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  1. Jessica Dawley at |

    hopscotch was my favorite game as a kid. i’m a professional poker player today so you can say I like games…

    thank you for sharing.

  2. Rummy Circle at |

    Ah. Nostalgic!

    Well my 6 year old does make me play some of those games! :-) … so in tune with that market! ;-))

  3. abdelrhman at |

    Great topic it was a fantastic days i lived i hope it come back again and again .. Thanks for sharing Robert

  4. blind donegal at |

    I am amazed. It reminds me my past life of childhood. It was awesome time. I won’t ever get back that life. I like it very much. This website contains really incredible. I like it very much.

  5. lucid dreaming at |

    this post has made me very nostalgic. Hide n seek, kite flying, singing games, those were the golden days.

  6. cool rick at |

    Riding bikes, fishing, throwing frisbees and footballs, playing Marco Polo with friends in the neighbor’s pool, exploring, reading a book in the treehouse with your cat… One went out and engaged with the world and became self-confident. It seems nowadays kids sit staring at glowing screens in dazed isolation. Just my opinion.

  7. abhishek at |

    Hide N Seek was my favorite games that i used to play with my friends and my brothers and sisters :).Never got tired of playing this one :D

  8. Rahul at |

    these games are amazing i’ve never heard of them.Flying kite is really amazing.

  9. Chloe Bergman at |

    The old traditional games can provide valuable life lessons too. Trust, honesty, integrity, competitive spirit, and friendship are all skills which can be developed through games. Mention the word games to a child nowadays and it will invariably mean turning the XBox or PS3 on. But I think that it is also symptomatic of the world we live in nowadays, where parents feel it is safer for their children to play indoors.

  10. saintfrenzy
    saintfrenzy at |

    Lots of old games which we had loved to play are forgotten as time went on. Nowadays, most of young people would like to play games for fun. And my brother’s wish is owning a gaming laptop with high performance.


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