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Chocolate and Pimples a Marriage Made in Heaven

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Ok folks, I don’t mean to poke fun, but you have to admit, that photo was too good to pass up. After all this is Odd Random Thoughts. But I do have something to contribute as far as helping those that suffer from acne. Remember folks it is a serious condition and can be treated.
Those of you with pimples, also known as acne, do you try to leave chocolate out of your diet? Have you been told that eating chocolate will give you pimples? I’m hoping this article will help clear up, no pun intended, some of the rumors surrounding pimples and foods that can make it worse.
I remember as a kid I would get the occasional pimple or zit here and there. But I never suffered from it on a grand scale. Although many kids I went to school with had it pretty bad. It isn’t something that happens to everyone and some may never get a pimple during their entire lives. So why is that? Is it just picking on a select few? Let’s figure this out, how bout it?

What Does Not Cause Pimples (Acne)

So before we get into what acne is and exactly what may cause you to get pimples, let’s take a quick look at some of the rumors surrounding them.
There have always been rumors surrounding the eating of chocolate and it causing zits. But in all actuality there is no evidence what so ever to support the myth. There was a recent meta-analysis done that combined results from twenty one different observational studies and six clinical trials. Not one of these studies found a link between the eating of chocolate and acne.
Further more, no link was discovered between acne and greasy food like burgers and fries. Although these things aren’t the best things to eat for a well balanced diet, there still wasn’t any evidence to suggest they would cause pimples.

What May Cause Pimples (Acne)

So far the information I’ve uncovered during my research has been the complete opposite of what I would have thought was accurate. Like many of you, I believed that greasy foods and chocolate were all potentiators of a bad complexion. So what does actually cause us to get acne?
During the above mentioned studies they did come to realize that there was a link between cow’s milk and acne. Also foods with a high glycemic index like highly refined bread and cereals may cause pimples. Where as chocolate has a low glycemic index…interesting huh?
So the evidence is suggesting that the main cause for acne is not ones diet, but their hormones. During adolescence, our bodies produce an abundance of the hormone androgen. One of the effects of androgen is to stimulate our sebaceous glands. This causes them to produce more sebum thus growing in size. The pimples form when our hair follicles begin to get blocked with dead skin. This causes the sebum to build up behind the plug.
So it seems that foods with a high glycemic index can contribute to the production of these chemicals. Studies show that 96% of teenagers will get pimples at some point and in severe cases, it may continue into their adult lives. The most important factor in all this is genetics. We inherit the skin type of our parents, this is why acne seemingly runs in the family of most sufferers.

A Few Tips to Treating Pimples

So although most causes are due to genetics and chemical production in the body, there are still some things you can do to help prevent it. Getting rid of dead skin and dirt is probably the best thing you can do to help prevent pimples.

1. Cleaning your face real good with a facial cleanser may help remove dirt and dead skin buildup.  It is not recommended to scrub too harshly this may irritate your skin further.

2. If you are using an acne product, you may want to use a moisturizing gel, be sure to moisten your skin with water before applying the gel.

3. If you are a woman and wish to wear makeup, then use as little as possible, makeup may prevent your skin from breathing properly and can make things worse.

4. Most importantly do not pick at or pop your pimples, this can cause them to spread and may possibly lead to scarring.

Well, personally I wish pimples would just disappear form the earth, but they are an unfortunate part of life for some. But if you have a severe case it may be a good idea to visit a dermatologist to get an opinion on the best way to treat your condition. Anyway, here’s to healthy skin, and if anyone has any good tips or remedies to add to the discussion, I urge you to comment below…

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13 thoughts on “Chocolate and Pimples a Marriage Made in Heaven
  1. There are some serious acne medicines available and worth getting. The biggest mistake: thinking acne will stop on its own.

    1. You’re definitely right about that. If left unattended, acne will only get worse. Another bad thing to do is to be touching, poking and popping at your face. That will lead to some massive scarring. That’s something you will regret the rest of your life.

  2. Thanks for the advice, I have only been of age spots, now they are not only my girl. I’ll have to recommend her advice))

    1. Thanks for the comment Ydarnic, I do hope there’s a little bit of helpful advice that may make a difference. There are so many over the counter remedies these days it’s hard to find ones that really work. I’m a firm believer in keeping the skin clean first and foremost.

  3. I have my friend who is very clean always and used all sort of creams yet no improvement…. So what actually do you think, reason for her pimple

    1. Well Kathy it could be due to any number of factors. Genetics can actually play the biggest part in all that. But there are other things that play a big role as well. Such as stress, diet and even the chemical make up of each individuals body.

      If your friends case is very severe then I would suggest a visit to the dermatologist, she may need special treatment.

    1. Hey thanks Nick, I thought it was pretty funny. Not that acne is funny, but you know…

      Anyway, pretty cool blog you’ve got going on there, it’s definitely relevant to this post!

      Anyone reading this post may want to check out nicks blog How to Control Acne

  4. Interestting facts about acne or pimples.i want to ask one thing as why acne most appears in teen agers as i saw the most,may be beacuase of their blood stream.
    i live in pakistan where we said such food in our language as heat producing in our body such beef meat,eggs,dry food,choclate,fried products etc.
    i am also a victim of such problem,so i avoid these foods as far as possible,but only some intake in winter season.

    1. Well, the main reason acne is more commonly found on teenagers is because during puberty, there is a raised level of sebum. Sebum is an oily substance that help protect the skin. While a teenager goes through puberty there will be excessive amounts of sebum released which can clog up hair follicles. Then dead skin gets trapped in there as well which can cause bacteria to form. All this combined and you have more acne and pimples being formed. Hope this helps shed some light on your question.

    1. Well Suzan, dairy products have produced adverse reactions during testing phases where acne is concerned, especially with products with a high glycemic index. But the majority of studies have shown that what you eat isn’t entirely responsible for these skin conditions. Hormones and genetics also play a huge role in determining whether or not you will develop pimples. This is normally something more common in younger folks. If you are in your upper teens to early twenties, then this could still be a problem. But the good news is that it will eventually go away if you clean your skin properly. Check out the tips I wrote in the post. Hope this helps…

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