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The Short and Tall of it

Dogs  from one extreme to another

The tallest dog

Zeus a great dane from Otsego in Michigan, USA is the tallest living dog and tallest ever on record.  Owned by Denise Doorlag he measures in at 3ft 8in while on all fours, recorded on October 4, 2011.

The shortest dogs

This one comes in at a tie between two Chihuahua’s. Cupcake owned by Angelo Bain of Moorestown, New Jersey, USA. And Heaven Sent Brandy, owned by Paulette Keller of Largo, Florida, USA.  Cupcake is a long haired chihuahua and Heaven Sent Brandy is a short haired chihuahua and they both measure in at a mere 6in long!

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2 thoughts on “The Short and Tall of it
  1. LOL, Can’t believe there are two dogs that are 6 in. long! It would be funny to see all of them standing next to one another.

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