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10 Marvelous Uses for Duct Tape

Leopard Print Duct Tape by edenpictures, on Flickr
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This is probably something you don’t think about every day…Duct Tape. Yep, this stuff is magical and can be used for so many household chores and quick fixes. I did an article back in November titled A World without Glues, Epoxies and Adhesives and I talked about exactly what the title says.
We took a trip down imagination lane to discover what the world would be like without any glues, epoxies or adhesives. It was quickly discovered that the world would be a sad place without these magnificent bonding agents.
So in this article we’re going to ponder that same thought, but let’s think about duct tape instead. This may not be something everyone uses all the time, but it should be. Have you ever watched the show McGyver? Well, let me tell you, duct tape was his best friend. With a piece of chewing gum, a tooth pick and a roll of duct tape, McGyver could quickly create a torpedo in a matter of seconds. LOL, well that may be an exaggeration, but he did use it for just about everything!

Positive Properties of Duct Tape

Duct tape can be used in the household for anything from keeping the wooden handle of an old shovel from getting splinters in your hand, to fixing a leaky garden hose. You could even mend a rubber boot or put a patch on that old muffler that’s making too much noise, so you can pass inspection.


This miracle product is arguably the most versatile stuff ever introduced to man. Anything that would require a patch, seam, seal, joint, hinge, wrap or grip can be done with duct tape. Not to mention how cheap this stuff is. It’s also super easy to cut and work with and it’s extremely sticky. But if all these great attributes weren’t enough, then we may mention the strength of this stuff. Duct tape is super strong, flexible, water resistant and it will stick to just about anything. If it’s wood, plastic, leather, fabric, metal, fiberglass or asphalt, then duct tape will adhere!


So now that we’ve thoroughly covered all the positive aspects of this amazing product, let’s go to our 10 Marvelous Uses for Duct Tape.


10 Marvelous Uses for Duct Tape

  1. Keep a roll of this magical tape in your utility draw and use it for patching tents, tarps and screen doors or hemming those favorite curtains. You may even be able to use it for making a hinge on your wooden toy chest, fixing the palm of your favorite work gloves or even patching a pillow so the feathers don’t fly out.
  2. Gather up a bunch of old carpet samples and use duct tape to fasten them all together from the back side and make a rug out of it.
  3. Use this powerful tape to hold a splint together or use it for an athletic tape.
  4. Having a race? Use it for marking the start/finish line or even make a hopscotch course for the kiddos.
  5. Use it for holding those stubborn cabinet doors shut as well as the hood on your car or truck. You may even choose to use it for holding mirrors and pictures in their frames or to tape up a package you intend to mail.
  6. This may be a common product in a seamstresses kit. It will hold seams, pleats, tucks, linings and zippers in place to ensure a perfect stitch. It will also stiffen collars and cuffs for that sharp look.
  7. If your windshield gets hit by a flying rock, duct tape will hold it tight until repairs can be made.
  8. Some even use duct tape for wrapping bicycle handlebars, steering wheels or tool handles, or maybe you need to secure the ends of a rope for  a jump rope.
  9. Are you trapped in a web of electrical cords? Use this tape for securing them in bundles  or possibly to stiffen the ends of your shoelaces.
  10. If the battery door to your electronic device is missing or broken, use duct tape to hold the batteries in their place.


So you see, duct tape is an all-in-one fix it product that no household or toolbox should be without. It costs you next to nothing and will repair or secure almost any material. You may even be able to find it in many designer colors and design patterns. So if you don’t have any, then you better rush down to your grocery or hardware store and get you a roll. You just never know when something might break, and who wants to buy new stuff all the time anyway!
If you have any other great ideas for fix all products, let us know in the comments below.

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22 thoughts on “10 Marvelous Uses for Duct Tape
  1. There are many things in life, that we dont give much of a thought (duct tape being one of them!) …. When you don’t get it when you want it makes you realise the value of it!

    Ask me about it …. I have been struggling to get a glue stick today!

    1. Right you are Rummy. A lot of the products we use in everyday life go unnoticed. But give us a day without them and the true value is highlighted. Just think about toilet paper! Could you imagine where we’d be without it???

      Good luck in your endeavor to find that glue stick!

      1. Yep, managed to find that glue stick after 30 mins of rumbling a few cupboards!
        I just hope it doesn’t happen with the toilet papers!

    2. I looovveee duct tape. Every time I got traveling, I stock up on duct tape and safety pins! Life savers 🙂


  2. I’ve seen people do some pretty interesting stuff with duct tape, and I’ve done a few strange things with it myself. There was a Mardi Gras parade where an x girlfriend of mine made a dress out of duck tape, I’ve seen wallets out of the stuff.

    if you can’t fix it with a roll of duck tape it can’t be fixed….

    1. Wow that’s really cool! I bet that dress was hard to get out of! lol Mardi Gras is a crazy place, you can see just about anything there for sure. I do like the wallet idea!

  3. I have never used duct tape before. I have an octagonal fold out poker table top which is fairly flimsy, and was thinking of making a similar shape out MDF as a more rigid backing for it to rest on, so I was wondering if duct tape could be used as a kind of hinge, so that I could fold it up like the poker table top. I don\\\\\\\’t want use metal hinges, as then I would have add rubber feet.

    1. I bet duct tape would work great for what you’re doing. MDF is a pretty smooth surface, so the duct tape should adhere perfectly. Good luck on your project.

  4. I have to confess I am a duct tape addict… I use it all the time and try as I might I cannot give it up. I have rolls in my office, in my tooldbox, in the glove box in my car, in the kitchen -I am so embarrassed but it is so versatile. thanks for posting

    1. You’re welcome David. You should feel embarrassed. The ones who should feel embarrassed are the ones that find themselves in a situation of needing duct tape and not having any. 😉

    1. I appreciate the comment Jules. Duct tape is indeed quite easy to use and it has so many applications. Do you use it for any “out of the ordinary” things?

  5. Duct tape is amazing. I use it for everything. Its simple and fixes everything 🙂 great tips.

  6. I always knew the importance of a duct tape but never thought about the creativity side of it. You have a great list. I will definitely try number 4 at my son’s birthday party. Thanks

    1. Great Leah, glad you found an idea for your party. Let us know how the race or hop scotch turns out!

  7. Duck tape is really the most important thing you should have at your house. I held my desk for moths with a ducktape before buying a new one.

    1. Very cool Taylor. It really is amazing stuff, it’s almost better than nails!

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