check out the Apply to Become a Contributor page and we’ll get you set up! 🙂

  2. I have never wore socks! I hate them they are the most uncomfortable piece of material ever invented!

  3. Hey it might be because you are a woman. No not for the sex/gender in itself, of course but because culturally speaking and for the clothing choices you are more likely to wear shoes without socks, especially having a much wider range of sandals or lightweight closed toe shoes which can comfortably be worn barefoot, so of course you are likely much more used to not wearing socks.
    But even so, are you sure, cold weather or boots or heavy non traspirating shoes, you’d better wear them and f*ck the fashion, but of course that’s not my business, but I wonder how some people, some males included, could do that.
    On the other hand we mainly only not use socks with sandals and loafers/mocs and shorts, and personally not even every time, with the latter ones, that’s because us men introject gender norms(of which personally I’m very critical, but the surrounding influence is there) for which we are more covered.
    To the Op, but as we get used to no socks we also stop sweating as much? Because I have nothing against them, they can be stylish, but sometimes they annoy me, especially on summer, when they cease their main function of protecting from cold and become just a habit :D.
    Thanks so much to both.

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