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  1. Check This Out at |

    A nice thing that you know how to repair any bathroom or bathtub problems.

  2. Carl at |

    Nice guide, this will make it easy for anyone to follow and get the job done correctly…

  3. Jamie DeVriend at |

    You make this look so easy! I tried to recaulk my tub and made a huge mess. The caulk strip seems to be so much more convenient and less messy than the stuff I got. I did want to thank you for pointing out the need to get rid of mildew when the old caulk is removed. It’s like painting moldy walls; the mold is still there and you’ve given it a dark damp place to grow. Using the bleach solution will definitely make sure any spores left are gone.

  4. Jamie DeVriend at |

    Thank you for the advice! I also meant to ask if you have a certain brand of caulk strip you suggest to use, given that I’m sure not all are made equally.


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