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Have a Deadly Poker Face with Pokertox

Here’s something very odd and interesting I was reading about.  Most of you have probably heard of a botox facial enhancement procedure, right?  Yah, it’s that collagen stuff that plastic surgeons inject into the lips and brow of folks to give them a younger smoother appearance.  Now check this out…

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There’s a doctor in New York that believes poker players are going to be beating the doors down to receive botox treatments.  You’ve probably already got an idea as to why.  Yep, the idea is to create a deadly poker face.

A stone cold `poker face` can mean either winning or losing that big hand where poker is concerned.  Poker is actually becoming a huge televised sport and there are actually many professional players around the globe.  There’s some huge money to be made for those that have mastered the profession.  So you can understand how this may be of interest to them.

A game of poker is made up of many strategies, one major one is the ability to `read` your opponent.  Some players are keen in watching their opponents face and body gestures in order to determine if they are legitimately holding a power hand, or if they are just bluffing.  Many of the great players have put in many years of practice perfecting their poker face.  The goal would be to have a stone cold emotionless face with no expression.  Especially being able to keep the same look whether you had a good hand or not.

So this doctor, Dr. Jack Berdy, has introduced what he calls `Pokertox`.  It’s a botox procedure designed to fine tune a players poker face.  The Doctor actually consults with his patients and gathers information from them on what signs they believe are giving them away.  Signs such as the raising of an eyebrow, or smirking of the face etc.  When the consultation is complete, he knows exactly what areas of the face to treat in order to make those `tells` disappear.

So it’s pretty obvious that this doctor has a self obsession with the game of poker or he probably wouldn’t of come up with this idea.  He actually uses this procedure on himself and hopes to strike it rich by bluffing his way into the big leagues.  Only time will tell if this will pan out for him.  But in the mean time he’ll be making a killing on other players out there that are willing to go to any lengths to stiffen that glare.  I think he’ll make it pretty big on selling his services considering the procedure only lasts a few months and has to be repeated.

I just wonder what these guys will look like after having their faces pumped full of plastic for about 30 years.  Eeekk.

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8 thoughts on “Have a Deadly Poker Face with Pokertox
  1. Dear Admin

    What a great article i am searching in google from couple of days about “have a deadly poker face with pokertox” but didnt find any great way,but my search came to an end after visiting your blog.!!!Do you have any more related articles or ideas related to “have a deadly poker face with pokertox”,it will help me in my further research work…Will keep following your articles…


    1. I’m glad the post was useful for you. I will see what else I can come up with that may be related to pokertox and I’ll post my results when research is complete. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Never thought of botox for a better poker face. This is probably the best use I’ve ever heard for it besides under the arms to prevent sweating.

    1. haha, I have to agree, it’s definitely a practical use for botox. But I bet there’s not too many that have taken poker quite this far!

  3. I think that botox facial enhancement is great idea. We can do a lot of experiments with the poker faces through this and it will be very interesting.

    1. No doubt Orville, botox would make for the perfect poker face. No one could touch you. 🙂

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