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Sleep Tight?

We’ve all heard it before sometime during our childhood.


“Sleep tight, don’t let tha bed bugs bite!”


Ok, so how exactly are you supposed to sleep tight?  That sounds pretty tense to me.  Wouldn’t you wake up all stiff and nerved out from being clenched up all night?  Then you have the bed bugs.  I mean, to little kids this probably sound terrifying!  I’d be up all night searching through the covers making sure there weren’t any bugs hiding.  And what’s a bed bug anyway?  I’ve seen them on nature shows etc. and they look pretty darn scarry if you ask me.  So I’ll leave you with this….  Sleep loose, and don’t worry bout them bugs gosh darnit!

Ahhh…now that should bring upon some nice rest 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Sleep Tight?
  1. Russian biologists have put forward a revolutionary idea: the dream, we need to verify and coordinate the work of the internal organs – stomach, intestines and liver. Thus, they are asked to respond to one of the most controversial issues of science. Hypothesis proposed by Ivan Pigareva and his colleagues, turns many ideas as a dream, and all of the work of our body.

    1. Oohhh, now you’re speaking my language. Dreaming is a whole other world and I love to explore those possibilities. I’ll check into those whom you speak. Dreams and how they work in conjunction with the human body is very interesting stuff.

    2. What do you mean “coordinate the work of the internal organs”? everything there – is always coordinated. in the sleep, our body rests and renews its energy sources

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