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Going to Work Everyday, Being Mentally Prepared

The monotony of going to work each and every day, facing the same tasks over and over again, wears on most of us constantly.  There are very few individuals out there today that can actually say, “I am doing my dream job, and I love going to work.”

Do you ever feel like you can’t stand another day of getting up and going to the same job, day in and day out?  Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels and heading no where fast?  Waiting for a promotion or a raise in hopes it will motivate you to hang in there a little bit longer?  If you have any of these feelings, then you are not alone.

I feel like most of these thoughts are derived from boredom.  Some people just aren’t being challenged enough at their place of employment.  Everyone needs a daunting task to test their mind and skills, something to push your limits.  But as we all know, not all jobs give us opportunities such as these.  Sometimes just asking for something more challenging or requesting a different assignment may help change things up a bit, if the request can be filled.

So how do we deal with the stuck in a well feeling?  I’m no psychologist, but there are a few things I can tell you that may help in getting through those days.

Frame of Mind

One thing I try to do is mentally prepare myself to face the day at work.  First off, I start with a good nights rest and get up in plenty of time to do the things I like before I have to head out the door.  I get up, make myself a pot of coffee, and sit down at the

computer with a nice hot cup.  I then do my morning “internet deeds”, things I do every morning.  Such as checking my email, bank records and social networks.  Then I like to check up on the blog and approve and reply to any comments I may have.  Then I’ll finish up with a little reading and research to help fill my mind with fresh ideas and things to ponder.  This helps to get the brain functioning and also gives me some ideas to jot down for some new blog topics etc.  Then it’s time to get the shower, shave, get dressed and head to work.

I think that if I can complete some of these tasks in the morning before I go to work, then I’ll feel more like I’ve had some “me time” and taken care of some personal business.  I find that waking up and going straight to work just makes my day feel incomplete, like I’ve done nothing for myself and everything for my job.  No one wants to have these feelings on their back when you walk into work.  So getting in the right frame of mind and prepping the brain before you get there can really help start the day right, in my opinion.

Thinking Positive

It is extremely important to keep a positive frame of mind while at work.  If you sit there the whole time thinking about how much you hate being there.  Or constantly feeling like you’d rather be somewhere else, then that’s not going to make for a very productive day.  It’s very hard to focus on your tasks if you have your head in the clouds.

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Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with dreaming for bigger and better things.  But if you put a strong effort into doing your job right, then you’ll leave the day knowing you’ve done what was expected of you and you can feel good about it.

One thing I try to remind myself of, is that there are thousands of people out there that would just love to have your job.  There are so many folks that are unemployed or that don’t have the necessary skills to land them a job.  They are struggling to feed their families and put a roof over their heads.  So try to feel grateful that you have that job.  Jobs are getting harder and harder to find in most parts of the country, so take a minute and think.  Think about the consequences of what would arise from being unemployed.  Even though you may feel like just walking out sometimes and saying, “Screw it!”  Think about what that would really mean.  You may not be able to get into another job quite so easy.  And it takes money to live.

If you simply insist on changing occupations, then it’s extremely wise to secure something else before you leave your current job.  But here we are going to focus on accomplishing our goal to becoming our own boss.

Live the Dream

Like I said earlier, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming about the bigger and better things.  So never stop dreaming.  But if you’re going to be dreaming, then take a little of your off time to begin making some of those dreams a reality.  If there’s something that you would love to do, other than the job you currently have, then take small steps in accomplishing that dream.

I feel that most people would love to be able to work from home, or have an internet based business.  Something that would allow you to set your own hours and be your own boss.  So start small and work in your spare time in getting closer to that goal.  If you’re wanting to open an online business, or something you can do from home, then dedicate a couple of hours in the evenings to this.  Do some research on products, suppliers, marketing, start-up costs etc.  See just exactly what it would require to get things going.

The thing is, that if you can work toward your goals slowly in your off time, then you are still earning a living. Plus you can possibly put a little money aside to allocate toward getting your dream started.  So one way to keep positive about your current job is to look at it as an investment towards your goals.

It’s Never too Late

I’ll close with thoughts on this subject.  I try to remind myself everyday that it’s never too late to put my dreams into motion.  A lot of us probably think, I’ll never have time to do what I really want if I continue going to this job.  But I think this is all a matter of time management.  If you can do enough research in your spare time and get things going on a small scale, then you’re half way there.  Sometimes it’s easier to fine tune something on a smaller scale and once you’ve perfected your processes, it’s easy to upgrade your scale.  It’s like a recipe…  Once you get all the right ingredients and everything tastes just like you want it, all you have to do is multiply to make a bigger batch.

Some goals may not be feasible until you’ve reached retirement.  But that’s ok too, many people retire at a fairly early age and still have plenty of time to pursue something else.  So if you’re nearing retirement and feel like you just can’t hang in with that job anymore, then just think of the rewards that are coming.  If you quit your job early, that may make you ineligible for retirement benefits etc.  Benefits such as these would really come in handy to help with your new venture.  Just imagine what you could do if you had all day free and were still receiving a check!

Remember folks, these are just my thoughts on the subject and some of the thought processes I try to use when I start getting that trapped feeling.  I try to always keep a positive attitude and remember that I do have dreams, but it’s up to me to make them a reality.  But I have to do it the smart way, or I could possibly delay those dreams further.

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  1. Really awesome piece of thing you have done. This is jagadish kumar chavala and this is one of the better site I have visited. Do you know any site for jobs in india?

    1. Thank you for the kind words Jagadish, I’m glad you enjoy the blog. As for jobs in India, looks like you’ve already got that covered. But not a bad way to sneak a few keywords into your comment. lol 🙂

  2. sir iam started a blog iam working hard a day and night but i didnt get a result on my work so give me a suggestion to me.

    1. The main thing I always tell people when it come to building a successful blog, is you must have a passion for your niche. Your passion will show in your writing and people will enjoy your posts more. You may want to check out the commentluv link below for some more inspiration. I wish you the best success!

  3. This is madhankumar your article really impress to me ill really get a mentally appreciation on my next work. And one past days every work i am doing going to think negativity that’s why i perch in Google what i do be a positive person your blog will give me such a good information to me thank u.

    1. Thank Madhankumar, being mentally prepared for work is a must I’ve found. It can get so depressing going to the same job day in and day out and without looking forward to our goals we can make some regretful mistakes.

      I’m glad you’ve found this post inspirational.

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